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10 Best And Worst Dating Apps In Singapore

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The best (and worst ) dating apps in Singapore

Is Tinder still the king of pick-ups?

Text: Time Out Singapore Editorial Department, Thursday, September 23, 2021

Even if you’re single and ready to socialize, meeting new people across the street isn’t your forte – and also the need to go out anyway for the ‘switching circuit’.No, it’s time to dive deep. the world Apps like Tinder and Bumble are not only good for training and scanning thumbs and fingers, but they also open up entire portals for users to find potential partners or just get social.increase.

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Like Bumble, users can make themselves look more interesting by answering prompts like ‘Most spontaneous thing I’ve done’ or ‘My greatest strength’ in their profile.With the tagline “Designed for Removal”, it promises to create more “serious” relationships and the focus is on knowing the people who are a better match for you.Only swipes are allowed, so no unnecessary cancellations here.

It’s similar to Tinder, with a lot of millennials, and for some reason, a lot of older people, and lots of “man with a tiger” pics.

Best Phrases: “Gentlemen hold hands. Guys pull your hair. Soulmates do both.”


Ock Cupid

Anyone who said OkCupid is for people looking for a serious relationship clearly lied.Navigating the account creation process and answering all the questions like ‘favorite hug location’ and ‘whether your intelligence is triggered’ is already difficult enough.Clearly all of these questions are important for the algorithm to do the matching for us, and then there are.

But quality over quantity.Pictures of “handsome guys” hugging toddlers (so they don’t get scratched), feeding pictures of cute cats and dogs (really disgusting), posting pictures from baby albums circa 1990 (still today), etc.You can find many pictures such as

Talent Tank There are many children who are highly educated, others who are not, and many who have “first connections.”




We all know how this one works Things can get a little specific when it comes to building your resume on this platform.They ask how often you pray, how religious you are, how soon you want to get married, and even what Islamic beliefs you identify with.But once the resume is done and hard

Done.It is like an autopilot, sending other people’s resumes and showing you who’s interested in you and who’s slipped into your DMs. worse ).

There are fewer itako characters than Talent Tank Tinder, and there are many big and serious people.

The line “How would you rate yourself on the Halal Haram scale?” is good.


Photo: Instagram/@rabaktinder

bumble work Created by the Tinder co-founder, her Bumble gives women an edge.Receiving a mutual like gives her 24 hours to strike up a conversation before the connection dies, but you just have to seize the moment.

As for how Bumble compares to his Tinder nymphomaniac brother, quotes like the one in my potential match profile are like 9GAG outtakes, not much different.

Talent Tank There were a lot of foreigners studying abroad and local boys, and most of the photos were beach and sportswear, basically no shirt was required in any case.There were many pictures of lions and elephants.The strategy of a girl who is attracted to animals is much more threatening than the obscure Golden Retriever here.Also, she’s met one or two guys that she knows she’s got, but you’ll hate this, folks.




A dating app for gay, bi, trans and queer people, Grindr is the perfect online portal for the LGBTQ community to mingle and connect.This geo-social networking app uses your phone’s location to pick up fellow Grindr members in your area.It’s a safe space for those who want to get out of the closet, meet like-minded people, and navigate queer.

Talent pools are mostly boys clubs.

Best phrase “If you need a sugar bro or someone to take care of you”.



Happn was developed to fulfill the romantic idea that the person you passed by could be your next love interest.

I admire Happn for having more visible users, even though it’s a lot more stealthy than other apps (I’m not always that superficial, I’m just saying) oh, one man offered me a job interview and whether it could have been disguised for dating. world .

His CBD hood in Talent Tank’s office was dressed up with many chefs, economists, lawyers and others in his late 20s to his 30s.

Quote: “A man’s sixth sense told me (that you’re American). Don’t think it’s very accurate xD. I wish you were American.”


The app, in some ways, takes itself very seriously, making the most of the “matching” game with the in-app coffee bean currency.

After matching, the chat stays open for a week and if you don’t hear back from the messaging game.If you have the option to resume chatting, you are forced to exchange numbers or go on a date as soon as possible – it doesn’t matter whoIt’s like sending a Facebook invite to a game you don’t want to play, and it smells a little like despair.

For some reason, this app has a lot of crazy Christians.

Quote: “Does this mean we’re in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship?”



Blindfolds cover or blur your profile picture on the premise that online dating is embarrassing.In fact, hiding your face is less about being cautious and more about not knowing how attractive the opposite sex will find you.

The app delivers matches every morning, including some “bonus matches”.After about four unanswered greetings, I concluded that if your potential match doesn’t have any appeal, it’s about as good as talking to a robot, except for spelling accuracy.The only people I can imagine actively using this app are Quasimodo and Opera Phantom, both great.

Talent Tank Early 30’s and most not based here.

Best line Nothing in particular, because this app is dry.


The app, run by Lunch Actually, seems to frown on the occasional drop.Almost gave up in his first hour, feeling like filling out a BBQ permit at the park.

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