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10 of the best LGBTQ video games to play while self-isolating

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10 of the best LGBTQ video games to play while self-isolating

Did it come out or the gaming People who have been playing games for many years, those who are looking for a different game, and now that they are often at home, why not meet nostalgic games and new games?

Here are some of our favorite. video games From classic things like Mass Effect and THE SIMS to niche things like Dream Daddy and Night in The Woods, all are characteristic of LGBTQ characters and stories.

Dragon Age: Ink Izh (2014)

Release date: PS4, Xbox One, Windows

In the latest work of Dragon Age series, the player will be a “selected person” -style character “Inkui Jitter”, solves the civil war on the Tedas continent, and will travel to seal the mysterious split that emits monsters in the world.。 The game CREMISIUS ACCLASI, the first trance character in Bioware, has been praised by the community. Dragon Age: INQUISITION was evaluated by the LGBTQ advocate group “GLAAD” and won “Special Recognition Award”.

Dream Daddy: Daddy Simulator “(2017)

Can be used in.

You may not be able to actually date due to the trend of Coronovirus, but you can solve your love with a dating suim. In this genre, there are not many hig h-quality works that support LGBTQ players, but “DREAM DADDY” is a wonderful work that fills the gap. The player is a single father, meets other cool dads and falls in love. Conveniently, they have just moved to Maple Bay, a seaside town. In this town, at first glance, from the master to the Gothic Lolita father, and even Bad Daddy, they seem to be single and welcome their father. The artwork is wonderful, the conversation is pleasant, and the dad’s Dajare comes out more and more. Isn’t there a way not to love?

Mass Effect: Andromeda (2017)

Release date: PS4, Xbox One, Windows

The main content is searching for the open world and the appearance of an alien, but the most interesting and hot topic in the “Mass Effect” series is to persuade other characters and eventually sleep. What you can do. MASS EFFECT 3 “Andromeda, which was the latest version in 2017, was also equipped with an option to pursue homosexuality. There was a criticism that gay men have few romance (straight players and quia women have more options), but sometimes they have to obtain expressions.

Ghosn Home (2013)

Release date: PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Windows, Mac, iOS

If you are looking for a mystery with an atmosphere that develops at your own pace, “Ghosn Home” is the game will send. The player became a young female Katie, and when he returned to an Oregano rural home, it was ruined, and the door was posted to not find out what happened. Of course, it only makes the situation more attractive, and she finds clues and diaries and thinks what happened. I can’t talk much because it’s spoiler, but it’s a highly evaluated LGBTQ work at the time of release and is quoted as evidence regularly. video games are art.

Life is Strange (2015)

Can be used in.

The awarded “Life is Strange” was outstanding in the episode. video game In the format released in 2015, players can “tune in” in the new chapter. the game Is being held every other month. game Decide to affect the direction of the story (ultimately ending). The game Focus on 1 8-yea r-old photographic students, Max Corp? She will always find that she has the ability to reverse time, and use her power to save her town, which is likely to be destroyed by the approaching storm. Max’s queer properties are also hinted in the original game , while Before The Storm, the 2017 Series Before The Storm, realized the romance between fans that fans expected. Both are impressive entry.

Night in the Woods (2017)

Release date: PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

“A Night In The Woods”, which raises money with Kickstarter and achieved 400 % of the target amount, is a search game for horizontal scrolling. game Pansxual Mei, who dropped out of college, returned to his hometown of Possam Springs, depicting unexpected changes, childhood, and a mystery developed in the forest. Also, a fulfilling character is also the charm of this work. the game There are many LGBTQs, such as my best friend May Greg, my friend Angus, and the trance character Jackie.

Overwatch (2015)

Release date: PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Windows

The futuristic online shooting game developed by the BLIZZARD team has become a global phenomenon, and enthusiastic fan base regularly produces art and cosplay. The game Players can select their own style, play style, and abilities from more than 30 characters, and all characters are fleshed back stories in short animation and story that can be viewed online. Even better, two of the main characters in the series are a member of the LGBTQ community, and Fan Ford Soldier: 76. the game Cover cover start racer

Star Du Valley (2016)

Release date: PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Stardew Valley, which is called the RPG of the open country life and has been criticized and commercially successful in indie, has been established as a more edgy option, replacing popular life simulator franchises such as Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing. It is also possible to grow crops, keep animals, make and sell products, but also to love and marry and have children, regardless of gender. It’s like. of game Even if you spend hundreds of hours, you don’t notice.

Last of As: Left Baehn “(2014)

Release date: PS4

Also video game In the Sony’s masterpiece “THE LAST OF US”, which provided the world destruction Zonbis Torie comparable to any masterpiece, a major queer character, Teen, a teenager, Ellie, the protagonist Joel’s buddy. In the download content Prologue, her sexuality has been revealed, such as exchanging boyfriend Riley. The game Creative director and writer Neil Dracman acknowledged that he wrote Ellie as a gay, and promised to further dig into her sexuality in the sequel “Last of US II”. It will be released at the end of this year, so it is a great opportunity to chase.

The Sims 4 (2014)

Release date: PS4, Xbox One, Windows, Mac

Many quia people will be excited when the virtual character of the first “The Sims” will appear in The Sims. game Is a relationship between the same sex, which is an icon that is an icon in a longevity program. gaming That’s what the series has always proposed. Also, in recent versions such as “The Sims 4”, Qi Couples can get married or have a home with adoption, and reflect the real world where we live, and experience romance through the screen. You can do it. Alternatively, you can confine the sim in a burning house. It’s really up to you.

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