10 Regular People Who Dated Celebs - Celebrities Dating Non Famous People - dating new york city

10 Regular People Who Dated Celebs – Celebrities Dating Non Famous People

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10 Regular People Who Dated Celebs

SANTA MONICA, Calif. Feb. 08 Olivia Wilde attends the 2020 Independent Film Spirit Awards photo by John Shearergetty images

Dating someone you love is a dream come true for fans. celeb But for some, it’s more than just a dream. regular People who came into the limelight after dating their favorite stars.

1. Camila Mendes and Victor Houston

Camilla and Victor first met as students at rival high schools in Florida.Although they’ve known each other for quite some time, the two recently reunited while they were in New York together, shortly after she started dating in June 2018.Camila said she was hesitant to reveal the relationship between the two until July, but she finally told E!News, she revealed that the two are officially dating.”I can confirm, definitely, I don’t mind,” she told her E!told News.

2. Tess Ward and Harry Styles

The food blogger/model and former One Direction star first reported dating in May 2017 after being introduced by a mutual friend, according to The Sun.When Tess was spotted wearing his shirt, Harry’s fans went wild and Tess spoke openly.”Thanks to everyone who followed me and emailed me, but please be gentle with me. There were rumors of their breakup in June, shortly after which Tess reportedly reunited with her ex-boyfriend.

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LOS ANGELES, CA-DEC. 03. Jack Harlow and Dua Lipa attend The Variety 2022 Hitmaker Brunch at The Social House in He City Market on December 03, 2022 in Los Angeles, CA. Photo by Kevin Wintergetty Images.

3. Eleanor Calder and Louis Tomlinson

In 2011, Eleanor was in college when One Direction started dating Louis.Eleanor stayed in college while Louis toured, and after graduating, she became a successful lifestyle blogger, influencer, and launched the popular blog Trend Pear with her best friend Max Hurd.Eleanor and Louis divorced her in March 2015, but the two reportedly reconciled after her January 2017 death of Louis’ mother before ending it for good again.Shortly after, Louis and his then-girlfriend Briana Jungwirth revealed that they were expecting his first child.

4. Sophia Smith and Liam Payne

Sophia and Liam have known each other since high school, long before One Direction.The old friends reunited Liam in 2013, just months after she split from her longtime boyfriend, Danielle Peaser, and they dated for two years before breaking up in October 2015.According to HollywoodLife, Sophia wasn’t ready to settle down with the One Direction star just yet.When Liam later met Cheryl Burke, who is 10 years her senior, Sophia reportedly called their relationship “weird.”But now everything seems to be going well between the ex-lovers.Sophia told The Sun newspaper that she gave birth to a boy in 2016 and is congratulating the two on their tenacious lives.”Everybody is well.As long as I’m happy.”

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even if you don’t belong celeb With , you can make new friends, like Eleanor and Sophia.

5. Danielle Ceasar and Jake T. Austin

A true fangirl fairy tale!Danielle is a Jake T. Austin superfan, and he reportedly stalked the Disney star on social media for five years before finally meeting him at a New York signing in 2011.The two of them finally started dating in 2015, and Jake was the first to convey his love on his SNS, giving hope to fan girls around the world.”We are young and fun as soon as we meet. It doesn’t matter how we met, whether it’s on set, at a cafe, at school, or at work,” Jake said in a statement to his Seventeen.com, adding, “We’re meeting people at the right time.”We can connect and hit it off,” he said.

6. Danielle Deleasa and Kevin Jonas

Daniel is more than just dating a celeb Dani was reportedly a hairdresser before meeting Kevin while vacationing in the Bahamas in 2007.Apparently she didn’t know who the Jonas Brothers were and her rumor was that Kevin spotted her on the beach and called her out.In an interview with Glamor, Kevin spoke about their relationship.”It’s normal to meet someone and call them a few days later, right? Well, after meeting her, I researched her in cyberspace, found out what flight she was returning home from, and called her the moment she landed.Well, they got married in 2009 and now have two kids together, and they starred in the reality show Married to Jonas about their crazy lives and families.

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7. Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry

The Divergent star began dating model and aspiring actress Keely in 2013.The two got engaged in August 2017 while on safari.

In 2015, Miles raved about her then-girlfriend on her E!News.”She” is cute.I kind of have a full-time job now, and before that I didn’t let girls into this world, so it was really easy.I didn’t think I could have both.Thanks to that, I was able to focus on her acting and do what I wanted to do.When she visits and plays with her, she doesn’t get distracted by it.”

8. Violetta Komyshan and Ansel Elgort

Ansel Elgort has been dating his high school girlfriend Violetta since 2012.Violetta is a professional ballerina and the TFIOS star loves her.She “likes it when girls say ‘I can’t hang'”.When she picks me up, she’s sweating and has her hair tied up.That’s the hottest thing,” she told Elle in 2015.Violet is often by Ansel’s side on the red carpet and often tweets about Ansel on her Instagram.

9. Tom Felton and Jade Olivia

Jade worked as an assistant stunt coordinator in the Harry Potter films, where she met Tom and the two fell in love.Playing Draco Malfoy’s wife Astoria Malfoy is part of her 2. The couple dated her seven years before their divorce was reported in 2016, so apparently the casting directors knew what they were doing.It seems that

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10. Maisie Williams and Ollie Jackson

Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams met Ollie when they were in school together.They started dating in her 2015, but it wasn’t until October 2017 that she officially announced her relationship with the two on Instagram during a romantic trip to Paris.”People find it strange that someone is there. famous can date normal people,” Maisie told her InStyle.”I don’t meet anyone. Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but I don’t go to all these parties. I don’t meet other young male actors. Because

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