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10 Signs You re Dating a Narcissist

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10 Signs You’re Dating a Narcissist

Here are a few of the red flags you should look out for.

Dr. Jenn Mann is a licensed marriage and family therapist and the relationship expert behind InStyle’s long-running weekly column, Hump Day.Known for her popular advice to XM radio show, “The Dr. Jenn Show”.

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I recently started dating a hot AF, smart and super attractive guy.At first, I didn’t mind that he didn’t ask many questions about me – I liked listening to him and knowing all about him.Now, months later, it seems that the topic he is still most interested in discussing is himself. a narcissist See the reflection of Narcissus.


Narcissism occurs on a continual basis and we all have narcissistic traits to some degree. no narcissism The problem is that people higher up on this continuum (which could be someone you’re dating) can wreak havoc on those around them, especially those you’re dating..

We tend to overuse the word “narcissist,” but strictly speaking, we are “narcissists.” a narcissist The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), which physicians use to diagnose patients, lists the following nine characteristics, which have become official diagnostic names: a narcissist . They are:

  1. epic sense of self-importance
  2. Preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, and ideal love.
  3. He believes that he is a special existence, that he can only associate with people of high status, that he will not be understood.
  4. demand excessive praise
  5. have a sense of entitlement
  6. Exploitative
  7. lack empathy
  8. He is often jealous of others and believes that others are jealous of him.
  9. arrogant or arrogant

Your partner must know 5 out of his 9. a narcissist But whether he really is his NPD may be difficult for you without a mental health professional to determine.

10 Signs You’re Dating a Narcissist

Even without a formal diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, they may have many narcissistic traits that make them uncomfortable, difficult, or even dangerous to date.Here’s a red flag.A few things should be noted.

A narcissist likes to exaggerate and brag about themselves very much.They often talk about people they know, places they’ve been, and things they’ve done.They feel they are entitled to special treatment.For example, push to front of column.

4. They like to look at themselves. a narcissist There was once a teacher who taught about personality disorders in graduate school, and when I went to that teacher’s house,

That’s the hint.

5. Always Hero or Victim

So listen carefully when your partner talks about their last love, last job, friendship that ended, family ties, and so on.

6. No empathy

Narcissists have little or no ability to empathize.They have difficulty understanding the pain and hurt of others, and have little understanding of how their words and actions affect those around them.They think only of themselves and cannot go outside themselves to deeply understand the feelings of others.

7. They are good at rejecting people a narcissist When things don’t go your way, conflicts and problems arise, you have the ability to cut people out of your life.

Lack of long-term friends.

When a narcissist 8. Always be vigilant and validate

Narcissists are like bottomless pits when it comes to attention and validation.They need constant attention and admiration without getting tired of hearing how great they are.There is an emotional void that needs to be filled, but can never be, often going way back to childhood.

9. You care too much about your reputation.

For example, if you fight in public, you tend to care more about how other people see you than about the conflict between the two of you.

10. Injury easily for narcissists This means that even if you say something without ill intent, they will take what you say very personally and get hurt and angry very easily.

Again, even if your partner isn’t her NPD, dating someone who exhibits these narcissistic behaviors can be an unhealthy relationship.Pay attention to the early red flags in a relationship and trust your intuition.

On Hump Day, award-winning psychotherapist and TV host, Dr. Jen Mann, answers your questions about sex and relationships in an unsubstantiated and unsophisticated way.

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