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10 Things That Happen When You Meet A Good Guy After A Toxic Relationship | Thought Catalog

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10 Things That Happen When You Meet A Good Guy After A Toxic Relationship

10 Things That Happen When You Meet A Good Man After A Bad Love

When you are in a toxic relationship I don’t know how much mental abuse affects me. At least while you are in it. When I was inside a toxic relationship In this way, everything is likely to be addictive. It seems that you know and you don’t know to happen There is also a hope that it wants to change, but there is also a sense of security that does not change. Knowing someone deeply creates comfort.

And you need everything inside to stay away from the place. And even if you leave, you notice yourself who misses and comes back many times. I miss the adrenaline rush of intense emotions. From love to screams, and preparation.

But you can meet a good person. And at that time happens If you do so, you can see how negative this past was. relationship Is it affecting? And that sometimes it pushes out people.

He is almost abandoned whether he is not used to treating too much.

1. At first, assume the worst situation.

After a toxic relationship Even if you can’t trust anyone. I think you put up with it well. a relationship I have been continuing all the time. And you step into everywhere. relationship For a while, I believe you have no good. Because for a long time, you searched for the wrong qualities and accepted many people who were not suitable for you.

2. And consider everything.

You probably think you’re motivated or not serious. If you catch a lot of lies, your paranoia will become stronger. You don’t think people are honest or really take what they say. For just one person, he has a strange belief and doubts a really good person. The next moment, you explain to this person in your head and this person is confused. Not because you doubt him, but someone did you like this, and what he wants to do is to reverses it.

3. You believe that he is too good.

I guess the person who will do this is too good. You’re waiting for the other shoes to fall. One day, he is suddenly waiting for him to lose. You are waiting for a sudden ending without any end. But every day only proves that he is the same person. He didn’t give you a reason to doubt, but he’s not the one who can’t trust you, all of them are the past.

4. After leaving him

Someone in the past has believed that you are not qualified to get the best. So, if you get it, you refuse. I’m afraid because I don’t want to lose good things. I don’t want to be hurt again, so I’m going to break it first. What is different from this man is to chase if you run away. If you drive in, you will approach and keep it.

5. Fight is expected.

You continue to expect the battle. Instead, we will discuss and explain everything. Then, after that, the waves of comfort come in, and I realize that ordinary people do not leave even if something happens.

6. Then I apologize well.

You may be wondering why you apologize so often and what you are apologizing for. He will see your eyes wounds in the past from a person who questioned themselves in the past. He will see your heart’s pain, working hard to love again when you know only broken heart. And it will keep you relieved, “It’s okay.”He just knew when a good person loved the broken person. toxic relationships What he is doing is telling her that she is not worth doing anything. He redefines her terrible criteria and chooses to be an exception.

7. And ask yourself if she should not be there.

You think they are living a better life without you, but in fact they have worked in both directions because they have improved your life. And I know you are afraid of loving again. I’m afraid to silence someone. But your sensitivity. Your compassion. Your strength, understanding, and not to criticize anyone, makes you beautiful.

In the past, you were able to love someone who was completely unlovable and intolerable. You found the good in them. You took a chance on them. You never gave up on them. And it’s your turn to have that reciprocated.

This new relationship It is not something you are used to, but it is exactly suitable for you.

8. Excessive compensation.

And finally, when you can accept it comfortably. relationship I love that person with everything in myself. But don’t do it too much. Don’t think it is necessary. Until now, you have been taught that “better things are not enough”. That’s why I did my best too much. You had to fight. You had to prove your power.

What you should have taught is that your best is enough, and it is not worth it.

9. You trust him.

It’s time to talk about everything that happens to this person. The moment you trust him and let go. And when you talk about the past or those who hurt you, you find it not to take off. He was just given a reason to stay.

Someone in your past may have taught you about tough love. We were taught that weakness is weakness. You have had to be strong for a long time, and you have had to endure many unrewarded things. But all of it makes you more beautiful than you think. And all of that will make the right people appreciate you for going through it.

And even you will thank me through tears. a toxic relationship Because he didn’t break you and raised you to be the strong person you are now.

10. You finally know what love is.

You’re starting to notice. relationship Your love story was far from reality. You learn that love should never hurt or demean yourself. Love is not about breaking your heart to support you. Love does not come in the form of jealousy. Make me jealous or make me jealousTrue love doesn’t play with your heart or see you hurt.

You understand that it was all about domination, not love.

You can find yourself and love fearlessly again.

True love heals, and this man did just that.

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