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10 Top Facts About Dating

The 2014 survey showed that if women were satisfied, the overall quality of the couple would generally increase.

Women were slightly more likely to confess first only in the sampling group that was committed to out-of-order relationships.

Currently, the golden age of dating is reaching.

With the development of technology, our love situation is increasingly enriched.

Communication has become smooth and you can find a partner candidate.

I read and read countless human relationships, and read the historical literature, and I will give you 10 surprising things. facts about We call this unique mating ceremony a date.

The longer you spend dating somebody before marrying, the less likely the marriage is to end in divorce.

event date

What is the secret to succeeding in marriage?

I don’t think there is a simple answer.

However, a survey conducted by Emoli University Andrew Francis and Hugo Miyaron to 3. 151 in 2014, compared to couples who had been dating for more than three years before the proposal. It is found that the probability of divorce is nearly 40 % lower.

If this is not an excuse to do it slowly, you don’t know what’s an excuse.

A woman’s happiness is a key indicator of a successful relationship.

The longer people dated before marriage, the less likely they were to end in divorce

Studies conducted at Ratgus Art Science Graduate School in 2014 showed that if women were satisfied, the whole quality of the couple would generally increase.

Men’s happiness doesn’t seem to have much effect on the quality of the family.

What is this telling?

The Latigers University Faculty of Arts and Deborah cars tend to do more things for their spouses, but men are less likely to provide support, even if they are not satisfied. It suggests.

No correlation has been found between astrological sign and compatibility.

A woman's happiness is an important indicator of a successful relationship.

However, OKCUPID collected information from more than 500, 000 users’ profiles and thoroughly examined whether there is a correlation between compatibility and constellation.

In other words, it is not possible to regularly match more than 7 billion people to 12 kinds of neat categories? Tin man.

Iceland has a dating app that stops you hooking up with your cousin.

There is no correlation between zodiac signs and compatibility

Sadly, Icelanders are sleeping casually with their relatives.

This is mainly for three reasons.

  1. Iceland is a country with a relatively small population (about 320, 000).
  2. Iceland has very few foreigners.
  3. Iceland’s last name does not teach much of the genealogy.

If this is a problem in most countries, it would be a good idea to avoid people with the same last name.

However, in Iceland, brothers may have different surnames. The surname is the father’s surname, and if you are your son or daughter, for example, as follows.

Swenson (Sween’s son), Swense Duttill (Swen’s daughter).

Fortunately, the people Iceland can download a dating app called “íslendingabók”.

Before it was the video sharing giant it is today, YouTube began as a dating site.

Iceland has a dating app that will stop you from hooking up with your cousin

This app will be released from the embarrassment of noticing the next family’s Christmas dinner, as it will tell you if you are connected together.

When you first launched YouTube, the founders were not convinced what direction they wanted to go. Since the domain was obtained on Valentine’s Day, a tag “Tune in Hook Up” was attached.

Wearing red can make people more attracted to you.

YouTube started out as a dating site before becoming the video-sharing giant it is today.

Initially, the purpose was to provide a platform that a lov e-loving single woman uploaded her videos and could connect with other users.

Advice for those who want to raise love luck: Wear red.

Because there is a theme associated with red color, it may affect people’s impressions.

According to a 2008 study of the American Psychological Society, men evaluated women wearing red clothes as more attractive and associated their colors with sex.

People are more likely to date somebody “out of their league” if they knew the person much longer beforehand.

Wearing red makes you more attractive

Another survey by the association in 2010 has shown that women associate red with power and status.

According to a study conducted by Northwestern University and Texas in 2014, it seems that it is more likely that you take a considerable amount of time with that person before dating will land more attractive than you.

This is the same as having a long relationship with a person who is not more attractive than you.

Of the 167 couples who were investigated, the more they started dating in a time they had just met, the more likely they would have the same level of appeal.

The 19 th Century telegram was commonly used to find dates and has been nicknamed “the Victorian internet”.

People are more likely to be 'left out' if they've known them for a long time

What you can see is that the longer you know, the more attracted to that person’s personality. It is not an appearance.

The 19t h-century telegram was a way to communicate with a lon g-distance person by sending a message at the Morse signal.

Shortly after telegraph became widespread, people used telegraphs like the current Internet.

There is a common “dating rule” to determine whether your potential love interest is too young for you.

Nineteenth-century telegraphs were often used to find dates, and have been called the

People asked for a lon g-distance romance, participated in the Morse signal chat room, and hoped to meet there.

Have you ever felt that your partner was too young to meet?

Fortunately, please be assured that there are general rule of thumb.

By adding half of your age and 7, you should be able to accurately judge whether that person who has seen it for months is too young.

Men are usually the first ones to say “I love you”.

There are general

Are you 36 and he is 24 years old? Is there something better next year?

A 2011 study of 94 participants between the ages of 18 and 69 by the American Psychological Association found that men were more than twice as likely to confess their love to their partners as women. I was.

In the study, the majority of men said “I love you” for the first time not only in their current relationship, but also in any previous relationship.

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