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10 Top Language Exchange Apps & Websites 2022 Update

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10 Top language exchange apps & websites [ 2022 update ]

if you want to talk about new language A person who has mastered a second language needs to practice speaking as much as possible. language This is the only “trick” to speed things up. language learning that really works a language That said, the opportunities to practice probably aren’t skyrocketing where you live. language exchange If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out!To help you find the perfect one, here are our picks for the 10 best platforms. language buddy, and why a language exchange is so effective.

What is a language exchange app or website ?

The concept of language exchanges In short, find someone to study your native language. language Please offer. In exchange And help you learn about yourself. own language . Traditionally, language exchanges The conversation is divided into two parties, one of which speaks in his own language. language For the other half, you speak in your partner’s native language. language Since you will be alternating the roles of student and teacher, both of you will need to get used to your role. exchanges Your parents or grandparents may have done it at school, writing a letter to school kids from a different country.However, it’s probably perfect not to mention that the internet has changed themBecause of the overwhelming number of different online platforms. language exchange In this case, “moe moe” is “moe moe”, but “moe moe” is “moe moe”, but “moe moe” is “moe moe”. or website Do you want a casual text chat with nothing in particular?Are you looking for serious friends? language A strict Skype student on your mistakes?Neither is realistic.The type of partnership you are looking for is one or the other. websites can set it up.

We have online tutors in more than 50 languages .

We have more than one online instructor. 50 languages .

Preply is her one of the leading educational platforms that offers her 1to1 courses with certified instructors through a dedicated video chat.

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Best language exchange apps and websites of 2022

It can take a little courage to put yourself out there and talk to a stranger.right online environment and can greatly alleviate the awkwardness that is our review of the 10 best. language exchange apps and websites .In no particular order… The top choices will change depending on what you want from the experience.

  • HelloTalk: The pinnacle of innovative tools
  • Tandem: Great for a quick start.
  • Preparation: perfect for practice language experts
  • MyLanguageExchange: Best for long term connections.
  • Billingua: perfect for personalized matching
  • The Mixxer: Great for Skype calls
  • Speaky: Great for instants language exchanges
  • hold a meeting.Suitable for face-to-face language exchanges
  • Reddit : Best for language exchange communities
  • Facebook : Great for private gatherings

Learn more about 2022 ’s language exchange websites Then explore the options that are right for you.


Perfect for innovative tools

In 2020 HelloTalk is king of language exchange That’s more than double his size in New York’s population.

As new users fill out their profiles, the app suggests similar profiles that they enjoy connecting with.A highly developed chat function allows you to send photos, emojis, doodles, and personalize your new language If you trust each other, you can send voice messages and make phone calls for free. language Consider a subscription if you want to dominate. few languages at once.

one of the persistent problems of language exchanges It is difficult to know when to change . languages HelloTalk has features to facilitate conversations with strangers. languages Since many users have passed through it, it is somewhat suitable for those who want to enjoy chatting casually rather than something more advanced. language exchange But HelloTalk deserves its great reputation.

2. Sequential

Great for a quick start.

Like HelloTalk, Tandem is also very new. language exchange As its name suggests, it has millions of users.As it is a tandem application. language I developed an application and named it “Tinder”. of language exchange But don’t let that put you off.Most people come here to study.Fill out a quick profile and your inbox will be filled with messages in no time.

You can send voice memos and video chats, but there is no particular culture for doing so, and most interactions are casual.

if you want to have fun language exchanges Tandem gives you great choices through a sleek, modern messaging app.

3. Prepare

Great for practice language experts

ok, you got us… no a language exchange website .Preply is a platform for finding online tutors for almost one-to-one lessons. any language .

Listen: definitely language exchanges It’s a great way to improve your speaking skills in an instant. language However, there are times when I regret it.

I can only learn about half at most. any language exchange It’s better than nothing, but it doesn’t work, and you can’t always find it. an exchange It is very rare to come across such a wonderful partner. language Finding a spouse is a process of trial and error, and it’s a story that repeatedly disappoints, even when you’re trying to expose yourself and build a meaningful relationship.

Preply is a very effective way to practice speaking one-on-one. language Lessons with Preply teachers only speak to target students language and focus on the skill you want to practice.

With pricing starting at around $10 per hour, lessons don’t have to be expensive.Many people see it as worth the typical time/inefficiency trade-off. language exchanges can cost. Download Preply app and you’ll be amazed at the speed of your progress!


Great for long connections

My Language Exchange website MyMyLanguageLanguage.com seems older than that concept. of language But don’t put it off. has updated the website Founded in the mid-2000s, MyLanguageExchange is a vibrant network of learners, with new members joining every day.

A simple database of people watching. for language exchanges If flashy apps like Tandem and HelloTalk are good for short-term chats with lots of strangers, MyLanguageExchange is the opposite.Once you connect with someone, it’s common to switch to another form of messaging such as email, Skype, or WhatsApp.Study buddies slip into the realm of “new friends” very quickly.

This is language exchange to those who loved to language exchanges On this site, you may meet someone who will become a part of your life in the long run.A person you can talk to on Skype for years and eventually meet on the other side of the world.

5. Bilingualism

Great for personalized matching

Some language exchange With the app, you can meet a seemingly endless number of students.You may be sending “Hi, how are you” to dozens of strangers, but rarely will the connection be as deep as trying to have a deep conversation with one person.

A big selling point of Billingua is that it combines a modern interface with support for finding your “soulmate.”The soulmate in this case means a compatible classmate with whom you can share your skills in the medium term. language exchange The app uses a matching algorithm to create pairs based on the student’s personality. language level, and what you want to talk about.

Yes, it’s like a dating app, but fans say it saved them hours of filtering through hundreds of potential study buddies.Some users find this app very uncomfortable, especially when trying to type in Chinese.

6. Mixer.

Perfect for calling with Skype.

The big benefit of language exchange The app, in theory, lets you talk to your target native user language However, most users are actually native speakers. language The app is based on a messenger service, so instead of practicing speaking, you’re practicing writing.

The Mixxer is a website Of course, you can message other students before video chatting with them, but it’s more for people who want to practice speaking live, rather than for people to message.

It was created by a Japanese professor at a university in Pennsylvania, USA. the website That means you can’t attract millions of subscribers or encourage users to behave professionally. of language It also has a free chat startup to help users organize their sessions productively.

I feel uncomfortable switching to video chat without checking the chat language exchange However, if you are prepared to take some risks, this site may win unexpectedly.

7. Talk

Best for instant language exchanges

If you like gambling, you may want to try betting on this site. language It has a large presence in Europe and America.

This is one of the most popular categories of events.

search by city name

Best for in-person language exchanges

Meetings are usually free or inexpensive and often held in bars, cafes or parks. language exchange Of course, depending on where you are in the world, your chances will vary. a website Everyone else is in exactly the same situation as you. and language exchange 9.

If you like finding long-term study buddies, don’t worry. by language But I guess they don’t like old-fashioned, old-fashioned, old-fashioned things. exchanges Reddit has thriving forums on almost every topic, although it has some very weird corners. the language Reddit itself isn’t very good at hosting it.

but you can easily find, combine and organize other learners.

Best for language exchange communities

Using video chat on another platform for language exchanges Reddit thrives on niche hobby topics, so you can check what interests you. websites If the other person wants to know more, one way is to receive a request to know more. and language Ten. language exchanges Great for private gatherings an exchange If Reddit doesn’t appeal to you, but you love finding ideas like this.

Facebook has private groups for anything, just type “[your native language]”. language Click ‘and you may find someone in the same situation as you.

The good thing about finding study buddies through Facebook is that you can usually see their likes, views and vacation photos before you decide to connect.Once you add someone as a friend, as we all know, Facebook allows you to call them by chat, phone or video.It’s almost as if it was designed.

Also, these groups give you something you never knew you needed: a group of colleagues.

What an English-speaking person should know when learning Arabic” appearing in your feed may seem silly, but it’s actually very reassuring!If you’re scrolling through Facebook and putting study on the back burner, you’ll be motivated… a language exchange Learn anytime, anywhere language ] to [your target language ] language exchange In the old days, it was difficult to find opportunities to practice speaking in a second language.

However, students are very fortunate to have the option of learning through speakers. for language exchanges !

What a gift to have when you can’t sleep at night and want to practice your Urdu, without getting out of bed, just open the app and find someone to chat with in minutes. language find an opportunity to practice a second time

Why use language exchange apps & websites ?

It has become more convenient.

Are you looking for more techniques that you can improve yourself? language In this article, we’ll show you how to “skill up anywhere”. a language from home.

Practice real-life dialogue in a safe environment and websites There are many people who are learning language Whether you need to talk to a professor for a test, you have an immigration interview, you have to talk to a new client, or you need help when you are constantly lost in a new country.

You can have fun, small conversations before tackling such big ones.They can help you overcome the fear barrier of trying to talk and prevent yourself from connecting. language under pressure language learning apps.

Want a little more practice before you strike up a conversation with a stranger?Check out our blog for improving your English at home.

learn from native speakers new language It’s nice to learn the basics this way, but there’s no substitute for a native speaker’s insight!Widely spoken is often taught by non-native speakers.

Language exchanges has some clichés that are grammatically perfect, but that native speakers would never say. new language Companion can spot these vulgar phrases and suggest more manageable alternatives.

Gain fascinating cultural knowledge

It’s easy to forget when you’re studying hard that the real benefits of getting a .

Many languages What really makes you grow can never be measured at the CDC. language At least you and your friends can exchange cultural knowledge.

A language exchange You can enrich your worldview and become a more considerate member of society.

These are our top picks.

Here are the latest top tips for getting the most out of growing this quick and easy option. new language Know the skill you want to improve: Whether you want to practice speaking, reading, or writing, choose the right one. language Choose the app that suits you and aim for career advancement. language exchanges Be consistent: There’s no point in switching between different apps and conversations all the time.It rarely gets past the “Hi, how are you?” stage.Consider sticking to one app for the long term and adding that time to your study plan.


Talk to a native speaker or expert: If possible, check with a native speaker or experienced person. for language exchange websites in 2022 Instructors who teach with easy-to-understand corrections and general and natural phrases. language skills.

  • With these tips, you can make the most of her one of the greatest gifts of the 21st century: her ability to learn. language exchange at home, anywhere.
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