10 überragende Spiele zum Kennenlernen für Dates - dating new york city

10 überragende Spiele zum Kennenlernen für Dates

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10 überragende Spiele zum Kennenlernen für Dates

He looks at you, smiles, laughs at your jokes…you just have to approach him. kennenlernen !

And that is the next step that confuses many men.

It’s not because I don’t try hard enough, but because I try to get to know women so much that I misunderstand them.

  • talk too much about yourself
  • obsessed with having a conversation
  • trying to impress a woman.
  • show excessive interest
  • Thank you for your wonderful answers as always.
  • boring conversation

These mistakes can ruin your date with your loved one, even if everything else is fine.

You don’t have to.Because there is something foolproof to prevent each failure.

games you need to know

Warum Kennenlernspiele Sinn machen

A date should have two missions.

  1. ignite her positive emotions
  2. Make positive emotions positive, ignite positive emotions

“Wow, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Yes, women are human too😉.

There are a lot of crazy people in the world, so it’s no wonder she’s nervous.

I mean, she’s afraid that she’ll push you away with her mistakes.

Now for the prize issue.How to relieve tension in a woman and evoke positive emotions at the same time?

It is due to* Of course, it is also full of playfulness.

And the great thing about dating games is that they not only bring some playfulness to dating, but they also let you get to know each other at the same time.i call it efficiency

Not only do you get the surface facts about the woman, but you get a sense of how she reacts to different situations, how spontaneous and humorous she is.

But the number one reason I think the dating game works for her is that being playful makes it easier to open up.

She trusts you a lot if she tells you things that only her best friend knows.

Does she want her to fall in love or just want to have fun together?

A certain amount of trust is required.

10 Spiele für erste Dates, um sich kennenzulernen

Know Your Game #1: Ping Pong Question

No, I’m not talking about ping pong.

I don’t have that authority, and I’ve been doing club activities for a year, but I’m not good at it…

But I’m good at making dates interesting.

“Listen, get ready for this year’s game. Take turns asking questions, and your opponent must answer with absolute truth.

If that doesn’t get the conversation going!He may be afraid of your question and resist at first.

It’s up to you to get rid of that fear.

“Don’t worry, my question is completely harmless.” “The first question is, if you could go anywhere, which country would you travel to?”

Depending on her mood, you can ask deeper and more intimate questions.

It’s a good idea to keep asking crazier questions over time.The following examples can be used in exactly this order.

  • “What is your ultimate passion and why?”
  • “What are your passions and passions?”
  • “And now the most important question is cut milk or pingu?”
  • “If you had to eat only once in your life, which one would you choose?”
  • “Have you ever kissed a woman?”

You’re playing too, so don’t forget to open yourself up too.

I can’t tell you how many women have been inspired to tell me things they’ve never told anyone before, inspired by the safe and easy way to tell them.

Meet the game ②: Which one is better?

At first she often played this game with women on Tinder.

It was fairly useful and interesting, so I started using it on dates. zu spielen .

These questions are simple, one-or-one, alternating between each other.

  • “Day or Night?”
  • “Would you like to marry a rich man who is unpopular or a poor man who is popular?”
  • “Would you rather dance every move or sing every word?”
  • “Which do you prefer, Batman or Superman?”
  • “Would you rather always wear pink or always wear socks and sandals?”

It is surprising that kennenlernt There are things that express a person’s personality in their tastes.

You can create your own questions, but if you are as creative as Celery, you can display this page on your smartphone and click on the questions.

It also shows the percentage of people who chose a particular preference, so you can question or ridicule the average opinion.

Intro Game #3: Thumb Wrestling

“1,2,3,4… I want to do thumb wrestling!”

(I just realized that I still have a job explaining the rules of Thumb Pro Wrestling…)

It’s true that even Martians know the game, so I’d like to avoid explaining it, but just in case, let me introduce Klaus’ rules.

Hold your hands with your thumbs facing upwards and remember to bow to your thumbs before fighting.

The purpose of the game is to push down the opponent’s thumb and correct it.

You have now learned the most basic knowledge of human existence…

You can’t know superficial facts from thumb wrestling, but it’s interesting to be able to know their characteristics directly.

See the competitive spirit, how to score winners and losers, the excitement of spontaneous bullshit, and more.

Another advantage is that physical contact can be incorporated in a playful way.

And as a reader.

This is a simple game where you make paper planes one by one and compete to see which one flies lower.

The winner will receive an instant job offer at SpaceX from Elon Musk himself.

Well, the wins aren’t that epic, but the prizes are up to you.

Well, if you knew exactly how to make a first date, you’d be happy to lose it, but the game still has its merits.

In my FSK18 version of him, it’s a fun drinking party like this.

order a drink.

Vielleicht spielt Every time I fold it, I open my mouth wide and drink.

If you lose, please give me a one-shot match.

  • You’ve never been on a date like this before, so there’s a 100% chance you’ll remember it.
  • Introductory game #5: Sherlock
  • This game is for those who have a good understanding of human nature.

But even if you read a man worse than a mafia boss’s car windshield, you have nothing to lose.

Here’s how it works.

Guess each other’s facts.

“Your favorite color is purple”

“You are an only child”

“So you like reading”

  • If you are right, she will impress you with her knowledge of human nature; if you are wrong, she will correct you so you can get to know her better;, you can tease her with her playfulness.
  • If you can’t win…
  • Meet the Game #6 “Who am I?

How much I love this scene from Inglourious Basterds…

“Who am I?” is an absolute masterpiece.The game is fun and can be played anywhere.

How does it work?

Choose a fictional or real person against each other and guess “yes” or “no” questions.

“Am I a woman?”

“Am I in the movie?”

“Am I a superhero?

  • But be careful.If you say no, it’s her turn. If you say yes, you can ask unlimited questions until she guesses who you are.
  • When dating seems boring and uninteresting, this game will save you from boredom, just like playing golf.
  • Meet Game #7: Make a New Name

This is my ex-girlfriend’s favorite game and he used to play it for over an hour in an Italian restaurant and had a good laugh.

Then I looked her in the eyes and suddenly said,”You know, the name ‘Stephie’ doesn’t suit you at all.”

She replied, “‘Klaus’ doesn’t suit you either! I think your name should be ‘Nathan'” (how did you come up with that…).

and she continues.”What name do you give your waiter?

she is her”Massimo!” “Of course.”

Is me.”Haha, yes full tank!”

It’s strange that everyone is convinced and laughing.

Since then, I’ve started playing games with other women and always having a good time.

Introductory Game That Her 8: Truth or Dare?

It’s a classic party game that everyone knows.

But since you’re probably alone (unless you’re double-dating a wingman or single-handedly trying to win two women), change that.

One player chooses to answer a question with absolute truth or take on a crazy challenge.

true example

Eigentlich spielt “What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?”

“What’s the worst thing you’ve ever eaten?”

“How did you make a fool of yourself?

  • “If you could sleep with anyone in this room, who would you choose?”
  • “Why are you really weak against men?”
  • Mandatory example.
  • “Draw a mustache with mascara and order another cup of coffee.”
  • “Go to the bathroom and put your hand in her toilet water for 5 seconds.”

“At this booth he asks for XXL condoms.”

  • “Make the pig across the street” “Hear the sound of the horse”
  • I ask them, “Would you like to go to these people and dance?”
  • People who are unconvinced by a question or task can change it once.
  • The perfect game to see if your date has balls in their pants.In a metaphorical sense, of course.
  • As an aside, he has a lot of fun with this game.Just make sure you don’t choose anything that is dangerous or makes her uncomfortable.It’s meant to help you relax and spice up your date.

Meet the game #9: Two truths and one lie

This game is also great for online dating.

It tests your creativity and makes getting to know each other fun.

Both players tell two truths and one lie, and the object of the game is to guess which of the three truths is the lie.

let’s have a drink

If you say so, you will understand immediately.

Here for me she has three facts.

I eat pasta almost every day. spielen I lived in a kung fu school in China with her for a year.

Booties are more important than boobs.

  • Which of these three facts is false or false?
  • (In favor of loyal readers of my articles).
  • Just kidding, I won’t give you the answer here.Feel free to write your guesses in the comments section below😉.

Game Encounter #10: I Never Have

We saved the best games for last.

Why do you think it’s so good?

Because when you do it together, a lot of secrets will spill from the woman.

I affirm.

This game was made for the sole purpose of making people get along better.

I’ve only played it once when I was in the car with my parents. ihr spielst I grew up not knowing much about his father because my father is a very reserved and silent person.#Daddysues

In any case, I was surprised to hear so many – sometimes dirty – stories from him.

He was clearly more reckless than I ever imagined from him.

Since then, I have seen him differently and our relationship has become stronger.

How does it work?

The two hold hands and start simply with the clichéd phrase “I’ve never…”.And so on, complete the sentence by listing things you’ve done before.

If you’ve done it before, you’ll just have to put your fingers in your mouth and watch.

“Am I in the movie?”

Don’t jump directly into intimate sex issues and give yourself time to warm up your game.

If you feel like your partner is still a little guarded, stick a little more with your innocent remarks.

“I never broke a bone”

“I have never been silent to save my life”

“I have never been arrested by the police”

  • “I have never kissed someone of the same sex”
  • “Never had a threesome”
  • Of course, you can then ask why you had to put your finger on it, or tell yourself a funny story.
  • The more she tells you a sex secret and you don’t criticize it(!), the more open she is to the idea of forgiving the sex monster inside herself for you.
  • Bonus first date tips from a dating coach

Built-in dating game

But do you also know how attractive men behave on dates?

Do you know that you can confidently go on dates and convince women easily and naturally?

So, du bist mit überragenden If not, check out this video of the dating tips I still use.

You can also see how he puts the trick into practice and finally takes the woman to her hotel room.

I’m in a particularly good mood today, so I’d like to introduce you to another free gift.

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Now nothing stands in the way of a successful date.

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