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10 Unique and Funny Opening Lines for Dating Apps – Slice

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10 Unique and Funny Opening Lines for Dating Apps

Angela Serednicki

“Shot Girl Summer” is in full swing as vaccination rates rise. After staying home for a year and living more of a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory grandpa-grandma than you could ever imagine, it’s time to expose yourself and play some necessary play. Whether you’re looking for love or someone to share your favorite sex toys with, we’ve picked the funniest ones. opening Lines for your favorite dating apps like Tinder and Bumble.

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Hilarious pick-up lines for Tinder

line.”I was feeling a little sick today, but seeing your profile made me feel better…”

Why: The most successful pick-up lines on Tinder are flattering and not too forward. this opening It’s a good line that can be a conversation starter.

line.”I’m no weather forecaster, but I have a feeling it’s going to rain tonight.”

why do we love itPositive pick up lines can be hit or miss, but this sarcastic conversation starter (90s style) is sure to provoke sexual tension.

line.”I lost my 5 and 10 cents today” “But I think I found my 10 cents”

why do we love itWho wouldn’t be happy to be praised? This fun pick up line is a clever way to let her know that you think she’s a 10 out of 10.

line. I do “Vaxing” and “Waxing”. How should we celebrate?”

SHOT GIRL Summer, power up with this fun Tiktok reference. And the waxing part doesn’t have to be literal, but it’s got the VAX’s hot summer energy.


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Cheeky pick-up lines for Bumble

line.”Let’s get down to business”. Where are we going on our first Vacay together?”

Because I love you. Travel is one of the easiest conversation starters, and almost every profile is dated with a past vacation snapshot or two. This fun question will make your child dream about their first trip together. Once they’ve answered the question, tell them one hidden gem across Canada.

line.”Follow your dreams,” her mother always said. what is your instagram?”

Why we love it: cheesy? of course!(Laughs) But online dating is only successful if you take action outside of the dating app itself to spark conversation. It is possible.

line. I just said, “My dog likes to play in the park.”

Because I love you. The dog’s parents will love their profile and lines, including his four-foot fur. love.

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Other attention-grabbing lines

line.”Please send me the last YouTube video you watched.”

Favorite reason: This unique opening LINE is something you don’t see very often in dating apps, but it can actually be a very interesting conversation starter and a fun “truth or dare” game.

line.”If you venmo $500 now, what would you do with it?”

You can know the interests and priorities of the person. opening line. Bonus points if he says he’ll spend the money on an epic date for you two or donate it to your favorite charity.


line.”Who do you want to ride the elevator with…”

why do we love itThis prompt is a fun alternative to the bombastic “two truths and a lie”. opener .

Feel free to fill this line with your favorite celebrity or movie/TV show character from your published bio.

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