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101 coole und originelle Fragen für das erste Date – Dating Psychologie

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101 coole und originelle Fragen für das erste Date

It doesn’t matter if you want to meet and bed with as many beautiful women as possible, or if you’re looking for a nice long-term relationship, it all starts with dem ersten Date!

Especially in a blind date or on a date with a hot girl you barely know, it can be hard to start and sustain a relaxed and friendly conversation.

not life threatening ein erstes Dating as a long, unnecessary pose in a conversation when you don’t know what to say to each other, you need to separate yourself from the woman you’re currently with. erst to be completely unsuspected.

So it’s best to take control of the conversation by asking the right questions upfront. das erste A date to think about!Staying true to our motto, “Spontaneity must be thought through”, we have prepared 101 powerful questions for you. das erste edit date

Of course, we also need questions like this. das erste Don’t move intentionally for a date!But having some great questions ready for you will make you feel more relaxed and confident going out on a date. das erste promised a date

For the sake of all my questions are presented here. das erste The date has been successfully tested many times – and at the same time so originell I want you to see me as a cool and sexy guy, not a boring guy!Personally, I want to come up with interesting, surprising, and fun questions for everyone. das erste Be conscious of a date even when you meet a dignified beauty for the first time!?

 fragen für das erste date

Showing interest is one of the BEST of the most attractive properties.So let’s jump right in for the 101 questions. ein erstes a date that really rocks

Coole Eisbrecher-Fragen für das erste Date

1. How was your day?What do you do when you don’t go on dates?3.What are you most passionate about?Four.A side of you that I don’t doubt?5. How is this town?Are you from here?Where would you like to travel spontaneously?

Easy and fun questions for das erste Date

8. Do you like your work (training/studying)?What is your ultimate dream job?10. What would you do if you didn’t have to work (anymore)?what do you do after work?12. Do you have any hobbies?13. Movie or TV series?What movies or series have caught your attention recently?Is there a movie that changed your life; 16. Book or movie? 17.18. Do you have a favorite book?What book do you recommend?19. Do you agree that books are always better than movies?20. What three books would he take with him to a deserted island?21. Beethoven or the Beatles or Beyonce?23. Do you have specific music for certain moods or situations?24. What music makes your toenails stand out?25. MP3 or record?26. Have you ever been to a country other than Europe?27. What other countries have you been to?28. Mountain or Sea?What was your craziest holiday?Were you able to learn anything new/important during your trip (overseas)?31. Where is your ultimate dreamland?32. Do you want to move abroad in the future?Which country should never be considered?34.35. Which dish is the most delicious?Do you have a favorite dish?36. Can you eat this every day?37. What is your favorite candy?38.Also, do you often cook for yourself?39.coffee or tea 40 filter coffee or latte macchiato 41. Do you drink alcohol?42.white or red wine; 43.do you like other drugs?44.What is your favorite animal?45. Cat or Dog?46. Have you ever had a pet you don’t know?Which pet do you dislike at all? 48.do you like nature49. Do you like bicycles?Where would you like to go on a weekend trip?51. What is the longest train journey?Is there a place you would like to visit?53. Are there idols?55. Do you really want to meet someone?Have you ever met a real celebrity?56.Which historical figure would you like to meet in person?57.If you had a time machine, what era would you like to travel to?58.As for what to do there, 59.What would you be like if you lived in that era?Would you like to travel to the future?61. What is the craziest time travel movie you know?62. Who would you like to be for just one day?Are you a morning person or a night person?

more personal questions from das erste Date

 fragen für das erste date

64. Do you value money or enjoyment at work? 65. Income or leisure?Would you describe yourself as a career woman?67.How important is your family to you?68. Do you have siblings?69. Do you communicate with your family? 70. Do you visit your country regularly? 71. Do you want to start a family by yourself?72. Would you like to adopt a child?73. Would you like to adopt?Which is more important, many acquaintances or a few close friends?74. How many people would you say are very close friends?How are you socializing?76.Do you still have old childhood friends?77. Who/was the most important person in your life?78. What makes you laugh?79. What makes you sad 80.What was his best year of his life so far?81. What did you want to be when you were a child? 82. What do you miss about your childhood now?83. How optimistic are you about the future?84. What are the 5 things you want to achieve in life?85. What do you want written on your gravestone?What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?87. Do you have a hidden talent?88.What kind of talent would you like to have?89. What is your biggest habit?90. What was your most embarrassing experience?91. What do you regret?93. How do you spend your weekends?

Fragen für das erste Dates leading up to the next reservation

94. Do you like this place?95. Going out for a drink at your favorite coffee shop/bar;96. Shall we go for a walk;97. I already have plans for the weekend;98.Are you very busy next week?Please tell me the phone number.

Fragen für das erste A date directly connected to the bed

100. How do you get home?Can I still accompany you?

Surely in this 101 questions das erste Date is perfectly equipped!I reserved them so that I have plenty of alternatives for a given topic.Like I said, these questions are not just for yourself das erste You’ll discover for yourself how wonderful this flow of conversation is.

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