11 Events für Singles am Valentinstag in Köln | Mit Vergnügen Köln - dating new york city

11 Events für Singles am Valentinstag in Köln | Mit Vergnügen Köln

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11 Events für Singles am Valentinstag in Köln

Do you have a friend who has already announced what you will do with your partner on Valentine’s Day?Let’s be honest, no one needs a partner to do cool things.

1st Singles Night @ Joode Lade

Christine Otto

Good news for all singles.

Yode’s Ark | Lindenstrasse 62, 50674 Cologne | From 20:00 | Admission free | Details

2. For Singles and Haters: Movie Party at Rex

Christine Otto

Singles can watch her “(500) Days of Summer” at 20:45.The film focuses on Summer and Tom’s relationship that lasted just her 500 days.Harry Warden wakes up from a coma on Valentine’s Day, kills 22 people that day, and disappears into an abandoned mine with serious injuries.

Rex at the Ring | Hohenzollernring 60, 50672 Cologne | (500) Summer Days: 20:45 | My Bloody Valentine: 22:30 |

3. Cologne’s Biggest Valentine’s Day Date

© Anton Mislavsky |Screw

If you want to meet a lot of new people in a short amount of time, Skweeze Speed Dating is for you.Bye Tinder, Lovoo, Ok Cupid, etc. On Valentine’s Day, you’ll meet a new single man every few minutes at the cocktail brewery, but at best you’ll quickly notice if you’re a match.Singles aged 26 to 39 He is from 20:00 to 21:30, a little earlier He is from 18:30 to 20:00 People from 40 to He is 56It’s a chance to meet

Skweez | Hohenzollernring 43, 50672 Cologne | 18:30-20:00: Singles aged 40-56; 20:00-21:30: Singles aged 26-39 | €14 |

4. Party to the Stranger Things soundtrack

© Get Addicted © Get Addicted

If you’re a fan of Eleven, Will, and Stranger Things as a whole, as well as a big fan of his ’80s soundtrack to the show, his Valentine’s Day Hall 9 is the place to be.For the sixth time, the members of Getaddicted are dedicating the night to this special series.I can’t wait to hear synthpop, early punk, new romantic, wave, anthemic rock and more from The Clash to Echo to The Bunnymen to Joy Division.

Hall 9 | Deutz-Mülheimer-Strasse 117, 51063 Cologne | From 11 pm | € 8 | More information

5. Heart to Heart at Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld

© Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld

Stevie J and DJs from Direct bring the best of the ’90s to the main floor of Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld on Valentine’s Day.DJs from MiracleZ and Xela Vie will also be playing the best hits in the lounge.If you secure a ticket in advance, you can also get the heart glass of the icon for free.

Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld | Bartholomäus-Schink-Strasse 65-67, 50825 Cologne | From 11 pm | €10 | More information

6. Listen to Sarah Bosetti

Sarah Bosetti has a supernatural power that allows her to turn her hatred into love.She collects the best hate comments she receives and turns them into her funniest love poems and funny stories.Misogyny is punch, sexism is lard, and patriarchy is poetry in between.Bosetti is not only funny, but her commentary on feminism is excellent.On Valentine’s Day, you can be sure of that with Cometa.

Comedy Theater | Vondelstrasse 4-8, 50677 Cologne | 8 pm | € 22, discount € 14 | Details here.

7. Dance at the anti-Valentine’s party

© Sarthak Navjivan

According to Bridget Jones, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean eating chocolate at home.On the contrary, let’s all celebrate properly now, not alone.Dance and sing love songs, house, latin and more at your anti-Valentines party.Also, if you’re mad at your ex, you can vent your frustration with a piñata.The location will be announced on his Facebook event soon.

The location will be announced on the Facebook event|Around 22:00|Click here for details

8. Return to the theater

© Meyer Originals

Why not treat yourself to some culture on Valentine’s Day?The Theater del Keller presents ‘Fight Club’.This work tells the story of a young man who feels nothing and loses himself.She meets Marla Singer, who also struggles with her self-lostness, and falls in love with her polar opposite, Tyler Durden, but things escalate.

Cellar Theater | Siegburgerstrasse 233w, 50679 Cologne | 8 pm | €20, discount €14 | More information here.

9. Relive the golden age of indie

tsunami club

From 2001 to his 2008, a plethora of “big” albums from bands like The Strokes, White Stripes, Libertines, Franz Ferdinand, Block and Steve are available on Valentine’s Day.

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On Valentine’s Day from 4pm to 7pm, the Cologne Cathedral will host a free hug campaign.

Donplatte | 50968 Cologne | 4pm-7pm | Free | Details here

11. Meet new people on the International Pub Crawl

© Pubcrawl Cologne

No one knows.A few glasses of Kölsch and you suddenly become fluent in a foreign language you’ve been stumbling upon.You shamelessly flirt with complete strangers and start sharing your thoughts and drinks with people you’ve never met before.This is what happened at the International Pub Kroll Cologne.

Club Goldfinger | Friesenstraße 54, 50670 Cologne | 21:00 | 20 Euro | Details

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