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12 Teen Dating Apps Parents Should Know About

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Popular Teen Dating Apps And Websites Parents HAVE To Know About

YUBO is an app created to meet a teenager. However, it is also called “Tinder for teens”. Users are grouped by location and common interests.

  • Public feed
  • Personal message

Potential dangers parents should know about

  • Public live distribution that anyone can participate between 13 to 25 years old
  • There is no age verification (so you can easily create a “fake” profile)
  • Catnamas and predators may be hidden in the app behind the fake ID

#2nd place: SKOUT

Skout is an application and website that groups users depending on the location information. You can also chat with users who press “Like”.

  • Formatting app website
  • Live streaming
  • Local feed for moving users

Potential dangers parents should know about

  • It is easy for minors to adults to connect
  • There is no formal age confirmation system
  • The general site area is exposed

#3rd place: Myrol

Mylol is a dating app site sold for teenagers aged 17 and over. Instant chat and global chat can be performed by users.

  • “Shake your mobile phone and start a conversation
  • Instant message
  • Sentences and photos

Potential dangers parents should know about

  • Many users have posted nude and sexual images.
  • Chat topics may include drugs, alcohol, and violence.
  • The review site reports that the risk of predators is high.

#4th place: Meat Me

MeetMe is also a website and app sold as a means of encounter. You can chat between users and choose the “Quick” mode and meet in a very realistic way.

  • Live streaming
  • chat
  • Replacement of “Virtual Gift” ($ about)

Potential dangers parents should know about

  • Possibility of being linked to the scout
  • Very emphasis on meeting strangers
  • Content for adults, no age confirmation

#5th place: Whether it’s hot

Hot or not is also called “Chat & Amp; Date”, and is an evaluation site where users can evaluate each other’s charm and upload photos.

  • “Swipe” on the left and right
  • Based on location
  • Video chat

Potential dangers parents should know about

  • Easy to check age by swipe operation
  • Sticking to meet strangers

#6th: Allo Talk

Altaltalk is a social and messaging app sold as a “free chat room”. Private chat and video chat are possible.

  • No registration required
  • Video chat / chat
  • Anonymous exchange

Potential dangers parents should know about

  • Easy to avoid age verification
  • No registration required

#7th: TeenChat

The topic chat site can be registered with an email address or registered anonymously, and you can talk to a stranger.

  • Anonymous chat
  • Available for free
  • You can register regardless of the email address

Potential dangers parents should know about

  • According to a police report, this site is not safe for children, children and teenagers. “
  • Easy to acquire age verification
  • Easy to verify identity

#8th place: Teens Town

  • Not stated in the Terms of Use

TEENS. TOWN is a chat and social networking site made for teenage young people. The site claims “the safest social network for teens”.

  • Chat room
  • Community forum

Potential dangers parents should know about

  • The Terms of Use do not have the minimum and the oldest age.

#9th: Tafi

Taffy is an application for encounters, chat and dating. It is the same mechanism as Tinder. However, you will not be able to see your profile photo until the users do not exchange messages.

  • “Swipe” on the left and right
  • Until the users exchange messages, the profile photos are blurred
  • Following the preface (instead of profile)

Potential dangers parents should know about

  • Users are connected based on location information
  • It was evaluated as “maturation” in the app store
  • Taffy can work with the user’s Facebook account

#10th place: Spotter friend

Spotafriend is sold as an app to meet friends. However, it has the same left and right functions as many popular dating apps.

  • “Swipe” on the left and right
  • “Swipe” and “swipe” on the left and right
  • Based on location

Potential dangers parents should know about

  • Select the age you connect to the user
  • It has been pointed out on the review site that the app has inappropriate content.
  • Users can publish their social media information

#11th: Bumble

BUMBLE is one of the most famous dating apps for those over the age of 18. It stands out because only women can hit the “lead”.

  • I n-app activity
  • Quiz game
  • Instant messaging and video chat

Potential dangers parents should know about

  • Despite being a famous app, BUMBLE is not for children or teenagers.
  • BUMBLE is a date app for adults over 18 years old

#12th: Happen

Happn is a dating app that displays only other users on the same general site recently. Like many other dating apps, there are free and paid versions.

  • Based on rea l-time location information.
  • Send a voice message.
  • I n-app status setting

Potential dangers parents should know about

  • Dating app with location information that displays nearby profiles
  • The review site reports that the app has inappropriate sexual content in children and teens.

Can teens use other social media sites for dating?

of course. Teen can use other social media apps, such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Tiktok (in fact, is used). Therefore, it is very important to monitor social media accounts in addition to the app mentioned above.

  • Facebook
  • Messenger Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Whatsapp
  • Instagram
  • fairy
  • Sna p-chat
  • Tingling
  • red
  • twitter

In addition, teenage young people can advance to adult dating apps such as Tinder and Singe if they can “fake” age. Many adult dating apps will hear their age at the time of registration, but they have not confirmed their age.

We recommend parents Understand what apps are downloaded and used regularly. There are also apps that can be used from browsers, so we recommend that you monitor the Internet history.

How to prevent teen dating apps from becoming dangerous

Dating apps can expose their children to inappropriate content, cats, predators, and other online threats. The good news is that there are two important ways to prevent dating apps for teens from becoming dangerous for your child.

Open a hotline

First, talk to the children. Have an open conversation about Why children’s dating apps are dangerous. Specifically, he explains that strangers behind the dating app profile may be malicious adults. Messages from strangers may include inappropriate content, such as images, texts, and links to adult sites.

It also explains that even a person of the same age as your teenager may be a person who is not (this is called cat fishing). Tometing a dating site for teenage young people can lead to negative emotions and results, such as shyness and shame.

In addition, please tell us that you can consult with you when you have any questions. about Dating, dating apps, Internet safety.

Install a parental control app

Next, set up mmguardian. parental Check the child’s mobile phone. MMGuardian helps to set a screen time limit to prevent children from using mobile phones in the late night when you are not awake.

For example, if your child is scrolling a dating site for children until late at night, you can set a time limit at 10 pm. This is to block access to mobile phones at a certain time and get a good night’s sleep.

Mmguardian is in such a place parents Monitor text messages and many popular social media apps. Content tracking settings are possible parental Controls the function to automatically send security alerts directly to your mobile phone. Safety alerts will notify you when your teen encounters a potential criminal, a message that suggests sitting and suicide, or inappropriate content.

  • Web filtering and blocking
  • Site tracking
  • Application check
  • Site tracking, location monitoring, location information monitoring, location tracking
  • Security warning and report

How to install MMGuardian

  1. Install the mmguardian parents app on your smart device
  2. Install the mmguardian child app on your child’s smart device.
  3. Monitor / control your child’s smart device from your terminal

Parents can monitor Android and iOS devices including iPhone and iPad. Moreover, it is okay if you and Te e-teeger terminals are different.

Final thoughts on teen dating apps and websites

Teen uses a dating app for teens to connect with each other and meet new people. It is not dangerous, but dating apps are a hig h-risk business.

  • about
  • Consider installing parental

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