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12 Teen Dating Apps Parents Should Know About

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Popular Teen Dating Apps And Websites Parents HAVE To Know About

Yubo is an app made for teens to meet, but it’s also called “Tinder for teens.”Users are grouped by location and common interests.

  • public live streaming
  • private message

Potential dangers parents should know about

  • Anyone between the ages of 13 and her 25 can join the public live stream.
  • No age verification (so it’s easy to create a “fake” profile)
  • Catfish and predators can hide in apps under false identities

#2: Scout

Skout is an app and website that allows you to group users by location and chat with likes.

  • Apps and her website can also be used to find likes.
  • live streaming
  • Streaming Local Users Scrolling

Potential dangers parents should know about

  • Easy connection between minors and adults
  • No formal age verification system
  • Exposed general lot area

#3: MyLOL

MyLOL is an app and dating site for teens over the age of 17.Live chat between users or “global” chat is possible.

  • “Swipe” to start a chat
  • instant message
  • article and photo

Potential dangers parents should know about

  • Many users post nude and sexual images
  • Topics may include drugs, alcohol and violence
  • Review sites report high predator risk

#4: MeetMe

MeetMe is also a website or app marketed as a way to meet people, where users can chat with each other or select a “quick” mode to meet in real life as soon as possible.

  • live streaming
  • chat
  • Redeem “virtual gifts” ($$)

Potential dangers parents should know about

  • Possibly linked with Skout
  • particularly fond of meeting strangers
  • Adult content No age verification

#5: Hot or not

Hot or Not, also known as Talk & Date, is a review site that allows users to rate each other based on their attractiveness and uploaded photos.

  • “scan” left and right
  • based on location
  • Video chat

Potential dangers parents should know about

  • Easy age verification
  • obsessed with meeting strangers

#6: Allo Talk

AlloTalk is a social networking and messaging app marketed as a “free chat room for teens” that allows users to engage in private and video chats.

  • Registration is not required.
  • Video Chat / Webcam Chat
  • anonymous messaging

Potential dangers parents should know about

  • Easy circumvention of age verification
  • No registration required

#7: Teens Chat

The hot chat site allows you to register with your email address or register anonymously to chat with strangers.

  • anonymous chat
  • Users can publicly report social media information
  • #11: Bumble

Potential dangers parents should know about

  • Bumble is one of the most popular dating apps for over 18s, and is unique in that only women can take the “first girlfriend steps.”
  • In-app activity
  • Quiz game

direct message, video chat

  • Bumble is a well-known app, but it’s not for kids or teenagers.

Bumble is a dating app for adults over her 18

  • #12: Happen
  • Happn is a dating app that only shows other users who have been in the same general location recently.Like many other dating apps, there are free and paid versions.

Potential dangers parents should know about

  • Like many other free and paid services, there are free and paid versions.

Send voice message

In-app status settings

  • “scan” left and right
  • Review sites report the app has sexual content inappropriate for children and their teens
  • Teens can (and do) use other social media apps for dating, such as Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok.That’s why it’s so important to monitor your social media accounts in addition to the aforementioned apps.

Potential dangers parents should know about

  • Facebook
  • facebook messenger
  • Youtube



  • “scan” left and right
  • snapchat
  • based on location

Potential dangers parents should know about

  • reddit
  • twitter
  • Also, adult dating apps such as Tinder and Hinge can be used by her teens by “faking” their age.Many adult dating apps ask for age upon registration, but the age verification process is non-existent.

There are also apps available through your browser, so I recommend monitoring your internet history.

Dating apps can expose your children to inappropriate content, catfish, predators, and other online threats.The good news is that there are two important ways to prevent teen dating apps from becoming dangerous for your child.

  • open a hotline
  • First, talk with your child.
  • Specifically, it explains that the stranger behind the dating app profile could be a malevolent adult.These strangers may send messages containing inappropriate content such as pictures, text, or links to adult-themed websites.

Potential dangers parents should know about

  • Also, explain that the person may be your teenager’s age, but not someone (this is called catfishing).
  • Also, let your teens know that they can talk to you if they have questions.

Dating, dating apps and internet safety

Then set up MMGuardian.

  • MMGuardian allows you to set screen time limits to prevent your child from using your phone in the middle of the night when you’re not awake.
  • For example, if your kids are scrolling through dating sites late at night, you can set a time limit of 10pm.
  • MMGuardian is also compatible with

Potential dangers parents should know about

  • It can monitor text messages and many popular social media apps.
  • Safety alerts controls to automatically send safety alerts directly to your phone when your teen encounters potential predators, sexual contact or suicidal messages, inappropriate content, and moreIt provides

Can teens use other social media sites for dating?

Web filtering and blocking

  • site tracking
  • Application control
  • Contact management
  • Security alerts and reports
  • Install the MMGuardian parent app on your smart device
  • Install the MMGuardian Child app on your child’s smart device.
  • Monitor and control your child’s smart device from your own device
  • Parents can monitor on her Android and her iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads.
  • Teens use teen dating apps to connect with each other and meet new people.While this is not inherently dangerous, dating apps can pose a threat to your child’s safety.
  • Popular teen dating sites include Yudo, Skout, MyLOL, MeetMe, Hot or Not, Allo Talk and many more

It’s important to understand that not all of these apps were designed for his teen

We recommend parents In general, circumventing age restrictions and verification is relatively easy regardless of age

How to prevent teen dating apps from becoming dangerous

call out to children

How to stay safe online, including apps and dating sites

You can check apps like MMGuardian to monitor your teenager’s online behavior and keep them safe. about Published: February 17, 2020

Use teen dating apps


Install a parental control app


parents parental

How to install MMGuardian

Final thoughts on teen dating apps and websites

  • about
  • Consider installing parental

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