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12 Ways Dating a Spanish Girl Will Change You

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12 Ways Dating a Spanish Girl Will Change You

Because you are always late. Sunny, rain or snow, you will wait. It’s been a long time.

2. Parties are a lot more fun.

You have the uncanny ability to strike up interesting and original conversations with anyone, anywhere, anytime. And he never stops.

3. You won’t bother trying to learn any new languages or business techniques.

Because you don’t need it. Her smile and charm transcend language and cultural barriers. She is a master of informal sign language. And she is never afraid to use it. She’ll bargain with a foreigner who doesn’t speak Spanish who runs a swag business or whatever in a dingy dark corner of Barcelona until she gets €5 for cool sunglasses instead of €30 for her. am.

4. You start to dislike el tango .

He loves the Argentinian male accent as much as you love the French, if not more. girls ‘. But does he dare say he wants to honeymoon in Buenos Aires?

Ay, el tango… la jente… el tango… la jente,” he says with a very dreamy expression.

Well, of course, La Gente, you’d think “Damn.” girl . talk. If you want to dance his 1000 year tango with an Argentinian, go it alone.”

5. You cook lunch day in and day out so she can watch “Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa.”

6. You can order a corto pequeño de cerveza without embarrassment.

I wish I had a regular beer,” and ordered the usual Caña Grande with a sensitive Spanish friend. But that doesn’t matter, all I can do is avoid the awkward stares at the bartender. And bring a hell of a mini beer girl Because you drink it in the most elegant way, it will stand out even more.

7. You’ll learn how to shut up while the Spanish national soccer team is playing.

I thought I was a soccer expert. You already played the quarterback position on your school team when you were six years old, and you’ve been involved in sports ever since. Your most prized possession is the official Real Madrid jersey signed by Raul. That’s right, the legendary Raul.

But from 2008 to his 2012, when the Spanish team wasn’t crap, everyone went crazy for football. Now, even your Spanish girlfriend, who was never interested in sports, knows (or thinks she knows) more about sports than you do. She is in love with Casillas, Piqué and Diego Costa. So if you dare say – now the team sucks again – that during a pointless match your pretty girlfriend will cut you out of “football” while you sleepPlease know.

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