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13 Spanish Language Reality TV Shows to Improve Your Listening and Speaking Skills

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13 Spanish Language Reality TV Shows to Improve Your Listening and Speaking Skills

Reality TV and Spanish! reality Television paves the way for your Spanish learning!

Remember America’s Got Talent, American Idol, RuPaul’s Drag Race, and MasterChef? all reality Of course, some of you are probably already using entertainment such as movies, shows, and music. to improve your Spanish.

But have you ever thought of using it? reality Read on to find out why you should try them, and access our 13 top recommendations.

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  • What is Reality TV?
  • What is Reality TV?

What is Reality TV?

What makes a TV show” reality TV”? On reality This is because movies don’t have actors, or even if they do, they don’t act according to the script. reality The show aims to show how normal people behave in certain situations.

This includes cooking shows, talent shows, adventure shows, fashion shows and “classics”. reality In this program, people who live in share houses talk to the camera about living together with strangers.

One of the best ways to challenge your Spanish is with a Spanish course. reality Don’t you often hear serious talk, slang and colloquialisms? The reality Watching TV shows is the next best thing if you don’t immerse yourself in the Spanish-speaking world.

Sure, some of these shows may be silly in their premise, but in their spontaneous moments, you can access unprecedented credibility.Well, here are 13 reality TV shows in Spanish that will help you. you improve your listening and speaking skills !

1. Nightmare in the Kitchen – Pesadilla en la cocina

Rating: TV-G

Remember Gordon Ramsay’s “Hell’s Kitchen”?The show is the Spanish version of Ramsay’s infamous show, which follows Chilean master chef Gustavo Maureli as he tries to improve a declining restaurant.

During this unique season of the show, Maurelli has helped Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Peruvian, and local restaurants serving Chilean classics.

You can watch the show on his Dailymotion here.

2. Case Closed – Caso Cerrado

Rating: TV-14

If you know Cuban-American lawyer Ana Maria Polo, you know this show!In Casa Cerrado, Ana Maria Polo mediates between her two parties who are allowed to bring witnesses, evidence and experts.

18 During her season (2001-2018), Ana Maria handled her marital problems, violence, theft, fraud, and more with her trademark fiery temper and charisma.No one backed down when the polo lawyer took the gavel.

The official website of Caso Cerrado is here.

3. That’s How You Dance – Así Se Baila

Rating: TV-G

think about

Watch the contestants on YouTube.

6. Who is wearing a mask?

Spanish reality TV


Rating: TV-G

And the judges, who don’t know the other side of the mask, decide who will stay in the next week based on their performance alone. reality 9.

Rating: TV-G

Spanish reality TV

A simple setting where two professional mixed martial arts fighters train amateur fighters and aim to be the “ultimate fighter”, 16 fighters compete, and the winners are him in the bantamweight and featherweight divisions.is.

Rating: TV-G


Rating: TV-G

Spanish reality TV

11 teams, 22 native Hispanics run around Latin America.Every week, the last pair to reach the final destination for this episode drops out.

Rating: TV-G

The show lasted for his six seasons (2009-2014), with contestants going to Buenos Aires, Valparaiso, Cusco, Cartagena, Tikal, and more.You can visit all of Central and South America by watching 78 episodes.

Watch the clip “The Amazing Race Latin America” on YouTube.

Spanish reality TV

11. Your Face Sounds Familiar – Tu Cara Me Suena.

Rating: TV-G

Tu Cara Me Suena has up to 10 singers each season who must impersonate famous singers.

Contestants impersonated Shakira, Freddie Mercury, Eddie Vedder, Celia Cruz, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Beyoncé, Bad Bunny and more.

Incredibly similar!The show originally aired in Spain, but Latin American countries such as Costa Rica, Chile, Colombia and Mexico have released their own versions.

Watch the “Tu Cara Me Suena” clip on YouTube.

watching for hours

Rating: TV-G

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Spanish reality TV

What is Reality TV?

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