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16 Dating Shows to Watch After Finishing Love Is Blind

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16 dating shows like ‘Love is Blind’ you should be watching ASAP

Move over, ‘Love is Blind’: ‘The Ultimatum’ is Netflix’s new buzz

March 10, 2022 15:34 (UTC) / July 13, 2022, 15:08 (UTC)

So, you finished “Love is Blind” Season 2- And “Love Is Blind” Season 1, Introducing the Special Ri Union Spec. Now you are scrolling the cast SNS account, reading interviews, and catching the drama that is being developed one after another.

Also consider to fill your spare time in a program that makes people in love or “Like” in innovative installation, such as “Love is Blind”.

Until Season 3 of “Love is Blind” is released, you can watch all dating programs that can be absorbed in the same way by pressing the “Play the next episode” button.

“The Bachelorette”

The “THE BACHELOR” and “THE BACHELORETTE” series are definitely grasping reality program fans, especially romance and dramas. In general, women put their eggs in one big basket. In other words, it is a basket in which more than 20 men compete for the love of THE BACHELORETTE. Needless to say, on the love of Bachelorette’s love, things often become chaotic.

The latest season of “Bachelorette”, which was broadcast on Monday, July 11, introduced a new concept in this trial and error series. Moderator Jesse Palmer announced in Season 19 that two Bachelorette, Gavy Windy and Rachel Lecia, will appear. Yes, double aspects, twice the turmoil.

Watching method: ABC

Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia are appearing in

“FBoy Island”

This program has an idea that is probably the same as what you are actually doing, ” F-Boy and a boy who are looking for love for a legitimate reason.”

The audience has to hit who came to find love and who just came for money, with the leading women who came to the tropical set of this program. am. Finally, if you choose a good driver, you share $ 100. 000.

Viewing location: HBO Max

“Too Hot to Handle”

If you really want to enjoy steam, please use Netflix’s “Too Hot To Handle”. The premise of this program is to place a handful of girls and boys on an island that seems to be the atmosphere of a real date program, as if the palm was returned. After arriving, the casts know that they are not allowed to be intimate-they may not understand the scenario well.

If a couple refrains from physical contact, they will share all prize money $ 100. 000. Kisses and other violations include the use of a joint pool. Can individuals beat temptation for overall benefits? Please find it.

Viewing location: Netflix


“Love Island”

This program, which started as a public date program from the United Kingdom, is now a global popular program, creating multiple spi n-off works, including the American version, and international franchises.

Like To Hot to Handle, “Men and women on a certain island search for fateful opponents. The winning pair selected by the viewer returns to the earth with a large amount of money. Love Island, which also serves as a date show, expects the following episodes:

Viewing location: Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV

Express the romance and drama.

“Are You the One?”

MTV’s philosophical date may challenge your beliefs.

In “THE ONE”, the “Love Expert” team assembles a couple based on personality and values before the start of the season. Singles gathered in the share house try to find the person they have approved. If 10 couples can find each other safely, you can get $ 1. 000. 000 in total.

Viewing place: Netflix, Hulu

“Love Is Blind: Japan”

Love is Blind: Japan, released in 2022, is set in another country with the same idea. Apply for subscription

Viewing location: Netflix


“Love Is Blind: Brazil”

If you can’t reach the itchy place of “LOVE IS BLIND” in both seasons of LOVE IS BLIND and “LOVE IS BLIND JAPAN”, please be assured! You can also see the Brazilian version. Brazil’s traditional “Koi is blind” released in 2021 will deliver a new couple (so that they fall in love) with the format of the program victory.

Viewing location: Netflix

“Back with the Ex”

The Australian program “Back with the EX” is a program that a former couple who wants to start over the past love from the title. In some cases, experiments go well, and sometimes it doesn’t really work.

Viewing location: Netflix


“Married at First Sight”

“At first glance,” a person who is at a glance marries a stranger on the spot. Expert teams such as spiritualists, love coaches, and sociologists paired couples that do not meet until the wedding day in scientific matching methods. Is it surprising that “Married at First Sight” was created by the same producer as “Love Is Blind” on a provocative premise?

Viewing place: hulu, lifetime

You can see.

“Dating Around”

Unlike many shows on this list, “Date Around” has a fairly realistic concept. A single person goes out on five separate blind dates in hopes of hooking up with someone. Of course, this isn’t too different from how he pursues dating on IRL, so you might say that “Date Around” is a more analogue watch than “Love is Blind.”

Viewing location: Netflix

You can see.

“Love on the Spectrum”

“Love on the Spectrum” is a dating show that focuses on people with autism and how they navigate love and relationships. Though structured more like a documentary than a reality show, “Love on the Spectrum” could be an important step towards increasing interest in dating. Entertainment and enthusiasm coexist.

Viewing location: Netflix

“Indian Matchmaking”

In Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking, singles from the United States and India put their love in the hands of matchmaker Sima Tapalia. Taparia will read the “biodata”, which is the profile of the person registered in the database, and search for the one that suits that person. This series of interviews explores the role of arranged marriages in Indian culture, especially for the younger generation.

Viewing location: Netflix


“Sexy Beasts”

This show takes a completely different approach to dating. Singers who apply elaborate makeup and transform into mythical creatures and animals. You go on a date with the other contestants in this costume. Couples who decide to dress up are allowed to show themselves (“Love is Blind” style) and even remove their disguises. Do they like what they see?

Viewing location: Netflix


“90 Day Fiancé”

Her TLC show has been on the air since 2014, which shows how popular she is. 90 Day Fiancé” follows the couple who applied for and obtained her K-1 visa, which is available only to foreign fiancés of U. S. citizenship. Couples arriving in the United States have only 90 days to decide whether to get married.

Where to watch: Hulu, YouTube TV, Amazon Prime Video

“Say I Do”

Say I Do” allows couples to plan their dream wedding in a week. With event planner Jeremiah Brent, fashion designer Tai Nguyen and chef Gabriele Bertacchini, his threeOur experts work together to create the couple’s dream wedding.

Viewing location: Netflix

The Courtship

If you’ve seen Shondaland’s hit show, “Bridgerton,” you’ve probably been blown away by the chivalry and magic of courtship on the show. Well, based on “Bridgerton” and adding a little bit of “Bachelorette” elements, we have a new dating show “The Courtship”.

This program is drawn mainly by women who want to find love. However, there is a big element that unique this new program. It is a beautiful and spectacular mansion like “Bridgerthon”, and “race” is set with 15 men wearing rag i-season clothes.”Honestly, we are enviable, and you will think so.”

Doctrin e-Season 1

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