2-Minute Mixer: Classroom Ice Breaker Game for Adults - dating new york city

2-Minute Mixer: Classroom Ice Breaker Game for Adults

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Ice Breaker Game for Adults: 2-Minute Mixer

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Updated on April 07, 2019

8 Minute Appointments or Speed Dating You may have heard that 100 people meet for a night filled with her 8 minute appointments. the classroom , so we’ll call this ice breaker a 2-minute mixer . Ice breakers It encourages group participation and is a great way to relax, socialize and interact with those interested in the event or activity.

Ideal Size for a Classroom Ice Breaker

This is a great mixer For large groups, use this game as an introduction, especially if everyone doesn’t need to talk to everyone. the classroom can also be used in meetings, especially if you have enough space to move around.

Time Needed

Please schedule at least 30 minutes, depending on the number of people.

Ice Breaker Materials

Bring something that makes noise, such as a clock, wristwatch, or whistle.You can have a canned question, but you don’t have to.


After 2 minutes, blow the whistle or make a loud noise that everyone can hear.When the cue is heard, everyone finds a new partner and chats with her for the next two minutes.

If you use this game at the beginning of a class or meeting, combine it with your self-introduction. the mixer Tell me something interesting you learned from someone else during the the mixer .

Ice Breaker for Test Prep

The 2 minute mixer is also great for test prep. ice breaker and distribute notebooks with test questions to students. mixing Like , students can ask each other questions and continue when the time comes.

One of the benefits of this exercise is that studies have shown that studying in different locations improves memory. the 2-minute mixer to remember the correct answer during the test.

Ice Breaker Debriefing

This mixer No account required unless you want to hear surprising anecdotes related to your theme.

Ice Breaker Charades

Divide into small groups and ask one person from each group to bring a bowl of paper with the name of the book or movie written on it.When you say “Go,” have the person act out the phrase or other clues to help you guess the name in the group.Actors cannot speak or gesture during the game.The team that correctly guesses the title within 2 minutes gets his 1 point.

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