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20 Best Tinder Bio Lines for Your Dating Profile, From Experts

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20 Examples of How to Write an Attractive Tinder Bio

According to, if you want to stand out on a dating app, here’s what you should write specifically. to experts .

By Jordyn Taylor Published: November 6, 2020

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relatively easy to set up a profile Attracting the person you’re looking for on Tinder or your favorite dating app has never been easier.In addition to choosing the right photos (can you make hunting photos lighter!) and crafting a thoughtful opening line, having a quality resume is key. profile stand out from Just like billions of other singles.

What do the best Tinder bios look like?

The secret to a great Tinder resume may not seem like it.You obviously use the app to find a partner, but you shouldn’t use your resume to list what you want or don’t want, says Tinder’s certified sex app.says her Sarrah Rose, a relationship coach.

“Compatibility is very important in a relationship, but so is attraction,” says Rose.”If you’re narrowing down the types of people you date, you might miss out on some truly magical people outside the box you’ve created.”

Talk about work, kids, politics, religion, or whatever you find “interesting and engaging”. out from says Rose.”What is your unique taste, what is your passion, what really lights you up? If nothing else, this should be the first step before you dabble in apps.”(Tough, but fair!)

And listen, even if you’re completely exhausted on dating apps, try to keep your resume as bright as possible, says the largest dating and lifestyle app for single black men.BLK’s Head of Marketing and Branding, Jonathan Kirkland, said:

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“Yes, you broke up, but you don’t have to publicize it on the app,” Kirkland says, adding, “Keep your resume positive and upbeat. Nobody wants to date Dougie Downer.”

Once you’ve decided what to write on your résumé, it’s time to start writing it. Kirkland says it’s important to keep it short.

“It takes about 1 second for someone to scan your photo left to right. Make your resume easy to read and interesting. This can be a list, top 3 list, This or That, or other easy to readcan be done by

Here’s another pro tip from “I came to this app because I wanted to see you, so I have a request, can you help me? I’ll answer your questions right away. Tell me about the first date you wanted to go to but couldn’t get close.Click the message button and let us know!”

2) “Hello, I’m Sam. I run my own software development company. I love jazz and I try to go see as many bands as I can. To clear my head,I’m a rock climber, I grew up in a politically diverse family and continue that tradition by being an active participant in local campaigns.

Related article from “I have had some great long term relationships and am ready to find that special someone to spend my life with. Message me what kind of food you like. Best place in town.”know!”

Here are some sample bios to get you inspired.

3) “Hi, I’m Mike. I’m a professional photographer for National Geographic. I’ve been to 86 countries, but my favorite is Turkey. The food is amazing!I do as much as I can.I believe in humanity more than politics and religion.I travel a lot so I like to keep things loose and focus on having fun when we are together.I’m here. from “Where is the most beautiful place you have ever traveled? I would love to hear it. Send me a message lmk!”

Below is a sample resume.

Notice how Kirkland.com keeps things simple, yet creates lots of opportunities for dialogue.

4) Top 3 list: “Bicycle, dog, mom, 3 things I can’t live without”

5) This or that.Please tell us your “preference”.Beach vs. Hiking?Gym vs. Club?Salad vs. Hamburger”

6) List “Favorite Songs”.”Why Don’t We Fall in Love” by Amerie/Favorite Food: Arroz con Pollo/Favorite Movie: Who Framed Roger Rabbit.”

7) End with a question.”My favorite place on vacation is Barcelona. It’s perfect for a little siesta to keep the party going all night long. What’s your favorite destination?”

Based on Kirkland and Rose’s advice, I’ve come up with more examples of fun lines you can use on a date.

8) “Three favorite Netflix shows of late: The Curse of Bly Manor, The Queen’s Gambit, and The Crown.”What do you think?” from 9) “My Top 3 Guilts: TV Date Shows, Reality Shows, Thrillers, Mom’s Porridge.” from potential matches.

10) “I like watching movies. What would your ideal movie night look like? Action vs. rom-com, popcorn vs. candy? Theater vs couch”

11) “I’m a literary agent by day, but when I’m not reading historical manuscripts, I like to:

17) “I’m currently the manager of a coffee shop and aspiring to be a writer. I’m pretty good at latte art, but I personally like black coffee. What would you like to drink?”

18) “I don’t have kids (nor plan to), but my dear girlfriend has two German Shepherds. Do you have pets?

19) “My two children are now in college, and I have more time to try new things. I’m busy working as a developer at a tech start-up company, but on weekends I enjoy mountain biking in the hills near my home.or try racquetball. What are your favorite hobbies?” app profile :

20) “I love reading, especially fantasy novels.

Jordyn Taylor is Executive Digital Editor for Men’s Health and co-author of “Best.Sex.Ever.: 200 Frank, Funny & Friendly Answers About Getting It On,” at New York University.Part-time professor.He has been covering sex, relationships, health, wellness and LGBTQ+ issues since 2013 and has previously worked with Mike as a reporter and editor for the New York Observer.

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