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25 Speed Dates in Dutch » Fluent in 3 Months

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25 Speed Dates in Dutch

Full text published This article contains affiliate links.

This link contains links to other websites. to speak German and English have many linguistic similarities and advantages, but I had a big setback on this mission and was very slow.

Dutch culture is different from other cultures I am used to. speaks However, after the initial brief conversation, they tend to disappear and they can hardly be expected to meet again due to their always busy schedules.

Luckily, I finally met some people and was able to have a decent social life, conversing only in Dutch for hours or most of the day.However, most of the time, when we meet people, we tend to repeat the initial conversation over and over again.This is a terrible way to be able to discuss various topics. be fluent in a language.

While continuing to meet people with whom I can have deep conversations, I decided to approach this issue in a unique way.Unless your first short conversation (which is easy to find) is unique, you will not be able to discuss something different and develop your language skills in a different way.So I came up with a crazy idea.

Speed dating as a tool for language learning!

Speed dating is a relatively new idea, apparently started in the late 90s by the Jewish community to help shy people find relationships.

But I wasn’t interested in looking for a date, I just wanted to practice my Dutch.Because it was very difficult to get along with them as friends.

Dutch people also have a unique network of friends that can prove to be a difficult task to penetrate.

Since most of my conversations with Dutch people are going to be short, I found a place that does speed dating and did a 20-35 year old session last night to figure out a good way to make the most of it.!Speed dating is a popular event for Dutch tourists.

Turns out I only received it by accepting payments from the site (edit: there is none now).

Or to note in my life years ago).

Dating was on my spontaneous list (why).Doing it in a language I’m not completely familiar with yet made it even more interesting 🙂. speed It is unbelievable to find an opportunity to practice a language and be told that you “can’t speak”, suggesting that you can only talk about the weather.Now let me tell you exactly what I remember talking about last night. months So, when I arrived, I asked the front desk of the hotel, “Where should I go? but speed -She matched my name to the booking and handed me a booklet with the girl’s name on it.As you can imagine, she certainly wasn’t speaking slowly for a stranger.Point to a table like the one pictured above, the girls will be in their designated spots, and the boys will come up to the table each time the bell rings.If you want to see this person again, mark “ja” and “nee”.

25 ways to not talk about the weather

I got her O.J. and stood wondering what the heck was going on when I approached a group of boys and girls waiting for us to start and decided to say hello.In fact, they and her talked for about 20 minutes before the event started!After I told them why I was in Amsterdam, my travels, my blog, and got to know them a bit, the hostess invited us all inside.

But… there was a problem! the speed – We hadn’t started dating yet, so we talked about blogging and travel, so we weren’t allowed to talk anymore that night!Do you remember this rule?

I could only repeat basic things like my name and my trip to Amsterdam.

We needed to find a common topic or obviously talk more about it in order to have a more interesting conversation. the speed I sat down at my assigned table, identified myself as Benny, and she said she couldn’t see me in the seat.”Oh, um…it’s actually Brendan, sorry!”

– Getting confused with my name wasn’t the best start 😛 In fact I end up making this mistake over and over again a month On the mini-date that followed, I started the conversation by saying, “Hello, I’m Brendan.”

Our first conversation was that we should take the train back to Rotterdam so we wouldn’t be too late. the speed – Reserve for Dutch practice of course!32 euros for 25 focused conversations with drinks!This is much cheaper than the price of a private conversation lesson!”.

The next girl told me that it was her dream to go to Ireland, so she gave me travel advice and encouraged me to go to Galway instead of Dublin.I was shocked to hear you speak Dutch.

However, they were very interested, so up until this stage, I have been talking as much as I can from day one, preferably every day, that I should be able to speak better, but that I will be late because I don’t meet many people,And so on.


As a language teacher, she must have thought it was great that I could speak at that level so quickly. a speed -date today then?”

I added that German and English help me and that she actually does a lot of things that she doesn’t take into account.I wanted her to notice my body language and how comfortable I was speaking, leaning forward and nodding my head in affirmative, she said.

I understand that it is for confirmation and for absorption. speed Also, I will not hesitate.If I don’t know a word, I immediately use a solution, but people at my level tend to guess and give the impression that they don’t know much more than they actually do.

The bell rang, and she felt that she would surely come to hear more during intermission.Not about the possibility of my appointment, but to better guide her!about it. a month At a recent conference I attended, the actual talk didn’t teach me anything I didn’t already know, but I made some great connections in the hallway on my way to the discussion.

was the same as

– Condensed into a few minutes, the conversation felt a little forced.We tried to strike up random funny conversations, but during the two breaks and at the end we were chatting normally at the bar, which was much more fun.However, I think that gathering a lot of people by doing something interesting is the smartest of all. she speaks In it, a girl declared to my small group that her Dutch would be at that level after this. my speech (something I haven’t mentioned), which is m

Sometimes I got bogged down in someone’s work, and sometimes I said something completely random to test myself (and maybe their patience as well).

The break is always the most interesting part

The first girl told me that I was Dutch even though she knew.

The other was in marketing, so I asked him what kind of psychology there was.I talked about it.Her face lit up as she said this.She didn’t seem to have anyone to say anything smart about marketing. speed Also, another girl said, “I definitely want to try it.”

I met many Dutch people who confirmed the myth. a month Perfect English is not true.During her mini-date, I was able to speak to her in English, but instead of losing her momentum, I said, “Teach her fish instead of giving her her fish.””I decided to.

I gave him a lot of advice on what to do, but… a month Amsterdam hosts couchsurfers, attends meetings like this, and speaks English almost all the time.

More chats

They said my Dutch level was incredible for the time.

There’s nothing strange about what I’m doing, I’m just applying the right technique,” the doorbell rang before he could declare.

After that, as we continued to chat, I noticed that several couples had already started mating and returned to the table to continue their intimate conversation.

– The date actually seemed to go well speak The girl I ‘dated’ for the first time in the last session was not interested in her at all. all speak The conversation was so dry that she had no choice but to ask, “Are you planning any trips this summer?”will wait until you return). to speak In fact, she was made to wait over a minute before being seated at the next table.The man before me had an incredibly deep conversation with his next date.After a number of fake “ahem” coughs, the hostess had to come and separate us.When I sat down, I was like, “Today, I definitely know two people who say yes to each other!” speak When we got to the last table, she was already with the girl she was paired with.She knew her mind was elsewhere, so I asked her how she found this website.

Dating site spend Dating is never a good universal solution for language practice, but the point is that this is one of many random things I try and apply to confirm practice.Acceptance is important.

Cupid’s arrow

It’s a reservation with a lot of strange people, but I found that most people are equal and it’s very funny.Then of course there are some crazy people like me 🙂. speed I hope this fairly detailed account of this weird Monday night outing shows you that there are many ways you can chat with people.I don’t… just go to the next person and start an interesting conversation.

Benny Lewis a month Founder, fluent in 3 months

Fun-loving Irishman, full-time trotter and international best-selling author.

He speaks Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Esperanto, Mandarin Chinese, American Sign Language, Dutch and Irish speed

Obviously, speed speed

to speak from day one.

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