25 Tinder-Sprüche: gute Anmachsprüche, die bei Frauen funktionieren ! - dating new york city

25 Tinder-Sprüche: gute Anmachsprüche, die bei Frauen funktionieren !

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Gute Tinder-Sprüche: So antworten Dir die Frauen!

Post holiday photos on Tinder

Man writing creative words on Tinder

It is understandable that there is concern behind this that, as a man, if you write an uninteresting message, you will be quickly outwitted by anyone, and (despite your hard work) you will not receive a response…game over!?

Isn’t there a genius phrase that is safe for online encounters? funktionieren “Should I say the perfect phrase for flirting?

Here are some of the funniest pick-up lines women have ever read.With this, you are sure to impress your partner.

I also share my top tips for crafting creative messages that will get people to message you.

25 Tinder-Sprüche, die lustig, schlecht oder peinlich sind

Profiles of women in online dating

Great, you got a match!Now you’re staring at that girl’s incredibly beautiful profile picture and wondering what motto to write for her.

And of course, you don’t want to spoil your flirting, you want to outperform your male competitors in online dating to find an attractive girlfriend.So all your writing has to fit perfectly like a donkey in a bucket (you think).

If you have creative and funny Tinder sayings to make girls laugh and intrigue…

There is such a pick-up line!Here are 25 examples.

  1. 1. Tell me, are your parents beavers?you are so sexy!
  2. 2. I have only 3% of her battery left and I decided to write a letter, was the remaining battery a good investment?
  3. 3. My index finger hurts, can you fix it?
  4. 4. Would you like to ask her out on a date/would you like to be her lover?Mark it with a marker.[Yes] [No] [EVTLE].
  5. 5. Game time What was the most embarrassing moment in your life?
  6. 6. Just pretend you met at the supermarket.Well then, can we meet at Aldi at 4pm?
  7. 7. I was glued to my profile picture and really laid back.I guess I’ll have to file a claim for damages 😉
  8. 8. Tell her three favorite words.
  9. 9. Do you have time and desire tonight?Then watch movies at home!”.
  10. 10. Which do you prefer, beer or champagne?
  11. 11. If you were to give your second profile picture a caption, what would it be called?
  12. 12. Truth or Dare, Go ahead!(If she wants, message her on Tinder to play this game together!)
  13. 13. The first one looks totally innocent, but the second… oops!Which photo shows you who you really are right now?
  14. 14. It’s so hot that my phone is about to melt.Do you have good liability insurance?
  15. 15. I’m new to Tinder, does “matched” mean I should start dating now?
  16. 16. Her battery is 63% down…Your big personality is stealing my energy.
  17. 17. What’s your favorite pickup line for a change of pace?
  18. 18. Of course, I mean “getting to know each other” 🙂
  19. 19. A picture says more than her 1,000 words.Send us the three emojis that best describe your mood today.
  20. 20. Matched!Coincidence, God’s providence, or two strange tastes)
  21. 21. Hi, I’m the online dating fairy tale prince.do you want to be my tinterella?
  22. 22. Why are you removing Tinder from your phone?If so, you should exchange numbers and keep writing on WhatsApp.
  23. 23. Oh wait, my phone screen was too bright.
  24. 24. Dear users!Your request to set up a romantic date with ## is currently being processed.Please enter your mobile number here.***** / *********
  25. 25. Hey, Cookie Monster is eating up my boyfriend’s Tinder app.Before you continue writing to WhatsApp…kruk…kruk…smug, crisp…kru….

By the way, in another post of mine, I have a lot of funny Tinder openers for successful cover letters.

as a side note.This method yields over 78% matches and responses.

Do you want to move a woman from the first message and easily lead to a real date?

And all you have to do is follow this one of her instructions!All successful men in terms of flirting & dating use this method.

But the bad news is that 99% of men never learn this secret.So sit in front of an empty mailbox and stay single forever.

The bottom line is that question.What kind of man do you want to be?

If you still want to inspire women with online dating TODAY…

Click the ‘play’ button now and take advantage of my insights in this short video.

Funktionieren diese Tinder-Anmachsprüche wirklich?

Sure, such quips are funny, even if they’re incredibly badass.And it always makes a better impression than the uninteresting questions every man sends you, like, “Hello,” “So, how are you?”

Appeal the merits of the cover letter with such sentences.

  • If a woman finds your pick-up line interesting, she may reply to your first message, or she may want to keep writing you on WhatsApp.
  • You can use Tinder words as questions and get templates that she can humorously answer.This quickly leads to an engaging conversation that makes your stomach tingle (rather than those typical boring introductory questions).
  • Games in particular (like “Truth or Dare”) offer endless topics for online dating and a fun way to chat without boring her.
  • With many of these testimonials, you also instantly bring a sexual layer to the game and don’t have to worry about signing her up as her “best friend” for weeks without a date.This is what happens to most men on dating apps.

But there are also big drawbacks.

  • Many of the classic Tinder sayings just look ugly, annoying, and stupid when written down.
  • So if you just can’t come up with a good message, use a pick-up line like Tinder just in case.
  • Or another strategy.

There will be many matches in the future.This leaves each woman with no time to think of specific sentences, and despite the flirtatious tone and low response rate, there are always some conversations going on.

But if ready-made flirt phrases are the worst, what can men send to get women excited and lead to real dates?

We have already discussed this in another article.When writing to women, you need to create customized text – with flirty slogans that match their profile.

In this way, online dating tells the user what you are striving for and who is genuinely interested in her personality for the purpose of companionship (rather than just seeking sex as many men do).make you feel.

Beste Tinder Sprüche: So kriegst Du die meisten Antworten!

Here are her three examples of creative Tinder calls my clients have written to attractive women.

Example 1: Allude to her profile picture

For example, a user posted a gallery of beach photos she took while on vacation, and apparently she was collecting seashells there.

If you write something like this in your first post, you can include the details in your profile picture.

By the way, in her reply, the woman immediately addresses the content of the man’s profile (artistic film).To keep the conversation going, you’ll also need to fill out her own profile.

Example 2: Take the description in the body of the profile as an example

A man answering a question (profile text

By inviting her to a flirtatious date at the “beer booth”, this woman naturally prepared a template for her profile statement…

Profile sentences are interesting in women's flirting apps

Like, ask her what beer she likes, email her, and exchange her numbers.The sentence “It depends” also sends the message that you are picky and not very picky as a man.

In this case, for example, she could ask in a Tinder joke, “She goes to the same school as Harry Potter (“Hogwarts”), is she good at magic?”

Example 3: Playfully teasing women

Men teasing women on Tinder have funny lines

When it comes to online dating, many men are overly submissive in their search for a girlfriend, just seeming desperate and begging with bad pick-up lines to let them meet.So, when writing cover letters, sassy and funny Tinder sayings are especially good for standing out from the gray crowd.


For example, in her profile statement, she says she likes being matched with men who have dogs as her pets.

My client (who doesn’t have a dog) provokes a little by teasing the woman, flirting away with her playfulness.

Be sure to use emojis and smiley faces (as in the chat example) for slightly provocative messages like this, so that women find what you’re saying to be fun.

Of course, getting your pick up line right is just the beginning…


You want to learn how to inspire a woman in your chat conversations (also on WhatsApp) so that you can then conquer her on her date so she actually meets youTo?For sex or a happy relationship?


The tips below will help you achieve all your goals when flirting as a man.

Vom Tinder-Spruch zum realen Date mit der Traumfrau!

What else should I keep in mind…?

Do you want to get lots of matches now and impress women to write out dates?

This video showcases her 3 keys to success.

One profile picture gimmick.EVERY is flooded with “likes”!?

A perfect first message with 3 of her replying to 4 of her girlfriends!

Conversation guide How to invite when sending emails on a date!

Woman reading good Tinder quotes on her smartphone


Tinder Good Collection Line

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