34 interessante und überraschende dating statistics by year 2022 - dating new york city

34 interessante und überraschende dating statistics by year 2022

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34 interessante und überraschende dating statistics by year 2022

34 interessante und überraschende Online-Dating-Statistiken im Jahr 2022

In the 1990s, when the first dating sites were released, there were no statistics or ratings for online dating.Singles really didn’t know what a dating site was or whether it worked, so signing up really opened an unknown door.Luckily, we’ve learned a lot since then, and a lot of research has been done to describe trends and success rates in the online dating industry.

But you don’t have to take our word for it.We’ve gathered statistics from leading researchers, pollsters, and dating services to give you a complete picture of online dating.

The online dating stats below are essential information for anyone looking to set up a dating profile and go on a romantic search online.

1. Ungefähr 30% der Amerikaner haben Online-Dating ausprobiert

The Pew Research Center has been surveying Americans about online dating for decades, and the data shows encouraging trends for the swipe scene.In a survey conducted in late 2019, 30% of U.S. adults said they had tried a dating site or app to meet someone.

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Young singles love online dating, according to a Pew Research Center study.

In addition, the Pew Research Center analyzed online dating usage by age, gender, race, education, and sexual orientation.The survey found that online dating is slightly more popular with men than with women, and significantly more popular in her 20s than in her 60s.

Nearly half (48%) of respondents aged 18 to her 29 said they had tried online dating in the past, compared with only 13% in the 65+ category.

2. Es gibt über 5.000 Dating-Sites und Apps weltweit

We’ve all heard of the mainstream dating platforms Match.com, eharmony, Tinder, and Bumble, but they’re not the only players in the online dating market.Niche dating sites have emerged to cater to all kinds of dating desires and cater to minority groups of all shapes and sizes.

According to rough estimates, there are about 2,500 dating sites and apps in the US and he has over 5,000 dating platforms in the world.Many of these sites are not as popular as the big services.But some singles prefer swimming in smaller dating pools.

3. Online-Dating ist jetzt der beliebteste Weg, um einen Ehepartner zu treffen

Once stigmatized as a tool for lonely and desperate people, online dating is now a hot topic in many matrimonial venues around the world.

The Knot conducted an annual poll of newlyweds to see what was happening in the world of love.In 2019, the site said online dating had become the most popular way to meet spouses.reported that

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Joining an online dating service may be the first step in that person’s journey.

Through its research, the Knot was able to track how online dating was more successful than other methods of matching young people with long-term partners.19% said they met their partner at work, while 19% met through a friend and 17% met through work.

Stanford University sociologist Michael Rosenfield, in an academic study, came to a similar conclusion: “I’m surprised that online dating is replacing friends’ help to find love.”out.

4. Millennials wischen im Durchschnitt 10 Stunden pro Woche

We all know that consumers log a lot of screen time during the day, but younger people tend to spend more time on their phones than average screen time.As millennials enter their thirties, they are increasingly turning to online dating for entertainment and self-development.

People in this age group spend about 10 hours a week scanning dating apps.Average session duration on dating apps was 9.7 minutes for single men and 7.6 minutes for single women.

5. LGB-Singles treffen eher online einen Partner

When the Pew Research Center took a look at dating to see how successful online dating was, the results were very encouraging – especially for those in her LGBTQ+ community.

A recent survey found that 11% of straight singles and 21% of lesbian, gay and bisexual singles have met long-term partners on dating sites and apps.

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Gay couples report higher online dating success rates than straight couples.

Online dating seems to be a winner for the queer community.Statistics show that it is more popular and successful among gay and lesbian singles.In a recent survey, PinkNews found that 65% of same-sex couples who met in 2017 said they met online, compared to only 39% of heterosexual couples who met online.

6. Über 70 % der App-Nutzer haben erfolgreiche erste Dates

Hinge says dating profiles contain more information and app users like something specific to match.It has a solid reputation as a relationship app that has to do and comment.The Hinge team takes seriously helping singles find engagement – which is why they adopted the slogan “designed for deletion.”

Hinge has released a “We Met” feature that allows online daters to provide feedback on their dating experience.So far, over 90% of users said they enjoyed their first date, and 72% said he would go on a second date if asked.

Hinge claims to be the best online dating app for a second date, and the numbers back it up.

7. Das Durchschnittsalter für ein Online-Dating beträgt 33

The average age of online daters is 33.8, and 63% of online daters work full-time, according to security firm Kaspersky.

8. Frauen in Ozeanien melden die höchsten Quoten beim Online-Dating

The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University has conducted academic research on human sexuality and relationships since 1947.In recent years, online dating has become a new research area for researchers, but the Kinsey Institute has published an assessment of regional and gender differences in online dating use.

About 1 in 5 women say they have used online dating to meet someone.

Im Jahr 2020 The Kinsey Institute conducted the largest survey of women’s involvement in sexual technology.Researchers surveyed her more than 130,000 women around the world to find out how technology is impacting their relationships.

Especially among women in Oceania, 1 in 3 said they use dating apps to find a date, indicating that online dating is often used.

9. Solide 28% der Online-Dating-Partner verdienen über 75.000 US-Dollar pro Jahr

In 2019, Statistica figures broke down the income levels of the online dater population to pay for downloading a dating app, with 34% of online daters earning less than $30,000 a year and 28% earning 75,000 a year.revealed to be more than a dollar.

10. Tinder-Nutzer tauschen über 4,2 Millionen GIFs pro Woche aus

Tinder came out in his 2012 and changed the online dating game forever.In less than a decade, it has been downloaded over 400 million times and generated over 55 billion matches.

Currently, Tinder he is available in over 40 languages and 190 countries.Over half of Tinder users are under the age of 25.

11. Frauen in ihren 20ern erhalten die meisten Nachrichten und Likes

The most interesting results relate to the age at which a person’s desire peaks.

According to eharmony, 21-year-old straight women get the most attention than male users.Young women are especially sought after in the world of online dating and can sometimes be overwhelmed by an onslaught of likes and messages.

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Online dating sites and apps tend to be dominated by male users.

Female users often use online dating sites and online marriage agencies.

The first Sunday in January is an official holiday in the online dating industry, and each year online dating activity peaks on this day.Industry leaders call the day Dating Sunday and expect traffic to increase by 40% to 70% on this day.

12. Der erste Sonntag im Januar ist der geschäftigste Swiping-Tag des Jahres

Date Sunday is basically the Black Friday of online dating.Statistically, the beginning of January is the best time to create dating profiles and explore new romantic opportunities, as many singles make New Year’s resolutions to start dating and falling in love.one of.

Ever wondered what to say in your first message?OkCupid looked at user data, crunched numbers, and came up with some tips for first messages based on trends across the site.

13. Die erfolgreichsten Online-Dating-Nachrichten haben zwischen 40 und 90 Zeichen

On OkCupid, users who say “Howdy” have a higher response rate than those who say “Hello”.

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OkCupid finds that interest-related words (bands, veggies, favorite movies) tend to elicit higher response rates than physical compliments (hot, sexy, beautiful), and that hello, helloI found that unique greetings were received more often than generic greetings such as.

This number also indicates the appropriate length of the first message, which is about 1-2 sentences.OkCupid says the sweet spot for online dating messages is between 40 and 90 characters for him.

Enough space to say hello or ask a personal question, so every word of the online data should be valued.

“This sentence is his 40 characters,” he says in the OkCupid article.”This little kitten is 90 characters. can you believe it We can do this.Because we counted them.”

Bumble shocked the online dating market as the world’s first feminist dating app.Created by former Tinder co-founder Whitney Wolfe Herd to empower single women and civilize single men.

14. Weniger als 1% der Bumble-Frauen suchen einen Anschluss Hook

The app had over 100 million users, making him one of the most popular online dating services. Bis 2020 Bumble is positioned as a value-driven alternative to casual, sophisticated apps like Tinder, aimed at single men looking to build meaningful relationships.

An internal survey of Bumble’s active users found that less than 1% of women on Bumble and less than 4% of all Bumble users said they used dating apps to seek casual sex, with 80%More than 100,000 users say their ultimate goal is engagement.

Politics is a sensitive subject in the dating scene, especially in today’s bipartisan political landscape, with some dating experts

15. Ungefähr 79 % der Singles sprechen gerne über Politik

According to Match.com’s annual “Singles in America” survey, 45% of singles reported wanting to know their romantic partner’s political views before the second date.

Match.com study finds Generation Z Republicans feel uncomfortable sharing their political views on a date, while baby boomer Democrats feel comfortable sharing their viewsI understand.

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Such differences in comfort are likely due to social stigma at work against hardcore conservatives.

Im Jahr 2020 88% of people want to date Democrats and 72% want to date Republicans, but only 52% want to date someone who voted for Donald Trump.I found out.

Zoosk is an online dating platform he has over 40 million users in 80 countries.These bachelors come in all ages and backgrounds, but according to Zoosk’s internal data, one of his most popular subsets is US sports fans.

One data study found that profiles containing the word “sports” drove him 53% more messages compared to the site average, and words like MBA, MLB, and soccer also correlated with more messages.rice field. 2020 “Just being a sports fan increases your chances of getting noticed” – Zoosk study

16. Profile, die Sport oder Musik erwähnen, ziehen mehr Fans an

A love of music, in particular, seems to be an attractive trait for online data.When a POF user declared that he was interested in music on his dating profile, he received 32% more messages than average.

A female user who named Led Zeppelin, Queen, Pink Floyd, and the Rolling Stones was 68% more likely to find a partner than a less rock-savvy female user.

Photos are her one of the most important parts of a dating profile as they are scrutinized more closely by online daters.A study by Eharmony found that women tended to post more photos than men, and dating profiles with 4 or more photos were the most successful on online dating sites.This was true for both men and women.

She also received messages and likes nine times more often on profiles with photos than on profiles without photos.If you want to make a good first impression in a swipe scene, drag your favorite selfie.

Gay dating app Grindr

17. Singles mögen Dating-Profile mit 4+ Fotos

For example, in a Hong Kong survey, 25% of single men using gay dating apps said they did not use a condom during anal sex, and 30% of those using the apps said they had had three or more sexual encounters.A further 13% admitted to having had group sex with a man they met on a dating app.

Gay dating apps may encourage direct hookups and other risky behavior.

18. Ein Drittel der Nutzer von Gay-Dating-Apps haben mehrere Sexualpartner

Fortunately, Grindr is taking steps to spread awareness about her HIV and other her STIs.This popular gay dating app currently has 27 million male users registered to try Reminders.Studies have shown that active use of gay dating apps can have a positive impact on users’ sexual health.

A recent study found that gay app users who encountered her HIV intervention methods, including social media posts, were 2.9 times more likely to have her HIV test in the past year than she was.

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Breaking news.Online deceptions range from fake news to Nigerian prince scams, but the most common lies in the world of online dating are best categorized as personal embellishments.

Online dating sites may offer verification tools to prevent fake profiles and catphishing.

OkCupid outperforms male users by averaging about two inches taller when tracking the average height of an adult male and the average height of his OkCupid users.Dating sites also calculate that online daters earn about 20% less than their dating profile content.

19. Über 70 % der Online-Dating-Nutzer sagen, dass das Lügen in Profilen sehr verbreitet ist

In one survey, 31% of female girlfriends and 36% of male girlfriends admitted to lying “for fun” on their online dating profiles.While these lies may seem harmless to some, the catfish phenomenon is widely frustrating.

photo of couple hugging

Online dating platforms have had to take creative steps to support honesty and build trust among their users.Some premium services allow you to check date photos, annual income, and other personal information to prove that the other person is real.

About 71% of online daters say it’s very common to misrepresent yourself on dating sites, and another 25% say it’s pretty common.

Online dating burnout is common when single people spend hours swiping and chatting without getting the results they want.Many dating sites and apps struggle to retain users because it’s difficult to convince app users to come back after being fancied, rejected, or outright ignored.Unfortunately, about 10% of online data unsubscribed within her 3 months.Some people delete their profiles, others just leave without giving a reason.

The coronavirus pandemic is changing dating patterns globally.” Top

Blocked singles turned to trusted online dating apps for social connection and distraction, and online dating usage increased across multiple platforms.

20. Ungefähr 1 von 10 Singles beenden das Online-Dating nach drei Monaten

Online chat, video dating, and text dating were the main forms of dating until singles were comfortable with meeting in person, but there are a few caveats.

21. Während der Pandemie besteht 1 von 5 Dattern darauf, eine Maske zu tragen

A survey of singles in America found that finding the right risk level for dating in the new normal is critical. 2020 Two-thirds of American singles say they want to date in person, but 36% are more selective about who they date and 23% are more selective about where they date.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced modern people to review and adjust their social habits.

Surprisingly, younger single women were more positive about wearing masks, with 28% of Gen Z girlfriends and 25% of millennials agreeing to wear masks while dating. 2020 From a BuzzFeed poll

Interracial Couple Photo

revealed that he was reluctant to remove his mask when meeting in person.Approximately 35% of the respondents answered that they “do not feel uncomfortable when dating”, 33% answered “no discomfort”, and 32% answered “depending on the situation”.

Dating during a pandemic is certainly difficult, but with the right platform, it shouldn’t be too intimidating.Online dating platforms are rapidly developing tools to social distance and keep users out of potentially dangerous situations.

Video dating sites are perfect places for singles looking for a low-risk way to meet new people and pursue romantic relations.Studies singles have mostly embraced video dating in the past yearindicates that 2020 Video dating is an exciting way to meet potential mates.

22. Die Hälfte der Gen-Z-Singles hat ein Video-Date gehabt

Before COVID-19, just 6% of singles said they used video platforms for dating, but in April

The survey found that 69% of single girlfriends have chatted via video streaming with someone they met on a dating site or app.

Half of Gen Z singles and 29% of millennials report her year

Video dates have become the new coffee dates during lockdown. 2020 Hinge’s team solicited user feedback after the summer.

An online dating app revealed that 82% of single people find video dating no more awkward. 2020 In addition, 25% answered that they have been in contact with their ex-lovers.

23. Ungefähr 52% der Dates planen, das Video-Dating fortzusetzen

Nearly 22% of online dating partners say they would consider dating someone they’ve never met in person, and 49% of single adults say long distance doesn’t affect their relationship.. 2020 Heterosexual couples find it difficult to reconcile progressive ideals with traditional values, and sometimes gender differences get in the way.

24. Mehr als 20% der Online-Datings sind für Brieffreunde offen

For example, there is no clear consensus on splitting the bill on a dinner date.In an elite survey of singles, about two-thirds of respondents said men should pay, but men clearly outnumbered men.

Paying for a date is a benevolent act that demonstrates a person’s underlying values. von 2020 On a dinner date, more than 80% of men believe that they should pay, while 55% of women think men should pay, and 34% of women think splitting the bill is best.doing.

In general, unmarried men seem to pressure themselves to pay for dinner and abide by the old gender rules.In reality, your date doesn’t have the same expectations and can negotiate a fairer deal.

25. Eine Mehrheit der Dates sagt, dass Männer für das Abendessen bezahlen sollten

Bumble, Hinge and other dating apps for women allow single women to check potential matches and take their first steps on the hot scene.However, some dating apps have found evidence that not all women live that kind of life.

OkCupid did some research on how feminism affects dating habits.On the dating site, 77% of her female users identified as feminist, but less than 1% of her straight women said they would rather be pursued by men than comply.A solid 45% of women said they would rather be chased by men, and 54% said they would prefer one or the other.

“Being a feminist doesn’t mean denying all traditional gender roles,” he concluded the OkCupid team.

In Seattle and Denver, she is best known for her Ashley Madison, and in New York, where 57% of the population is single, she is best known for her eharmony.

Swiping apps thrive in Seattle’s vibrant and youthful dating scene.

26. Ungefähr 45% der heterosexuellen Frauen ziehen es vor, verfolgt zu werden

Every city has a favorite online dating app

Elite Singles recently tracked how much online data spend on a romantic evening, estimating that the average date costs about $116.

Of course, the cost of dating varies by city and activity.Researchers have found that San Francisco is the most expensive city to date, with a date there costing about $143, and Omaha, Nebraska, one of the cheapest cities to date at $83.

27. Seattle, Denver und New York City sind Online-Dating-Hotspots

The most expensive date nights usually include drinks, dinner and live entertainment.Budget-conscious singles can save money by always meeting for a coffee or hiking date, well below the average date cost of $116.

Match.com recently conducted a survey to understand what its members are and what they want.The data showed that Match members are generally highly educated singles with high dating standards.The survey asked 1,500 single people if today’s economy makes them more selective about first dates, and 84% said yes.

Between 2013 and 2015, online dating usage tripled among young Americans alone, and global traffic continues to grow as dating services such as Tinder and eharmony become more popular.It is.

28. Die durchschnittliche Date Night kostet $116 $1

Annual sales of online dating services in the United States are

Economists predict that online dating revenues will nearly double to $2.7 billion.

reached $4.2 billion.

29. Über 80% der Online-Dating-Partner sagen, dass sie selektiv sind

Online dating experiences can be very different.On the one hand, there are women who sign up and are inundated with incoming messages within minutes, and on the other hand, there are men who like and message but struggle to receive most responses.

30. Online-Dating-Einnahmen in den USA können bis 2024 4,2 Milliarden US-Dollar erreichen

Some single people say, “It’s good to have many dating candidates,” while others say, “Dating is too much trouble.”

Online dating partners often appreciate the increased opportunity to get to know each other. 2020 According to the Pew Research Center, the majority of online daters have an overall positive experience.About 14% of US adults say their online dating experience is very positive, and 43% say it’s pretty positive. bis 2024 Interestingly, highly educated singles were more likely than less educated singles to say they had a good time in the swipe scene (63% vs. 47%).But the researchers found no statistically significant differences in online dating ratings by race, gender, or ethnicity.

31. Ungefähr 57% der Online-Dating-Nutzer sagen, dass sie eine gute Erfahrung gemacht haben

The Pew Research Center asked Americans to make value judgments about online dating and probably not.

Those who had tried online dating had more positive opinions than those who hadn’t.

About 62% of online partners agreed that relationships started online were just as successful as other relationships, and 52% of non-app users said the same.Also, about one in three online daters said dating sites and apps are good for modern dating and relationships, while only 21% of her non-app users agree.

The Singles in America survey, sponsored by Match.com, has been capturing the dating landscape for decades.As such, it has the unique ability to track how attitudes, rules and trends are changing as new generations of dating users enter the dating market.

In a 2010 survey, 75% of singles answered that they would like to hang out with their peers.

32. Online-Datings sind in Bezug auf Swiping tendenziell optimistisch

decreased by 58% for her, the lowest since the survey began. überraschend Nearly 64% of Americans also said their potential partner’s views on racial equality could put them away.

In recent years, the dating population has become more diverse, inclusive and open-minded.

33. Amerikaner sind jetzt offener für Interracial-Dating

Generation Z is the most diverse generation in American history, and it shouldn’t be.

These young singles have eliminated racial prejudices in dating. 2020 While some dating sites and apps are undermined by racial and ethnic filters, Match.com says these tools are designed to empower minorities seeking partners with shared values.It is explained that it is.

Finally, I want to end by pointing out that old is good.A neuroscience researcher surveyed more than 19,000 of her marriages between 2005 and 2012 and found a positive relationship between online dating and romantic satisfaction.It turned out.

Respondents who met their spouses through online dating reported higher marital happiness than those who met through traditional means, and couples who met online were less likely to separate or divorce..

Decades of expert research and research have revealed a wealth of online dating statistics.Our list includes some of the most notable trends affecting singles across the spectrum.The numbers tell the story of what modern dating wants online and what kind of singles are most successful in this medium. überraschen Many popular sites know

we want this.

34. Paare, die sich online treffen, berichten von größerem Beziehungsglück

Facts and figures have given you something to think about when creating your own personal stats on your choice.Good luck website or online dating app.

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