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4 Inspirational TED Talks for Marketers

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4 Inspirational TED Talks for Marketers

TED Talks are all kinds of of inspiration And it spreads to the world. of marketing Find over 3,000 free and ready-to-deliver content. talks Boasting a wide selection of… of talks is expressed in spoken language. to marketing There is a lot of discussion going on, from the future of digital advertising to data utilization and reliability.

Don’t know where to start? of inspiration to marketing Professional – Or pick up some. inspiration yourself.

1. “What Brands Can Learn From Online Dating” – Sarah Willersdorf

Sarah Willersdorf is a former partner and managing director of the Boston Consulting Group, a global management consulting firm, where she also served as interim chief director. marketing Fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg’s board of directors talks about trying to get noticed on dating apps and trying to get noticed in her TED talk.It presents some unique and interesting parallels. in marketing .

What we love about Willersdorf’s TED talk is that it’s practical.For example, just as Tinder gives Daily five pictures of her and a few lines of text to show off her best self, Willersdorf has a branding strategy of just five pictures of her and a few lines of text.is recommended to adopt. Her talk It was a good practice to reaffirm how important first impressions are. in marketing And this is going to be fun to watch.

2. “404: The Story of a Page Not Found” – Renny Gleeson

Renny Gleeson, CEO of advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy and mentor to tech accelerators and startups, gave a fascinating TED Talk about in-house brand failures, their negative impact on consumers, and how to reverse them.telling a story.

Visitors get frustrated when they see a “404: Page not found” message when trying to access a page on your website, and it’s a major roadblock in the customer journey. marketers This can be done in his own way, such as not having a landing page where it should be.He then offers many useful tips on creative ways you can turn your mistakes around. marketing Using a 404: Page not found “page can strengthen your brand identity.

3. “How to Make Choosing Easier” – Sheena Iyengar

Marketing doesn’t have to be guesswork, the data is there.

You will look to your own data to look for big ideas, not just big ideas, but those that are backed by real, concrete data. to marketing Also, if you’re new to TED Talks, click on a few videos that seem interesting, even if they’re not directly related. marketing You can often get a lot of insightful insights that can be applied in some way.

4. “What Physics Taught Me About Marketing” – Dan Cobley

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