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5 Best Atlanta Matchmakers Plus How Much They Cost

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5 Best Atlanta Matchmakers [Plus How Much They Cost]

Hiring an Atlanta matchmaker It will be easier to meet a good person. G Reat News If you get tired of single!

However, with many dating services, finding the best service for you takes time.

In search of top professionals matchmakers Those who live in Atlanta and think they came to the right place. After all, time, trust, and wallet are applied. So I want to make a solid investment.

Start searching with these five vests. matchmaking services:

Sarah Kathryn Walmsley, One on One Matchmaking

Atlanta matchmaker Sarah Kathryn Walmsley

Sarah Catherine is also the owner of the eight to eight, a marriage agency where men and women hold dinner parties evenly mixed. On e-o n-one matchmaking supports customers who want more traditional things. matchmaking experience.

Customer base

Typical relationships in Atlanta-unique experts.


From $ 3. 500 to $ 10. 000, at least 10 games.


The customer matches the single of other members and Atlanta in an 8 to 8 database.

When the matching is confirmed, you will receive an email with the details of the date. So your matchmaker Confirm the matching partner and provide tips for feedback and dating based on it.

I want to know more about this Atlanta matchmaker Check here in the marriage review!

Leisha Murphy & Lisa Lyngos, Single Atlanta

Atlanta matchmakers Leisha Murphy & Lisa Lyngos

Perhaps Georgia’s only twin sisters have a marriage agency for more than 30 years. of matchmaking This is the experience between.

Customer base

Men and women living throughout Georgia.


The matching service starts for about $ 1. 000 to $ 5. 000 by the selected matching package.


The contract is not a period, but by a fixed number of games.

It will be matched with other paid members. However, whether or not you can receive information about these in advance depends on the membership level.

For example, see photos before accepting the cost of matching, rather than receiving basic background information.


Click here if you want to know more about Georgia matchmaking Is it a service? Check out the reviewers unique to Atlanta

Jill Kelleher & Amber Kelleher-Andrews, Kelleher International

Matchmaker Jill Keleha & AMP? Amber Keleh a-and Ryu

Keleha International, based in the Bay Area in San Francisco, has a branch office in the United States, including Atlanta.

Customer base

A man and a woman seeking a fateful person.


The price varies depending on the search range. The local search starts at $ 30. 000, the nationwide search starts at $ 45. 000, and the international search (also known as the CEO Club) is $ 150. 000.


Member qualifications are available from one to three years. It is matched with more than 50. 000 people registered in the Keleha database.

In addition, I have one year worth, so my own matchmaker Temporarily interrupt the search as needed.


Susan Trombetti, Exclusive Matchmaking

Susan Trombetti

Susan Trombetti is selected as one of the “millionaires” of Atlanta matchmakers “But the elite matchmaking The service is based in Annapolis.

Customer base

Generally, men in their mi d-30s or older want to have a lon g-term relationship.


The initial consultation fee is $ 350/ Skype or $ 550/ visiting the company.

A 21-3 2-yea r-old man is qualified to be a $ 3. 500 “Exclusive Admissions” member.

The standard membership is executed from $ 7. 500 to $ 125. 00, depending on the level of the personalized service and coaching date you want. If you do not want a lon g-term search, you can also select a “bachelor party” from $ 4. 000.


Men are matched with a qualified woman in a dedicated database of Matchmaking.

While your matchmaker By receiving this coaching, he will give you advice that he feels that it will help you achieve your human relationships. If she finds a good partner, she will go on a date.

After each introduction, you can feed back matchmaker Adjust her search as needed.


See in detail about this limited edition matchmaker In these Susan Trombetti reviews!

Scott Valdez, VIDA Select

Scott Valdes

If you are looking for an affordable product in Atlanta matchmaking A service that has a great result?

Vidacelect’s modern search for soulmates may be necessary for you.

Customer base

There are many men and women in their mi d-20s and 60s.


Vida has a variety of of matchmaking Basic, premium, and elite package.

The cost of the package is greatly correlated with the number of hours you concentrate on searching every month, taking into account the location that meets the conditions.

Basic packages start from $ 995 per month, premium options cost only $ 1, 595 per month, and elite packages start at only $ 2, 395 per month.


Vida does not require lon g-term contracts. Just pay only the month you like matchmaker To actively find the ideal partner.

It seems that they often meet experts by the second to third months. as matchmakers You can choose a hig h-quality opponent from the largest single group in Atlanta.

First of all, if it is important to check if you are qualified, if you are matchmaker I know you all about you and the person you think is highly affinity. Receive a complete profile including photos, approve or switch.

Moreover, all the arrangements of the date are left to you!?

I’m curious about what Vida group is like of matchmakers What can you do? Let’s start by finding out if you can receive the service


All product names and company names are Trademarks ™ or CONSTANDED® for each owner. These use do not mean any partnership or recommendation by them.

Reasons to choose Vida Select

All product names and company names of allies & lt; Pan & gt are the trademark of each owner Trademarks ™ or CONSTANDED®. These use do not mean any partnership or recommendation by them.

Since 2009, thousands of customers have discovered true love with the fresh and modern approaches of Videlect. to matchmaking -The matchmaking and lon g-term contract were finally driven by the window. This is not your grandmother matchmaking !

Instead of collaborating with matchmaker Vidacelect uses the list of small partner candidates matchmaking The group will participate in the world’s largest database of available single. We will quickly find the opponent who meets all your conditions and experience the true chemistry. Are you ready to be our next success story? Click the button below to make a reservation for free counseling.

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