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5 Things I Learnt And Will Apply To Dating from Visual Novels and Dating Sims | GameGrin

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5 Things I Learnt And Will Apply To Dating from Visual Novels and Dating Sims

Valentine’s Day is coming, you’ve got a date, and that person is a real person you haven’t bought off, say you’re going out with someone for the night, and make you cute/funny/insert traits you might not have.But “Oh NO!”, you’re so far out of the dating scene that you don’t know what to do with yourself.date?what is that?Is that what goes on my calendar?do you want to go out again?Want to do something more than just once?Don’t worry, dating sims. and visual novels are here to rescue you from This imminent dating disaster.Let me tell you that you are that 100% dating model and who at the end of it you are in a harem (with your and your partner’s consent, I can’t open your door or your underwear).Demanding desireflooding (not accountable for sex) grants you the knowledge you need to know you might have.

Lesson 1 – Knock on the damn door before entry!

It’s a small thing, but it will help you in the long run.I don’t like accidentally walking into people, and it’s fanservice stuff, but I may have to find a way to build that kind of bridge to get over this blunder.

Childhood Friend Attacks Again!

Lesson 2 – There is always a right answer

There are no lies, there is a right answer for everything.Like a quiz, there are always multiple-choice questions.Like in a detective game, you practically become a god.did you spill the soup?reasonable answer.Are you late for your date?reasonable answer.And above all, if your childhood friend starts questioning you…It all goes bad and will probably start a fan war between primary and secondary lovers.But to be honest, either get rid of childhood friends or something will be misunderstood.If you have an ex, never bring him up.Don’t want to unroot Yandere, seriously knife back or on your back, not a good end.

Lesson 3 – Giving gifts is the fastest way to romance someone

Whether it’s socks, clothes, food, or synthetic yakisoba, something immediately enters your lover’s heart.Unless you’re visiting a potion brewery and buying a love potion, just make sure the brewery has a good reputation, and if they say, “You’re not good at my potions,” most of the time, it’s a potion.please stop buying from Seriously, don’t do it, you might get unwanted side effects. But learn Make sure they care and that you give them something consistently.Be it every day, week, or every time you see each other, make sure they have something that reminds them of you.A good hack is to order things on an automated schedule or buy things in bulk in advance.

It should be softened.

Lesson 4 – Make sure you match their style

This can be emotional, physical, being locked in a cage, oh God I love you, I’ll lock you in my room and protect you, etc.

Lesson 5 – The most important, help resolve any problem they have

-the-outworld-evil (thanks to her Amnesia for letting me know about this) a visual novel for my sadistic friend).Ah, better have a comfortable gun in hand for mortal kombat or some form of revenge/revenge.Seriously, in a date sim, you wouldn’t know how many fights this bad ending wouldn’t have happened so quickly and suddenly if only the MCs knew how to defend themselves.Also, if you’re reading this, don’t date a lover.At least not the first date, at least save him the fifth. from And here he has five totally useful, not totally stupid lessons. front has a wealth of knowledge about.

And for the sixth lesson, do whatever you want for yourself and your lover.It’s one of the best places to cultivate affection points, and if you’ve ever let them down, do something to impress them, such as playing a favorite song, going to a concert or something.take them.THIS ARTICLE, WEBSITE AND AUTHOR ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR POSSIBLE LOSSES OF LOVE, DEATH, MUTATIONS OR FORM OF PSYCHOLOGICAL HARM learnt from visual novels or due to lessons be learnt from 449840 20170912192120 1 from Happy with Alice 2 learnt from videogames.

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