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50 Best True Crime Podcasts 2022 — New True Crime Podcasts

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The 50 Best True-Crime Podcasts to Listen to in 2022

best true crime podcasts 2022

Does anyone remember the moment when we all discovered “cereal” all at once?It will feel like it was just yesterday.Let’s take a walk in a memorable place.Evidence, witnesses, the theme tune “Plink Link,” Sarah Koenig’s soothing voice.We are fully committed to hearing Adnan’s results, along with people around the world, relying on her word for word. crime always looking for podcast is recommended.

These days, with so many to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming as to where to start.So I picked up the best CDs to help you start listening. true – crime podcasts of 2022 There are also one-off episodes where each episode depicts something different. crime In some serial dramas, you can learn about the incident over multiple episodes. 2021 Even if you stop early, even if you start over with a new cold. true – crime podcasts Great for morning walks, long runs and washing dishes.

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bruh issa murder podcast cover

Bruch Aisa Murder Case

There is no one better than this to jump into the wide world. of true crime frankly of true – crime Entering its third season, this thrilling work podcast reveals the dark side of the POC missing person and murder justice system, shedding light on cases of people of color that are often covered up.

2. Wine & Crime Subscribe

wine crime podcast cover

Wine & Lamp?crime

Wine and food, of course, but how about wine and crime?(Sorry, bad joke).Wine & Crime is a true – crime and comedy podcast Hosted by a trio of childhood friends and best friends from Minnesota, it’s a great show over wine and discussing bizarre and fascinating criminal cases.

3. Bearbrook Subscribe

bear brook podcast cover


Rather than a series dealing with multiple cases, it will focus on his single case, the infamous “Bearbrook Murder” that has remained unsolved for many years. the podcast The genealogy and genetic technology used to solve the mystery of this case, which broke the silence of more than 30 years and resumed in 2013, will be approached.


morbid podcast cover true crime

Morbid: A True Crime Podcast.

even if it~scary season.~5. Subscribing to the Impostor Goddess e podcast goddess of deception for true crime There is nothing bad about it, everyone!Please take a break from the bleakness and listen to the new genre “Deception Goddess”.

We cover the best and most insane financial stuff.

the murder in my family podcast cover title card

I never thought scams could be this interesting, but given the amount of scam content I’ve seen lately (like Anna’s invention), it’s good to know.

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Casefile: True Crime Podcast Trailer.

scam goddess podcast cover laci mosley

On a more serious note, the Casefile is

The show deals with some of the most difficult cases with care, conviction and respect for the victims.While the details of some incidents are unpleasant, his unique narrative often tells the story of what happened in chronological order, making you feel like you’re part of the investigation. of true – crime podcast In the words of host Phoebe Judge, the show crimes It’s more multi-faceted: “the story of the people who have been wronged, who have done bad things, and who are in between.”

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and that’s why we drink

Kristin Schieffer and Em Schultz share the following story over a glass of wine. a true – crime podcast It seamlessly expresses serious assumptions with dark humor, such as encountering paranormal phenomena.

criminal podcast cover

It’s like a little comedy with . crime Join hosts Mickey Wilkerson and Brandi Samples for two things they love about her. podcasts Learn about disturbing deaths, unsolved mysteries, and fascinating characters.

8. And That’s Why We Drink Subscribe

and that’s why we drink podcast cover

There is a reason why the Red Hand was chosen as the most popular.

On this show, Hannah and Suruthi, experts in all kinds of spooky cases, from mysterious murders to unsolved cases, will give new interpretations to great stories one day, and terrifying details about cases you’ve never heard of before.will tell you. true crime Crime Time in the ’90s started as an Instagram account, but quickly became much more.

9. Murder History Girls Subscribe

murder history girls podcast

Every week we introduce a new story about kidnappings, thefts, and murders that took place in the 90s. true crime If there is such a person true crime There are many angles to the story, and that’s the latest season of Amanda Knox. of true crime .

10. Redhanded Subscribe

redhanded podcast

is based on the murder of her 18-year-old Jennifer Levin, who was found in Central Park in 1986.Knox dives deep into the murders, trials, and sensationalist media coverage surrounding Levin’s death. true – crime podcast in the U.K. back in 2020 dark house

11. 90s True Crime Subscribe

90s crime time podcast

For those who want a little more a podcast Haunted house

12. The Truth About True Crime with Amanda Knox Subscribe

the truth about true crime with amanda knox podcast

Hosts and editors Hadley Mendelsohn and Alyssa Fiorentino of “House Beautiful,” which spotlights America’s spooky homes, share the tangled history of a different house each time, and who lived (and died) there.and reveals a bizarre story that shows that their souls never parted. true crime Check out Seasons 1 and 2 now about a man’s kidnapping in rural Minnesota and the man on trial for it. her podcast Six times (yes, six times).

13. Dark HouseSubscribe

Alvin and Fran are hosting more than just another event.

They’re very intentional about the subject, using Affirmative Murder as a platform to tell a story about a minority serial killer in a marginalized community.Subscribe to diversify your listening list~killer queen~If you love the 90’s, this pod is for you.

14. In the Dark Subscribe

in the dark podcast

Friend’s quotes appear frequently, so please refer to them. crime another discontinuity

15. Affirmative Murder Subscribe

affirmative murder podcast

Each week we pick up on the misconceptions society holds about a celebrity. true – crime podcast The O.J. Simpson trial, Tonya Harding, the Enron scandal, and much more.

16. Killer Queens Subscribe

killer queens podcast cover

The title is self-explanatory and is about deleted people.

Now he’s investigating stories of people who have confessed to doing things they didn’t do under pressure. crime Farrow is second to none when it comes to overthrowing and holding those in power to account.

17. You’re Wrong About Subscribe

Catch up on his 10 episodes of Season 1 now. podcast From the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting, like this. crime The piece explores how rape cases are handled in a Louisville police station.

18. Wrongful Conviction: False Confessions Subscribe

Try it, it still excites you. for crimes Come to think of it, once a serial killer used a game show to lure a victim in the middle of a murder.

19. The Catch and Kill With Ronan Farrow Subscribe

ronan farrow best true crime podcasts 2021

chasing cosby crimes Most Americans were shocked when Bill Cosby, aka America’s Dad, was revealed to be a criminal.

20. Dig Subscribe

, a survivor recounts the experience and what his conviction means to them. podcast officer’s wife as true – crime podcasts One night in Georgia in 2016, a police officer’s wife was found dead locked in a closet with what appeared to be two bullets to her in the head.His favorite weapon was found under her body.who tried to kill whomI have to ask.

21. The Dating Game Killer subscribe

disorderly crime

22. Chasing Cosby Subscribe

chasing cosby podcast cover

With stand-alone episodes and lengthy surveys, this pod can accommodate any obsession.In addition, there is a mini-episode called “Durst Trap,” which is a great title.

killer fan podcast Killer Fun also covers Hollywood, but more about how killers are portrayed on TV and in the movies, and what inspires the characters we like and dislike (Yes, lots of content).

23. The Officer’s Wife subscribe

the officer’s wife podcast cover

Good news, Red Ball fans!The team is hard at work in the production of Season 2!He follows a 30-year-old case that many thought was solved, but a man may have been wrongfully convicted due to racial prejudice.Listen again or catch up with Season 1 while you wait.

Woman & Anpan?crime

24. Disorganized Crime: The Smuggler’s Daughter Subscribe

disorganized crime the smuggler’s daughter podcast cover

Women & Crime not only explores the psychology of female murderers, but also examines how women play an active role in the criminal justice system.

american scandal podcast This is another long running pod and one of the topics explored

25. My Favorite Murder Subscribe

my favorite murder podcast cover

is Lenny Bruce.”The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” fan is irresistible.

This might be the true – crime podcast 32.

26. The Last Podcast on the Left Subscribe

This podcast AMERICAN PINK. In 2020 His five-part series follows a man who had no interest in politics until he broke into the US Capitol in January.

27. Hollywood Crime Scen e Subscribe

hollywood crime scene podcast cover

And he eventually dies.

True crime morning murder cup

28. Killer Fun Subscribe

killer fun podcast cover

For coffee lovers.

But I hate listening (and waiting) for hours to find out who the culprit is.

29. Red Ball Subscribe

red ball podcast cover

In just 10 minutes, this

30. Women & Crime Subscribe

women crime podcast cover

covers a murder case from start to finish, with a new episode dropped daily.

No list of best true – crime podcasts 34.

31. American Scandal Subscribe

american scandal podcast cover

ice age death

Cold War era.Norway in 1970.And the body of an unknown woman is found.Are you interested? in 2020 explores the possibilities of who she could have been and captures the imagination to the end.

sensitive carnage true story

american radical podcast

Would you like to live in the golden age of radio, when literal soap operas and murder mysteries played for hours on end?

unsolved murder case 6, 2021 36.

33. Morning Cup of Murder Subscribe

morning cup of murder podcast

crazy spirit

We provide a little bit of everything for of true crime The disturbing inner workings of violent criminals, stories of unsolved crimes, and insight into how lives have changed for victims’ families have a devoted following. podcast No More True Crime Podcast podcast We will deliver it in a form closer to conversation.

Sarah Levine and Danny Murphy take her story one episode at a time, laying out the facts and developing their own theories.

death in ice valley podcast

38. Mama Mystery Subscription

MAMA MYSTERY podcast When you feel that you have heard all possible murder cases in history,

35. Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories Subscribe

unsolved murders true crime stories podcast

We regularly analyze obscure incidents that did not make national news, and introduce well-known incidents.

STOLEN LIVES true To learn more about underreported disappearances and murders, go here.

“Stories of Forgotten People”, from 2019, which aims to spread the word, so if you want to discover Deep Cuts, you’re way behind the archives.

the minds of madness podcast

dead fungi

This podcast Good friends is a fun event hosted by MaRah and Taz. the true crime So they study and tell the stories of black women who, you know, are murdering.

37. Not Another True Crime Podcast Subscribe

not another true crime podcast

Then we’ll show you what happened and how black women are treated differently than white women in the court system.

For those searching for true crime Ever since actor and comedian Conor Ratliff investigated Headgum’s Dead Eyes podcast is a personal matter.Why did Tom Hanks fire him from a small role in his 2001 miniseries Band of Brothers?under investigation.

After that, he will experience professional failures and setbacks with various celebrities and people involved in the case.

mama mystery podcast

Ratliff finally got to talk to Hanks in an episode titled “Tom,” and the conversation was just as satisfying as solving a murder case.

Rebecca Everett and Jessica Remo examine the case of John List, a man who murdered his mother, wife and three children in New Jersey in the 1970s and fled across the United States. podcast No, this is not the Byakuren theory.

39. Stolen Lives Subscribe

stolen lives podcast

This is the story of Maltese researcher and activist Daphne Caruana Galizia, who was killed in a car bomb in 2017.

somehow… podcast program, I confessed after trial and error.

40. Sistas Who Kill Subscribe

sistas who kill podcast

The story of Fred Heckman (voiced by Jon Hamm in Pod), a radio host who is interviewed at gunpoint by hostage Tony Kirites.

Laura and Sherry, as forensic experts, examine how CSI really works. podcast has been resolved and can now be heard more widely. the crimes Bailey Sarian is a professional makeup artist and YouTuber.Use your skills to travel back in time through riots, massacres, mind control, and more, where even sinister figures and twisted corners of the past aren’t safe.

41. Dead Eyes Subscribe

The true crime Season 2: Popularity disappeared into the snow 2020 Jonelle Matthews disappeared when he was 12 years old and his body was found 35 years later. the podcast Root of Evil ”From the organizer-2019 edition In 2022 Where the Sisters Hunted Their Family in The Black Dahlia – Launches New Weekly Newspaper

42. Father Wants Us Dead Subscribe

father wants us dead podcast

A series on the theme of intergenerational trauma.

43. Who Killed Daphne? Subscribe

who killed daphne podcast

Black Mountain Media and Tenderfoot TV podcast The series returns with another unsolved murder case podcast Dennis Cooper and Jessica Knoll enlist the help of the local sheriff’s office to interview Sykes’ young daughter, the sole survivor of the incident. of true crime When you can’t sleep because you’re scared.

44. American Hostage Subscribe

american hostage podcast

This is a scripted podcast based on the true Elizabeth Ann Entenmann is a freelance writer living in New York.When she’s not reading or writing, she takes pictures of her dog (and people she meets on the street) and organizes her bookshelves.

45. Crime Scene Queens Subscribe

 crime scene queens podcast


46. Dark History Subscribe

dark history podcast

A spiral staircase with a dark house written in pink above it

47. Suspect Subscribe

suspect season 2 vanished in the snow podcast

Animation, text, lettering, fonts, illustrations, lines, caterpillars, graphic design, logos, games, art. podcast Text, fonts, logos, branding and graphics.

48. Facing Evil Subscribe

facing evil podcast

Manga, anime, fonts, illustrations, Thailand, graphic design, fictional characters. podcast Album covers, movies, posters, photo captions, literature, fonts, fictional characters, flesh, albums. true crime album cover, font, poster, movie, album, photo caption, meat, meat, t-shirt

49. Culpable Subscribe

culpable podcast season 2

Connor Ratliff Headgum

Headshot of Mequita Rivas in 2022

50. Corked Subscribe

corked headgum podcast

true crime podcasts true ” crime podcast

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