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6 Cartoon Couples Allowed to be Queer at the Very End | Henchman-4-Hire

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6 Cartoon Couples Allowed to be Queer at the Very End

This is one. And I am surprised that I was able to find six examples to put on this list. However, the final piece of the puzzle was prepared in the series finale of “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power”, and this article was finally completed. I feel the flow of the times. There were many cases. a cartoon End the final chapter of the program series allows One character comes out of the closet and indicates that it is faithful to gay, lesbian, and bisexual.

I think it’s the best! But the strange thing is that it’s just allowed What happens in the series finale?

gay at end list 01

Please take action of Series Premier

Someday, a program where both the protagonist and their love enemies are open queer Or, both are somewhere in LGBTQ+. It will definitely be realized. Someday, lesbian Disney Princess will be born. Someday, a flashy large company will buy the rights of my sel f-paid publications. queer Let’s transform into a comic, gamer girl & Vixen, and a popular program that won, and that’s not the only reason to make this list.

Let’s think about the phenomenon of LGBTQ+after jumping. cartoon couples allowed Come out and brag the very , very , very End of the series. Introducing the ending of the Princess of She La and the power.

6. Shiro

gay at end list 02

And … Curtis? I think?

The list starts with Shiro, because only Shiro is not known couple At the beginning of Dream Works’ excellent reboot work “Voltron: Defender of the UNIVERSE” broadcast from 2016 to 2018, Shiro appears as a black lion pilot. He loved this program! There are many wonderful characters. However, it was revealed that Shiro was gay after Season 7 started, and he did not show up in almost all series and was dating a man named Adam. It was just. And Adam was killed. He appeared in two scenes, most of the flashback, and then disappeared. Therefore, in the finale of the Boltron series, a happy solution sequence was prepared in which Shiro married a new man called Curtis. I don’t meet Curtis. We don’t know anything about him. However, Shiro gets a stable happiness in the series finale. couple .

5. Applejack and Rainbow Dash

gay at end list 03

Is Rainbodash a great gay aunt a ate?

This is quite difficult. Depends on what you want to read in the given context. In My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, which ran for 10 seasons from 2010 to his 2019, romance was never an issue for the main characters. Manesix didn’t have a romantic partner and had little crush or love. Especially between the two of them, it didn’t. However, with the series finale, the destination of the characters will fly to the future. And when he finally caught up with Applejack and Rainbow Dash… they were together. They arrive at the castle together, laughing and bickering like an old couple. couple It feels strange to reach together. That latent power is really strong. I don’t do anything blatant. I just… have a feeling. See for yourself here. Look me in the eye and say it’s not. a couple There is a scene. Impossible.

4. Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland

gay at end list 04

Office politics are tough.

Gravity Falls had a lot going for it, but thankfully in the series finale, I opened up about being gay. At least two were supporting characters with a touch of comedy. Throughout the series, which aired from 2012 to his 2016, Sheriff Braves and Deputy Sheriff Durland served as local law enforcement. He is a silly but likable character who always makes me laugh. And in the finale, the show’s creators and writers do it, revealing that the two are in love as law enforcement. I remember there wasn’t much sexual tension between the two during the series, but apparently the fans were into it. and series finale was allowed to realizeIt’s the only Disney show on this list. Please say whatever you want.

3. Princess Bubblegum and Marceline

gay at end list 05

So many couples At the end of the world we can finally kiss

Oh my God, this is big and amazing. Adventure Time was a show like this: end all It was a show. Could there be a more perfect show than this? Greater? Bigger and better? What character could be more fun and more awesome than Princess Bubblegum or Marceline the Vampire Queen? That’s not true. probably! This is a relationship that was hinted at for nearly the entirety of the series, which ran from 2010 to 2018. But I also remember the show as being the only one to address the issue and say Power That Be wouldn’t do something like this. allow Since she’s out, the story has been relegated to a comic tie-in somewhere. but time heals all wounds, hints become more and more obvious, and eventually it becomes allowed The kiss of true love that decorates the series finale. Sooner or later.

His last two works are polar opposites in a weird way, but I definitely like them.

2. Korra and Asami

gay at end list 06

A hand that resonates with the world!

This relationship came out of nowhere! This list is only because everyone remembers the end of the Korra legend, which lasted from 2012 to his 2014 sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender. It is also the base of all. As can be seen from all The dates featured on this list are the ones the show did first and paved the way. It’s no big deal. However, the characteristic of the Kora myth was that human relationships came to the fore. Both Korra and her last love, Asami, dated multiple men throughout the series. Sometimes she dated the same guy. There was no indication. queer Or are you interested in romance? then the very , very tail end of the very In the final episode, Korra and Asami walk hand in hand into the sunset together (or rather, through a portal to souls). I can’t even kiss like a certain program, and I can’t even confess my love. But this walk in the hand means very Specifically, two people have a romantic encounter. And like I said, it paved the way. for all There are other programs like this. That’s amazing.

Still, to the last allowed be present in the final seconds of the show. And maybe I didn’t see the potential context while watching the legend of “Korra,” but I don’t remember either of them even hinting at a romance. unlike last time couple …

1. Adora and Catra

Gay at End List 07

Another “end of the world” recommendation!

In the final review of the series, Adora and Catra, the main characters and main enemies of She Ra, and princesses of power, were finally able to overcome their emotional obstacles and declare their kiss-sealed love. However, the big difference between Adora/Catra and Asami/Korra is that Shera and the powerful princesses were built around Adora/Catra’s romance. It’s not obvious, but I would say that there was a strong potential. Catra was particular about many things. Besides, Adora was never perfect. But it’s pretty clear from. the very At the opening of , the real intention behind the rivalry between the two was told. And that feeling was fully demonstrated in the roller coaster relationship between the two that spanned five seasons from 2018 to his 2020.

Therefore, only allowed to become a couple And in the final episode of the series, he confesses his love, but the program pushed this subtext to the front without hesitation. No one who watches She-Ra is stunned by the ending. and all From our point of view, the pink color of the two of you is ticklish.

By inserting the broadcast date, I made it possible to feel the flow of the times. In the first half of the 2010s, these programs allowed To make LGBTQ+ stuff. However, the years have passed, the times have changed, and the trend is becoming stronger and stronger. Take the new season of “Harley Quinn,” for example. it’s a great show

And if you’re a big TV executive who wants to do Gamer Girl & Vixen cartoon Please send me the email. Let’s make it happen.

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