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6 Strategies to Increase Vulnerability While Dating

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6 Strategies to Increase Vulnerability While Dating

A wall often used for protection, you may want to find a truly loving relationship, but if fear is leading you to date your guard.It’s the same wall that prevents intimacy from developing that you’re getting in the way of learning to be vulnerable despite your fears, insecurities, and physical imperfections, which is one of the most important aspects of skillful dating.It’s one.

It’s the exact opposite of games and pretend dating.The hard truth is when you share something about yourself and put yourself out there, you can’t control how others react.Sharing can be even more stressful if you’re not accepted the way you wanted it to be, and facing rejection can lead to self-doubt and a spiral of shame.

But taking risks to accept people is a recipe for true romantic partnerships and love, so breaking down your walls is essential.You can learn a lot by watching other people’s reactions to being vulnerable.

Here are six ways to increase vulnerability as you date:

1. Recognize the purpose of being vulnerable.

Healthy sharing is the path to true intimacy and connection.Vulnerability is a way to own each other, create a genuine bond, hopefully fall in love, or decide you aren’t the right fit.If you don’t talk about yourself in detail, you may protect yourself from rejection, but you also don’t know if you’re a good fit.If you can see vulnerability as a healthy and normal aspect of dating, you may find it all the more rewarding, despite the fear that comes with it.

2. Rethink of vulnerability .

Unfortunately, our culture makes mistakes sometimes. vulnerability In such a case, “I can reach itchy places” “I can reach itchy places” “I can reach itchy places” “I can reach itchy places” “I can reach itchy places” “I can reach itchy places””I can reach the itch” “I can reach the itch” “I can reach the itch”This is the thing…… vulnerability It is a form of self-confidence and self-acceptance.

3. Understand vulnerability Depending on the stage of dating, you may look and feel differently.

For example, healthy sharing and vulnerability On a first date, it looks and feels completely different than healthy sharing. and vulnerability This means sharing passions and interests early on, but you can keep your relationship history until you get to know each other a little better.It could mean later in the date you know you want to be exclusive.You openly state that you want to define the relationship.Be aware that being vulnerable is an evolutionary process that requires time and emotional investment.

4. Open yourself up and take baby steps to share more.

It takes time and practice to change the way you interact with people.Focus on going slow and ensuring sharing is not one-sided.

5. See yourself as worthy.

Denying your worth makes it almost impossible to put yourself out there and show the world who you are.In the context of dating, if you don’t feel worthy, you’ll be walking around feeling insecure about what your potential partner thinks of you.You will build walls to protect yourself, deny parts of yourself, and even self-sabotage, lest others get too close and be rejected.By accepting rejection as a natural part of dating, you stop taking it personally.

6. Take care of yourself when you’re vulnerable and exposed.

For example, you may have mentioned on your first date that you have children, which is a very sensitive topic.Also, be aware of the story you’ve created about yourself if your date doesn’t show empathy or understanding.If your date rejects you for revealing your parenthood and your date sees it as a breach of contract, don’t take it personally.

I would like to introduce one of my favorite words. on vulnerability by Brene Brown:

“Owning your own story is hard, but it’s not as hard as spending your life running away from it. It’s dangerous to accept your weaknesses, but it’s about letting go of the experiences that make you the most vulnerable: love, belonging, and joy.It’s not as dangerous as abandonment.Only when you dare to explore the darkness can you discover the limitless power of your light.”

If you think about how you can apply the above to dating, I think your relationship will be completely transformed.

Rachel DuckShe is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC), National Certified Counselor (NCC), Dating/Relationship Coach, and provides counseling and coaching services over the phone and in her private office in Bethesda, Maryland.Her Rachel’s areas of expertise include dating, relationships, self-love, anxiety, breakups, and divorce.Rachel has served as the top female relationship expert for Dating Advice.com and various media sources including Bravo TV, The Washington Post, Counseling Today, PsychCentral, Redbook, Bustle, wtop and more.Follow herbeing interviewed bytwitterFind daily wisdom and dating/love tips on Instagram and Facebook.

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