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6 Things That Happen When You Date A Software Engineer | Thought Catalog

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6 Things That Happen When You Date A Software Engineer

Marco Gomez

I am calling out to everyone. My older sister’s boyfriend, my aunt’s secretary at work, and my grandmother’s live-in nurse. When I got a phone call from a relative, at first I was happily talking about how I was doing, but inevitably my lover became a topic of conversation. They will then ask when you bring him to a family event, subtle hints that they may need help in the skill area. This is followed immediately. happen Even the dad who refused to hire someone to finish the bathroom in the basement of his parents’ house and is now forever without a bathroom will come to ask for help from time to time. Accept that and make sure you handle it very well whenever you need to explain to someone related to you that unplugging the machine doesn’t always fix the problem.

2. Create apps instead of roses and jewelry

SO and I were in a long distance relationship for the first four months of our relationship. Instead of sending flowers and chocolates, he made an app that counts the days until I get home. Cute, right?

Someone once asked me, “He makes apps to live, so why do you think it’s so great?”After giving him ice to put on his face after complaining about his slapping, he explained, “It’s the thoughts that really matter.”He made something for me that no one else had. I put a lot of time and effort into making it my own. I’d rather do that than a rose flower any day. But jewelry may be different.

3. You realize that the only thing they love more than you in the world is his laptop.

I fell in love with the way he looked at me when he stayed with SO for a long weekend. He made me beautiful, special, and unique… until I saw him looking at his laptop. The way his fingers touch her keys. It seems that you are handling it carefully. A figure that calls herself “she”. I wouldn’t say he’s as emotionally attached to his laptop as I am, but I know I’m not the one he’ll reach out to in the event of a fire.

4. They will usually start speaking in a code that sounds like Elvish to you.

Since you care about your SO, you will occasionally ask them how they are doing. Suddenly something strange happens. happen They open their mouths and speak, but they will hear the sound instead of the words. Your eyes may shine, stretch your back a little, and start speaking with your hands. You’ll be very excited and are excited to tell you something. When you hear the term Java or CoffeeScript, you’ll soon get caught that idea to open a new coffee shop on the way home. When you ask where you are about CoffeeScript, your loved one will smile with your innocence and laugh with affection. The code should be indispensable for your life. There is a moment when SO draws 8 letters or random patterns on your back when you are hugging each other after having a good sex, right? Not random. It is a code.

5. I need to remember Google

At first, I was hesitant to put it in the list because I had only once when I started writing. Since then, it has happened three times. How to go to this museum, how to fish for salmon, cooking white wine, and this museum? What does LOURDES say at the end of her song “TEAM”? Your SO will probably do your best, listening to these questions aloud. And when you say “Google”, you laugh, “Oh, noisy,” as if you had forgotten Google. It may seem like you looked down at first, but don’t be fooled. It is very likely that you have forgotten.

6. If you are relatively familiar with technology, they will really be impressed.

This will happen If you sit next to the sofa without a warning, your son is laptop, you have hig h-tech devices such as tablets, mobile phones, and e-book terminals, suddenly say “Wao”. Do it again!”If you hold the button on the home screen and close another app, the opponent’s eyes will open and you can see you from a completely new perspective. The same happens. happen It is safe to repair your wireless LAN yourself, regularly perform a virus scanning of a laptop computer, or know how to deal with it when you become a blue screen. SO will love you if you overcome technical drawbacks and do not cause mental bankruptcy.

Even so, I still like it. It’s a strange technical dependence.

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