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8 Dating Shows Like ‘The Bachelor’ to Satisfy Your Reality TV Craving

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8 Dating Shows Like ‘The Bachelor’ to Satisfy Your Reality TV Craving

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Greta Hageness
Oct 7, 2022 19:17 – 3 min read

From The Bachelorette to The Bachelor in Paradise, we’re starting to realize how much we rely on the Bachelor franchise for entertainment.So, we’ve put together a list of dating shows like this: satisfy Awful TV and your love-hate relationship.

From “Love Island” to “Dating Naked,” read on for eight of his dating shows like “The Bachelor.”

1. Love Island

Colin Young-Wolff/CBS Entertainment

Lucky islanders pack their bags and travel to their villas, where they pair up for the grand prize.

It’s important to point out that there are both US and UK versions.We never refuse to say this, but US franchises are not as prominent as their UK counterparts.

2. Temptation Island

Mario Perez/USA Network

It’s like “Love Island,” but instead of singles, it features a couple on a mission to try out “single life.”They are sequestered in separate homes and introduced to sexy “seducers” whose only purpose is to test their relationship (like the producers of “The Bachelor” who are known for their behind-the-scenes drama).hey).

3. Blind Date

You know that awkward limousine arrival on The Bachelor night?The show basically follows a man and a woman who go on dates with strangers, repeating that experience over and over again.

4. Dating Naked

Yes, this is the real show.And it’s not even R-designated (because that’s really weird).The idea is pretty self-explanatory, with individual contestants getting dressed, you guessed it, and embarking on a series of dates.Hey, it eliminates the hassle of choosing outfits that are usually required for Bachelor contestants.

5. Love Is Blind

offered by Netflix

story continues

What would happen if a Bachelor in Paradise contestant wore a blindfold?Introducing “Love Is Blind,” couples fall in love without ever seeing each other.

6. Married At First Sight

Lifetime offer

Exactly as expected.A couple who fell in love at first sight get married… It’s a funny story, but getting married to a stranger gives me a strange sense of satisfaction, and I keep repeating it over and over again.

7. Dating Around

offered by Netflix

It’s a shortened version of “The Bachelor,” where you go through five blind dates before choosing who to ask on a second date, and you’re not supposed to propose at the end.

8. UnReal

Unreal is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of TV shows like The Bachelor, and how the producers of a dating contest called Everlasting go to great lengths to get the best content.I’m here.

Co-produced by former “The Bachelor” producer Sarah Gertrude Shapiro, it presents a jaw-dropping debate that no hardcore “Bachelor” viewer will ever understand.

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