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8 quirky (Good thing can expect when dating a Filipina

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8 quirky (Good thing can expect when dating a Filipina

Those who have doubts to expect I have very good news for you when it comes to dating Filipino women.It is likely to be a very good experience for you!Filipino women are incredibly kind and good.And while you may have to deal with heated arguments from time to time, they won’t mock or make fun of you when they prove you wrong (they do – they alwaysit is).

The excitement (and satisfaction) you feel while dating a Filipina is just the beginning of an exciting new chapter in your life.And what should you know if the relationship is going in the right direction? to expect If you marry a Filipino (beware: there are major disadvantages).

These are 8 things to expect when dating a Filipina

Mind you, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll be going through something other than her eight listed here.Everyone is different and believe it or not, not all Filipinas are the same.

1. Expect food

One of the first things you learn when dating Filipinos is that they love to eat.

Food is part of the culture in the Philippines, and children are taught from an early age how to make something amazing from scratch.

When I was her 10, I could barely make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.But every Filipino I know can cook from scratch.It doesn’t mean you can cook just about anything, you can make a dish that rivals the best restaurants in America.

The bottom line is you. can expect We recommend focusing on food on the first date.

From then on, she’ll be the one to make all the food decisions.Don’t worry, she will make a great choice for you.

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2. Expect to spend a lot of time with her friends

Close friendships are highly valued in the Philippines, and your Filipino friends probably have a group of friends that hang out everywhere.

In fact, if she includes you in a meeting with her friends, it probably means she likes you enough to include you in a more intimate group of acquaintances.In fact, if you do this, it’s one of the signs that Filipinas like you!That’s good!It means you like who you are.

Some guys may be okay with group dates with their Filipina girlfriends (and their friends), but introverted guys may not like it so much.If you’re the type of person who likes being alone with the woman you’re dating, dating a Filipina might not be for you.

Her friends will also participate in everything, so if she resists it, it will be seen as a big negative for her.

what to expect dating a Filipina

Sure, she might enjoy taking you for a walk on the beach holding hands, but…the chances are pretty good that you’ll be back to spend time with her family afterward.

4. Expect to spend more time with family

For two Filipinos, family as well as friends are very important.Seeing how you interact with her friends, a Filipina friend is likely to introduce you to her family fairly quickly.

If they like them, and they like you, it’s very likely that many of your future dates with her will be with her family in some way.

In addition to her family reunion becoming a daily routine can expect Earlier, I talked about Filipino culture and food, but it is something that strengthens family ties, and if you are in a serious relationship, you should be able to open up quickly.

The good news is that you will soon be removing most of the more difficult aspects of dating.

In Western culture, it seems that meeting the lover’s family is often done after the relationship is established.But this is what you do can expect Not to be confused with her friends, she will introduce you to her family fairly quickly.

5. Expect discussion (a little).

Yes, the rumors are true.Filipinas can get a little crazy sometimes. expect Of course, this is to be expected when dating a woman of any nationality, but it is amplified somewhat when dating a Filipino.

They stand firm in their beliefs and hold beliefs that many would envy.They very rarely back down in controversy and will have to defend themselves against being tried for murder over a simple matter.

That’s not a bad thing.After all, Filipinos are some of the nicest and sweetest people on the planet, and they won’t rub your nose when (and when) something is proven wrong.

You can expect With a Filipino girlfriend, have a short, firm, and to-the-point discussion.

6. Wait until you feel loved.

As I mentioned earlier, Filipino women are amazingly kind and caring, they love the feeling of love and give what they get.

The only downside to this is that you may find her girlfriend too persistent, yes you come from an American or European background.She’s not nagging: she’s showing you her love.

Filipino scammers are easy to spot as they often show excessive interest in new men.

7. Waiting for commitment

You can fully expect Your Filipino girlfriend forces you into a long-term commitment relatively quickly.They rarely pull out of a relationship that seems to be going nowhere and most of them wouldn’t be afraid to ask you absentmindedly where the relationship is going if it feels a little stagnant..

Filipino women are more traditional than their Western counterparts and tend not to associate with men who are meant to poke fun at them.

8. You can please her without spending her money

Filipinos are not only more traditional than Westerners, they are also frugal, simple and less materialistic.

For centuries, the Philippines has had to live on a meager income, a trait that has not faded much from generation to generation.

In order for her to feel safe and happy, she needs a good man who is close to her.Of course, if you bring good food, you will get bonus points.

Final thoughts

Knowing what to expect I have two close friends who went on their first date with a Filipino woman without knowing what would happen, but the relationship didn’t last long.

Constantly including friends and family in the dating process was annoying, especially for couples who thought their lover was avoiding time with them.

Not only that, but I didn’t know how traditional Filipino women are.

If you know what you like (and love the idea of being with a woman with strong family values), dating a Filipino woman is one of the best experiences of your life.may be

Hopefully, you’ll start hearing crap like, “How much does it cost to marry a Filipina?”


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What to expect when marrying a Filipina (the good and the bad)

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