8 spiritual dating sites: 2022 reviews - dating new york city

8 spiritual dating sites: 2022 reviews

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8 spiritual dating sites: 2022 reviews

Find like-minded partners spiritual Beliefs, health, green lifestyles and interests may seem impossible in a sea of typical online dating profiles.

Fortunately, many spiritual Dating site spiritual connection.

As with many other niche dating sites, the date pool for these sites is spiritual Dating sites are getting smaller (non-existent in some regions) and outdated technology (most don’t have apps!).

So, our No.1 recommendation for spiritual Dating is eharmony.com, which prioritizes finding true love over flirting and has over 750,000 paying members and her 10 million active users.Not all dating sites on this list are true, but they also have quality apps.

1. Conscious Singles

Since 1999, Conscious Singles has been noted as “the oldest and largest conscious-only gathering”. spiritual dating site.” This spiritual Dating sites match couple candidates based on commonalities. spiritual People with hobbies such as astrology, consciousness reform, and meditation are likely to want more than just a friend.

Like its sister site Spiritual Singles, Conscious Singles also offers inspirational articles. spiritual / Both sites are part of the Conscious Dating Network and creating an account gives you access to all sites.

Are Conscious Singles Legal?

Conscious Singles does not have a BBB rating and has a Trustpilot profile but no reviews.Sister site Spiritual Singles has excellent ratings on Trustpilot. reviews All photos/profiles on the site are subject to moderator verification.See our post with some examples of online dating profiles.

How much does Conscious Singles cost?

You can meet people even in the free version, but you can choose a partner candidate more freely if you register.

Conscious Singles pricing (program auto-renews unless cancelled).

1 month $23
$23 (23 yen) 6 months $72 ($12/month)

Conscious Singles Pros

  • How nice!Free to read, reply, and send
  • chat with webcam

Conscious Single Con

  • no app
  • Public profile (no privacy)

Conscious Singles reviews

Incredibly Appreciated, Married, Conscientious Single Men Dotcom review

(Recently downloaded – so it works sometimes!) My name is Randy and I joined your site on her February 14, 2016.A few months later, I confirmed meeting my match on this site.I traveled to meet many women.

We feel perfect for each other, but the most amazing thing for us is that, knowing each other, we were able to immediately start living and working together.We are like she is with us 24/7 and we love it.

If it wasn’t for Conscious Match, I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t have met!I am filled with gratitude for the rest of my life!I couldn’t be happier!Thank you very much.

Kim and Randy Kissin

From England to Atlanta!Soulmate United, Conscioussingles.com

Hi, After a long time, I finally came to this site after wanting to write and thank you.

Thanks to this site, I met my soulmate in just a few weeks.It is our destined journey that we were able to meet through this site, and we believe that being together is harmony between the universe and God. review

What at first seemed friendly and fun turned out to be the most incredible gift imaginable.We lived in different countries, but soon after we met we realized we couldn’t be apart for long and decided that marriage was for us.Being able to marry my soulmate and twin flame is a true gift and we cannot thank you enough.

We met last June and got married at the end of January.I’m really thankful to you.I will never forget this site.

Dharmamatch is a refreshing encounter based on the concept of “being your best self”.

The dating site takes its inspiration from the Eastern spiritual concepts of dharma and karma, with the mantra “Be Good.Meet Good.Do Good”.

2. dharmaMatch

Sounds like a great idea, but most real dating sites leave much to desired.Based. spiritual For reference, a search for New York zip codes with a radius of 100 miles only brought up two user result pages, each with 10 profiles of her.

On smaller sites like dharmaMatch (and other dating sites and apps), it’s important to do background checks to make sure the person you decide to meet is safe and legitimate.Also, learn the red flags to look out for in dating.Educate yourself about safe online dating. reviews Is dharmamatch legal?

dharmaMatch is not listed on his BBB website or his Trustpilot and has a rating of 1.8 stars below.

Legal, but user satisfaction is low.

How much does Dharma Match cost? 4 reviews Creating a profile, sending a “smile” and replying to messages is free, but you must be a Gold member to start sending emails and contacting us.

1 month


1 month $50.97 ($16.99/month)
6 months $77.94 ($12.99/month)
$23 (23 yen) 6 months Free reply to messages/”Smile”

Matching with like-minded people

  • derma match concert
  • No app/live chat

narrow user base

  • Googie B., 11/5/17, Sitejabber
  • It’s the worst!Don’t waste your time!!Well, Dharmamatch is not free, so even if you don’t have a date on your profile, it’s not active and Dharma won’t tell you when it was active.You look like an idiot for spending 2/3 of your time filling out forms and answering silly questions just to send a smile to a member who was active years ago.

dharmaMatch reviews

Mike D Jan 22, 2018 Sitejabber review

Dating sites are dying, and they know it.That’s why there’s no way to know when someone was last active.eharmony has removed those notifications.What other reasons could there be?Dharma is a sane idea to get rid of pool shallows, which probably worked at one point, but is now a ghost town.

I live in the central metropolitan area of the United States, I have been paid for one month – no material loss – and have contacted many people.I understand that I have not gotten a response, but Iprofile only had 2 VIEWS in a month and no one I contacted. review

Love Spirituality is for those who value daily awareness.

It also intends to create a platform for those seeking “a holistic and sustainable life, yoga, raising collective consciousness and living with a pure and open heart.”

3. Love Spiritually

When I created my profile, Love Spiritually offered me a free chat, and even though I made it clear that I was interested in men, I was matched with women and men far outside my preferred age group.I’m sorry. and spiritual Also, there didn’t seem to be anything related to spirituality other than the site name.Her search criteria for men aged 30-50 within a 100-mile radius of New York City returned 75 profiles.All in all, I would advise you to focus your efforts on other dating sites.

Is Love Spiritually Legal?

Love Spiritually has a Trustpilot profile, but no reviews or her BBB profile.

It’s a ‘community on the internet’, which we strongly disagree with, but it’s certainly a legitimate dating site.

How much is love spiritual? “#1 spiritual You can’t expect to meet someone in the free version.You can send up to 30 free “plays” (except when one free chat ends successfully), but if you register, your chances will increase.

Love Spiritually pricing (auto-renews unless cancelled).

5 days trial

$5 ($34.95/month after trial ends)

1 month 32,95$
1 month $44.97 ($14.99/month)
6 months Prevent contact with people who do not meet the conditions

Love Spiritual Cons

  • No app/list

Low user count/poor profile quality (excluding Richard Branson’s profile)

  • User not found
  • However, we were able to confirm that Love Spiritually has 1,375 “Likes” on Facebook and 1,474 “Follows”.

Love Spiritually reviews

User Beware.com is not recommended due to the overwhelming number of fraud/dumping complaints. reviews Messages are for paid members only, so you can’t expect to meet people in the “free” version.

4. MeetMindful

1 week


Example of MeetMindful spiritual dating site profile.

1 month


Three months 80 reviews 49$ (16,33$)

6 months

79$ (13,17$)

Meat Mindful Pros Distribute your app on the Apple Store and Google Play
1 month con’s meeting mindful
6 months I can’t try the app for free
$23 (23 yen) 6 months When I canceled again, their website claimed I still had premium access for the rest of his 6 months.But after clicking “cancel” it immediately downgraded my account to free membership status and lost the rest of the month.Now i tried to delete my profile but i can’t find a way to delete the profile.Many others have filed complaints with the BBB about the same issue”…

Type of Complaint Issues related to products and services.

  • I joined this dating site and had no way of finding people.The site cannot display members until you pay.Couldn’t see any member after you paid.
  • I was advised to contact iTunes if I ordered on iOS, but I didn’t order through ITUNES.I ordered through meetmindful.com.They allowed my profile to be deleted, but that didn’t stop the automatic billing.I emailed them and they refused to refund my money even after saying the site was not working.

Soulful Match is a private dating site for singles looking for love and lasting relationships.Soulful Match provides inspirational articles and events and is a partner of the Conscious Dating Network.

  • Premium membership allows you to start messages, attach photos, access instant messages, and upload up to two videos.The profile creation process is lengthy, but worth the time spent in the end.
  • Is Soulful Match Legal?

MeetMindful reviews

October 2, 2021 , Trustpilot Review

Soulful Match has a profile on Trustpilot

However, as part of the Soulful Dating Network, it is a legitimate online dating site.

How much does Soulful Match cost? BBB review

Soulful Match is cheaper than other dating sites, but you can reply to messages you receive, so even the free version is enough to ask for a date.

Soulful Match pricing (auto-renewal).

5. Soulful Match

1 month


$23.00 ($23.00) for 6 months

$72 ($12/month) no reviews soulful match pros

Profiles are manually approved (no fake profiles).

soulful match concert

List filled, check!Website Soulfulmatch.com

1 month $23
$23 (23 yen) 6 months $72 ($12/month)

Our marriage resulted in two beautiful sons, John’s family, his late wife’s family, all of which have made my life complete.It was worth the wait and I am so happy to have found someone who values the same things I do.

  • Sister Eden Media creates educational and satirical videos to help you take care of yourself and the planet.
  • Truly caters to the spiritual community

I hope you are well and hope to see you again.

Soulful Match reviews

Soul Level Connection, website Soulfulmatch.com

We met thanks to the Conscious Dating Network!After the initial frustration that potential matches were geographically difficult, it turned out that we both lived in Arizona, making it easy to meet for dinner and good conversation..

It turns out that our values are surprisingly very similar and form the basis for the two of us feeling a deep connection on a soul level.Thank you for offering this service and helping us find each other!We really have deep feelings.

We are happy and very much in love.

Kathy and Stephanie

I(we) want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!!You really helped us find our magical match.

Words cannot describe it.

We are just happy and SO happy now.

thank you.

This dating site is mostly free, so it’s worth a try.According to its website, it’s perfect for singles who “are”.

…and cherish a healthy holistic lifestyle (mind, body, spirit, soul).” spiritual During registration, you can be as specific as you like about your spirituality, preferences, and beliefs.

12 months


Spiritual dating pro


rising in popularity

6. Spiritual.Dating

Spiritual.Dating Con spiritual small dating pool

.dating , but we will add them one by one.

You need to meet minimum requirements and invest some energy, thought and time when creating your profile.But this site is worth it!Your profile will remain hidden until approved.

In the meantime, you will have the opportunity to answer 20 “matching” questions.Spiritual Singles is worth joining more than just finding a partner.

Similar to events and classifieds.

If you want to cherish the connection between people, please check it out.

  • Are Spiritual Singles Legal?
  • This dating site is trustworthy because it actively solicits reviews/clients
  • , whether favorable or unfavorable.
  • Singles uses SSL signing, fraud detection and authentication/profile verification.As a result, most of the profiles you see are legitimate.
  • While not rated by the BBB, Spiritual Singles has a 3.8 out of 5 start on Trustpilot (443 total
  • ) and most users are satisfied.

How much does Spiritual Singles cost?

1 month A premium subscription allows you to send up to 50 emails per day (free replies for non-subscribers), attach images to messages, initiate unlimited instant messages, 20 photos and 2 videos.
6 months $50.97 ($16.99/month)
$23 6 months

$72 ($12/month)

  • spiritual single pro
  • Messages are free when contacted by registered members


  • Cons of Spiritual Singles

Spiritual.Dating reviews

We couldn’t find any reviews on spiritual Well, I’m not into most online dating sites, but I find one.

7. Spiritual Singles

developed singles to make it a better quality site as well as better members.

i love this siteMuch better than many typical online dating apps/sites (if you spiritual Man).It doesn’t seem like OkCupid or Tinder are just concerned with how much money you can squeeze in.Instead, I feel like I still have my soul and my integrity.Plus, with a large number of users, I’m already getting more activity than I expected.I am very happy to have found my spiritual single. a spiritual See our guide to catholic and christian dating sites for religious links. spiritual singles >>

best dating site

You may want to consider alternatives reviews Dating sites like JustspiritualDating.com, NaturalawAkeningSingles.com, LightworkersinLove, MeetSpiritualSingles, DivineDating app and Nuitapp.Meanwhile, let’s talk about our favorites on this list. spiritual eharmony tops our list due to its large user base and reputation for leading to meaningful relationships.

date, even if not specifically “claimed” reviews We love eharmony because it’s rated A by the Better Business Bureau and it conducts detailed personality surveys.

It also has higher marriage rates and lower divorce rates than other dating sites, according to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Our #2 is Thailand: Spiritual Singles, Conscious Singles, and Soulful Matches.We cannot praise this network of sister sites enough.

Spiritual.dating is the third option, still developing, free, and fun.

The fourth choice is Love Spiritual.It has a small user base and low quality profiles, but if you want to explore more sites, you can give it a try.

1 month $23
$23 (23 yen) 6 months $72 ($12/month)

We’ve also put together a self-confidence guide to help you attract the right match and know your worth.

  • Here are some of the top online dating apps and sites where you can connect with like-minded data; check them out.
  • Dr. Maria Latzka writes about her relationships, dating and wellness for sites such as Top10.com and her The Blast.She has degrees from Northwestern University and the University of Rochester and lives in New Jersey.

Spiritual Singles dating site profile example.

Spiritual Singles reviews

December 12, 2021 , Trustpilot review

Advertisement for the online dating site Spiritual Singles. spiritual

December 8, 2021 , Trustpilot review

a spiritual

8. Christian and Catholic dating sites

Which spiritual in 2022 ?


  1. for spiritual a spiritual spiritual

a spiritual

We’ve also reviewed

Prefer to find love in person? Check out Meetup >>

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