9 little-known and niche dating apps and sites to try if you re still single in London - MyLondon - dating new york city

9 little-known and niche dating apps and sites to try if you re still single in London – MyLondon

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9 little-known and niche Still, apps and dating sites you want to try single in London

Tinder revolutionized dating when it was released, paving the way for other dating apps like Bumble, Hinge, and Happn.

However, finding gems among stones is difficult, and flirting with other users often stops abruptly for various reasons.

If you’ve had no luck with the main app, it might be time to try something new. niche dating site or app.

Here are some weird and wonderful collections that might make you feel Bae.


This is the most Shoreditch dating app known to man, dedicated to bearded men and their fans.

With the purpose of connecting people with beards and those who want to stroke their beards, there is a beard rating option so you can find out how your date’s beard compares to other locals with beards.can do.

Also, the biggest feature is the “Rosario Detector” that warns you if you copy the message and send it to someone else.

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Mad Fight

A site for people who love the outdoors, it’s a great way to find at least one walking buddy, and could be a quick date idea.

As part of the registration form, you will be required to rate his Muddy-Townie rate of yours and list his favorite outdoor activities.

This may actually indicate something.

mouse mingle

It’s a dating site for Disney fans before you worry about rats coming out on this day.

It’s a pretty traditional dating site, with profiles, pictures, and ratings, but only for the truly dedicated fans, with profile information based on things like favorite songs and Disney characters.

It’s described as a place where “people who love Disney, Star Wars, Pixar, Marvel, and all things Disney—who seek the same magic in their relationships” connect.

Now it’s time to work.

twin dog

Instead of posting pictures of yourself like on Tinder, post pictures of your dog.

People love to show pictures and talk about puppies, so there is so much to talk about.

But can you really find a mate by choosing your partner’s dog?

Hated person

Hello, how are you?message, it’s best to pair up based on what you don’t like about each other.

If you brag about anything and the opponent doesn’t leave, you’re a winner.

Hatelists can be anything from slow walkers to backpackers on the subway to opinions on politics and current affairs.

Definitely something to check out, even if it’s for fucking.

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Muzmatch (for Muslims), Salt (for Christians), Jdate (for Jews), and many other apps and websites cater to people of a particular faith.

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