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A Look At Wendy Williams Relationship History

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A Look At Wendy Williams’ Relationship History

Wendy Williams shows off her wedding ring

Wendy Williams hasn’t had the easiest time with her love life, and since she became known as an infamous New York radio host, her dating life has been almost entirely public.rice field.

But while she makes a living telling the private lives of others, the (often satanic) gossip queen has also made headlines on her own gossip daytime talk show, The Wendy Williams Show.It turns out that there is relationship Dating her ex-husband, Kevin Hunter Sr., on multiple occasions, her longtime romance was plagued by infidelity allegations before finally going their separate ways.

But while the unfortunate romance between the meme queen and the man who became her manager and producer may be the most famous, it’s certainly not just her.Sit down, say “How’s that?” and to get ready for some drama, we travel down memory lane to see Wendy Williams’ romances and take over our Hot Topic section. history .

Wendy Williams accused Sherrick of abuse

Street interview with Kevin Hunter and Wendy Williams

wendy williams dating history Sadly, in the 1980s, she began her R&B career with allegations of abuse, when she spoke about meeting her singer, Sherrick.In 1987 she had a mild success, releasing a few songs including ‘Just Call’ and ‘Let’s Be Lovers Tonight’.

Williams accused Sherick of dating and raping her in January 2021.Williams told media outlets that the two of them, who met during her interview, were “captivated by his twinkling eyes,” adding that she was “smitten with this man” (via People).Sheric was invited by Sherick to attend the album release party and she accepted, but before the event she claimed that he “date raped her” and it wasn’t the first time she had been sexually assaulted.she also says.

Sherick said she died in 1999, but his widow, Lynn Connor-Smith, refuted Williams’ claims in her Page Six, saying that her claims were “pretty much for her and his family.”It’s painful,” he said.Smith also questioned why Williams decided to make the allegation when Sherick himself was unable to respond.I will never minimize or deny the horrific acts of sexual assault.We regret that Ms Williams feels the need to make this allegation public in order to protect herself, as the man she accuses is no longer with us.”I didn’t,” he added. any relationship Or maybe they were having a meeting.

Wendy Williams dated Eric B.

Wendy Williams on the red carpet

Wendy and Eric B sitting in a tree!Wendy Williams was dating a hip-hop star (real name: Louis-Eric Barrier).

However, in his 2004 book, Wendy’s Got The Heat, he said, “In retrospect, I was just a long, long booty for him.”we really

It was all sex,” he wrote.She also wrote about having an abortion, “It didn’t take me long to decide, even with cocaine.” Hell, I didn’t have his child.

If you or someone you know has an addiction problem, you can seek help.Visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website or call SAMHSA’s National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357). relationship Another flashback to the 1990s, Wendy Williams is believed to have fallen out with rapper Eric Salmon.In his February 2021 interview with Vlad TV, Salmon said the two were clearly attracted to each other, suggesting that Williams would pursue him as a “representation to get famous.”When asked if they were “romantic”, Salmon replied that they never had “romance”. a relationship – Instead, Williams claimed to be a “fan” of his.However, he did not elaborate further, but noted that rumors about the pair were “true.”

Later, when asked about her speculation that he had a connection with her and even gave her her “bus ticket” to go home, Shermon denied this, instead calling her “her boyfriend.”‘ sent her by train.”Anyone can verify that story,” he continued, suggesting that they had at least one intimate moment.He had “migrated” to New York at the time, and many men in the area know his name from previous encounters.with his wife or girlfriend.Hint, hint, well.

The Wendy Williams and Erick Sermon rumors

Wendy Williams pose

As for those other rumors that Salmon mentioned;accused of starting widespread rumors that he was gay.”As a (rumor) destruction to get him back”. relationship Williams does not appear to have commented on the allegations.

Wendy Williams has admitted that he dated rapper Notorious B.I.G..

Williams opens first

In 2021, she claimed in Lifetime’s documentary Wendy Williams: What a Mess! that she had “a great time” with the iconic rapper.

The truth about Wendy Williams and Notorious B.I.G.

Wendy Williams smile

“One day, after an interview, Big asked me out on a date, but she seemed to have a crush on Williams. And d

After several brief romances, Wendy Williams dated Girigorie for about two years before they crossed the aisle after meeting while working at a radio station (via Radar), her first husband, in 1994.Bert Girigorie got serious. her relationship -They went their separate ways just five months after their marriage, with Girigorie later claiming they had a “big fight” and “stuffed them both to death.” relationship …”It was very strange, but he became a different person. I don’t know what was going on. I didn’t understand a lot of what he was doing,” 2019.she tells Radar.

Girigory also accused Williams of an open history of substance abuse and alleged she was “doing drugs” while the two were together, she said.I thought, “I guess so,” but didn’t know anything.I’m sure you’ve seen some strange or incomprehensible behavior.

Wendy Williams’ first husband

Street interview with Kevin Hunter and Wendy Williams

Williams didn’t talk much about her first marriage in Wendy Williams: The Movie, instead starring in her accompanying documentary Wendy Williams: What A Mess!”, admitting that “I skipped my first husband” was “a backlash after the tragedy with Eric B.” (via CheatSheet), adding, “It was my first marriage.It’s not as interesting as “Ah! relationship If you or someone you know has an addiction problem, you can seek help.Visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website or call SAMHSA’s National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357). relationship This is where the infamous Kevin Hunter enters Wendy Williams’ life.After her first husband, Bert Girigorie, divorced her after a (very) short marriage, Williams wasted little time on her move.1994 was clearly a very romantic year for the star, as it was when she began dating the man who would eventually become her second ex-husband.According to People, Williams and Hunter met in person at a skating rink event, so it was a pretty sweet encounter.The two dated for about three years, and proposed in 1997, shortly after Hunter found out she was pregnant (Williams later found out she had a miscarriage about two months before they got married).

In her own book, Wendy’s Got the Heat, Williams recalls that her wedding was very low-key.“Neither of us wanted a wedding in a big church.I didn’t. Besides, just imagining a grand wedding is going to make me vomit.”

Instead, the couple went to a magistrate at a Jersey City courthouse and married on the spot in a very intimate and informal setting.

Later, when asked about her speculation that he had a connection with her and even gave her her “bus ticket” to go home, Shermon denied this, instead calling her “her boyfriend.”‘ sent her by train.”Anyone can verify that story,” he continued, suggesting that they had at least one intimate moment.He had “migrated” to New York at the time, and many men in the area know his name from previous encounters.with his wife or girlfriend.Hint, hint, well.

Wendy Williams gets serious with Kevin Hunter

Wendy Williams Date Wendy' Corner

But the new parents ended up staying together, and Williams later told Extra in January 2021, “I could have divorced at the time when I found out [the affair], but I was like, ‘No, I don’t have a son.and said, ‘I’m not going to have any more children.’ Shortly after the birth of his son, Hunter Sr. became Williams’ manager and producer partner, as People reports.The two of them began to put the current “The Wendy Williams Show” on track.

Kevin Hunter Sr. and Wendy Williams initially avoided accusations of cheating on Hunter’s part for years after Williams first learned of Hunter’s alleged cheating, but in September 2017 the Daily Mail confirmed that he had been cheating.posted a bombshell statement that he had been living a double life with his mistress for over 10 years, and rumors spread in earnest.

According to the paper, Hunter is in a “secret, long-term relationship” and has split the house he shares with Williams and son Kevin Hunter Jr., and another house he shares with his mistress, for the two.It is said that he was spending the time he was supposed to have purchased.

Wendy Williams wanted a divorce early

Wendy Williams and her boyfriend in the car

Williams has repeatedly denied the allegations after the reports were made.She said this woman is a friend of Mr. Hunter, but she’s not ‘she’s there,'” a Williams spokesperson told the Daily Mail.Williams also touched on the controversy on The Wendy Williams Show the day after the report broke, calling it a “weird story” while proudly showing off her wedding ring.He added, “Believe what you want to believe.”Standing next to her husband.” (via.ET).

Despite initially following Tammy Wynette’s advice and letting her husband know she was by her side, less than two years after the shocking allegations surfaced, Wendy Williams officially split with Kevin Hunter.Williams filed for divorce (per page 6) in April 2019, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

The application came after Hunter allegedly fathered a child with his reported mistress, and Page Six confirmed that Hunter and his alleged longtime mistress had been married to her in March 2019.He claims to have had his first child, his second child.The outlet noted at the time that Hunter “has not been officially confirmed as the child’s father, but speculation is rife.””Then, Williams said in an August 2019 illustrated interview with The New York Times, referring to her child as “the last straw in our marriage.”Williams claimed that “Kevin did something outrageous that you’ll have to live with for the rest of your life,” describing it as “a thoughtless act that I wouldn’t mind.”

Kevin Hunter’s bombshell cheating allegations

In July 2021, The Sun published a candid photo of Hunter with her alleged mistress and her alleged child, her daughter, in Florida.

Miss moving on!In June 2019, two months after her divorce petition went public, Wendy Williams was tied up with a new man.Step forward, Mark Toblin!The two reportedly met through Williams’ on/off boyfriend and reality star and model Black Chyna.Williams and Toblin were photographed spending time together in New York after sunbathing in Los Angeles (via Page Six).

When TMZ asked Williams about the new man’s past, she replied, “I’m her 54-year-old grown woman**.”I know what I’m doing.You see, my husband is pregnant with a woman.I sort of partnered with her for 15 years just to be a show pony and dealt with this.Now I’m living my life.” “Well, there’s no denying that.

Wendy Williams files for divorce

But the fun didn’t last long.The two divorced in July 2019 after Williams claimed he was seeing an unnamed doctor on The Wendy Williams Show.”Mommies don’t do kids,” she said, adding, “I’m not in business anymore.”I’m not in love, but I’m in love with someone.Decade she needs time for 50 and she has to work” (via Hollywood Life).

Wendy Williams’ romance with the mysterious doctor didn’t go away, and she revealed in several interviews in early 2020 that they started dating more seriously again.She said on “The Wendy Williams Show” in February 2020 that she would be dating again, “Can you ever say never!”I want to remarry because my marriage has broken down.That’s right, that’s right.I don’t know if it will happen again, but hey, we’re dating.” (via Hollywood Life).

That same month, she linked up with musician Blac Papi and shared a photo of herself on her Instagram account that seemed to hint at her relationship with the rapper.The snap, along with the caption, showed the two of them hugging and laughing.”Later. studio with @blacpapipmh. another Friday night”.

Wendy Williams got a new man

Street interview with Kevin Hunter and Wendy Williams

The two never officially confirmed they were dating, but if they were, she ended the relationship in April 2020.According to ET, Williams revealed that she was “getting used to life as a single woman again,” she added.She’s “Kevin Hunter” and she’s been in a relationship for over 25 years, and she’s a woman at a certain age and life stage now, so it’s very different for her to be single now.

The relationship She hasn’t stopped talking about her divorce from Kevin Hunter just because Wendy Williams has moved on.While she previously kept her silence about her ex-husband’s alleged infidelity, Williams is now speaking more about what really happened in their marriage in 2021, and she said:clarified.

But Williams has no regrets.Appearing on ‘The Jess Cagle Show’ in January 2021, she said she “doesn’t regret putting up with him for all 25 years,” but added, “For about 15 years of our marriage,It’s not my goal to have this baby or have this concubine.””I know it almost from the beginning.”She knew Kevin was a serial cheater.”

Wendy Williams is looking for love

As Wendy Williams tours the dating scene, she admits that Kevin Hunter Sr. is still a part of her life because her son Kevin Hunter Jr. is with her.Speaking to Extra in January 2021, Williams explained that her ex-husband still “calls from time to time” and said she never blocked his number, saying, “He’s been calling me.’s son’s father,” he pointed out.

Hunter Sr. was even by Williams’ side when he and Hunter Jr. attended her mother’s funeral.The star spoke about her reunion on “The Wendy Williams Show” that month, saying she “smelled really good” (via The U.S.).However, she quickly stated, “No, we’re not getting back together,” and she made it clear there would be no working reunion.

“Then [Hunter Sr.] sent us to my sister’s house and I felt like I was going to move on,” she continued.”You have a good day all right, call me if you need anything.” And that’s all I’m going to say about this situation.”Williams spoke about what happened in retaliation against her brother, Tommy Williams, for skipping her funeral to spend time with her ex-husband.

Wendy Williams’ revenge

Wendy Williams shows off her wedding ring

It wasn’t until early 2021, when Wendy Williams took advantage of her platform to find new men, that ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ turned into a ‘dating game’.In several episodes of the show, Williams talked about her single life, and in a corner called “Dating Wendy,” she encouraged men to send her a video telling them why they want to date her.

And Williams chose one of her suitors, Mike Esterman, saying, “We’re both a certain age and realistic about love and what can happen and what’s possible.”I told him that I was looking forward to going on a date with him.But they are both craftsmen.It can get in the way.But I’m not,” she said on “The Wendy Williams Show.”

The two dated for a few weeks, and Williams kept fans up to date on her talk show.But it ended almost as soon as it started.Estherman confessed that he didn’t meet in May 2021 due to their busy schedules.She said, “I don’t know if she can give her what she wants.

Are Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter friends?

Williams debuted her new husband by posting a photo of the two on Instagram while telling fans that they attended son Kevin Hunter Jr.’s party together.A slightly blurry snapshot shows the two of them in the back of a car as Williams’ boyfriend looks on, and she captioned, “#My son’s 21st birthday party on a yacht in Miami wasIt was everything he wanted!” he wrote.She’s even my boyfriend.” Williams seems determined to keep it a little more secret.The star hasn’t revealed the identity of her new husband publicly since October 2021, so it looks like this one could keep her loyal fans guessing!

After “experienced serious complications as a direct result of Graves’ disease and thyroid disease,” Williams was away from the Wendy Williams show and the spotlight for some time, according to a statement posted to Instagram.A new man has appeared.

Wendy Williams smile

Wendy Williams used The Wendy Williams Show to date

Red carpet girlfriend Wendy Williams

Two girlfriends Eric B and Wendy Williams strike a pose

Both Erick Sermon and Wendy Williams are posing. of relationship Wendy Williams and the Notorious B.I.G. Retrospective

Who is Wendy Williams’ new boyfriend?

Wendy Williams on the red carpet

Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter smile together

Ex-husband, son and girlfriend Wendy Williams smiling

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