Aachen: In zehn Minuten zum Job: Das größte Speed-Dating der Region - dating new york city

Aachen: In zehn Minuten zum Job: Das größte Speed-Dating der Region

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Aachen: In zehn Minuten zum Job: Das größte Speed-Dating der Region

Aachen : In zehn Minuten zum Job: Das größte Speed-Dating der Region

Preparation is all. Madeleine Aim Broik Housen (left) is one of the 40 coaches supporting job seekers. At the job speed date held on August 31, Stephan Voß, Monica JUNGE (right back), and Anna Elisabeth A. have performed.

A little before or a few weeks ago, Stefan Foss lined up on the table, such as cover letters, resumes, certificates, and programs. So is the job hunting. And Foss (38 years old) is looking for a job.

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Andre Shafer

In fact, three months have passed. And on that day, I participated in a job coaching session hosted by Tüv Nord Bildungs in Ahen Duren City. A professional training trainer took care of the 3 8-yea r-old for 8 hours. Application training, sel f-promotion, confident appearance, all of them were all issues.

Just a few minutes later, the first reaction was returned to Foss. My career is messed up. This is not surprising for him living in Echiba. Painters, varnis h-painted craftsmen, office communication, sel f-employed, and Foss have been doing almost all professional tasks. However, by August 31, he wants to give a clear line to his “chaotic resume.”Because, probably Voss is waiting. größte Speed work date that the area has never seen.

The 600 participants who applied for preparation courses and events a few months ago are those who are mainly qualified to work in the commercial division.

Of course, it is an attractive event for companies.”30 companies have already announced their participation, and it may be a little more,” said Gabriele Steffens, director of Tüv Nord Education. And she reveals:A group of the automotive industry, “many companies have multiple jobs,” have announced that about 100 vacancies have appeared.

On August 31, in addition to job speed dates, workshops, lectures, and consultations will be held. Participants will be interviewed three times per person.

Intensive Vorbereitung

In a business lounge at the Achen Tivoli Hotel, a total of 600 job seekers in the area introduced about 30 companies, Ahen, Duren and Heinsberg, which have been expected so far. The purpose is to join as many applicants as possible. Participants in order zehn 10 minutes is not a big time to get the attention to yourself, “said Houbert Wallen, a staff member of Duren.

That’s right. Speed date itself is not a very innovative idea for job seekers, and many events have been held not only in this area. However, it has never been so intensive that 600 candidates have prepared so much for the “sunny stage”. Each of the participants is completely one day, two days a small group, and a total of three days training all day training. The seminar of this size is unusual, “Waeren says. In other words, he is the designer of this big event. He knows.”I can’t just keep such an event on my sleeve, including preparing for applicants.”

One of them is Madeleine Aime Broy Housen. She is qualified as a social worker and no n-medical physiotherapist, and will prepare a total of 15 job seekers by August 31, and says, “We are working on preparing for job seekers.”。And you can believe her right away. After a few seconds, she shows that she has a talent to make her unemployed person who suffers deep depression without making any effort.

Regarding speed date, Broichhausen is a “unique business chance” zehn Not all candidates will find a job in speed date, but participants will definitely gain confidence, professional application documents, and new confidence in future applications.”He says.

Bewegtes Leben

Anna Elizabeth A doesn’t want to read his full name in a newspaper, but he will sign up for Broyhausen’s claim without any hesitation. 61 years old lives in Heinsberg and is looking for a new job in the phone acquisition business. After being trained as a foreign language correspondent, he has been working as a commercial and secretary for many years. For several years, she has been a clerical part for her husband who has been a salaried worker. Now she is looking for a new challenge.”Because I’ve been doing various jobs so far, my resume is quite strange. I had to do something.

ERKELENZ’s Monika JUNGE is also looking back on his life. 4 5-yea r-olds have been trained as a bank clerk, have long been freelance service in freelance, and have recently worked for a major telecommunications company. He has been looking for a job since September last year. Of course, I wish I had started work on August 31, but the prior coaching was very useful. “You can learn a lot about yourself, your strengths, and the opportunity to announce it.””

What Stephen Voice learned is to write his professional career in paper in an eas y-t o-understand and transparent way, no matter how many twists and turns.”In the past, I often silenced my career details intentionally. In the future, I have already learned-it will never fail again.”

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