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Alexandra Stepanova and. International Figure Skating | Facebook

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3 “International Figure Skating” uses Facebook. Log in and connect to International Artistic Skating.

3 “International Figure Skating” uses Facebook. Log in and connect to International Artistic Skating.

International figure skating

Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bookin have brought new maturity this season. Russian Ice Dance Duo hopes that the effort will be rewarded at the Helsinki Games at the end of this month.

Ifs magazine dot com

Stephonova & Bookin: Growth Federatio n-International Figure Skating Federation

Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin are influential candidates to establish ice dance status in Russia after the Olympics.

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Janet Watkinson
After P/C, what I like. I want you to have it. skate at worlds.
Amy Ono Matsusawa
I like the most Russian team. Also, I’m glad to see Bukin that always looks fun with K & Amp; C.
Enrique Ray Sanchez

Although their growth is slow (in the junior era, they were competing with Papadakis / Sizeron), but they are steadily progressing. To become Russia No. 1, you need to do your best. Ivan is excellent.

Courtney Rubin
I really like this young Russian team. I hope there will be good things in the future
Nick Karen
Bokin is always happily playing. Born performer.

The most important thing for the Russian Ice Dance Team is that there are two to three of the next Olympics next year. As before, Russia can have three. How overwhelming the Soviet Russian dance team on ice?

Marion Dat
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International figure skating

2023 Figure Skating Award voting platform has been released. The winners will be announced at the “Art on Ice” show on February 5.

Fans can vote. Best skater award, best costume award, Best Entertainment Program Award, Best Newcomer Award, Best Choreographer Award.

Cdn2. ISU. Org

cdn2. ISU. Org

Kate Christophel
It was very difficult to choose one by one in each category.
Doranem Malag
Isn’t the best coach a voting system?
International figure skating
DRANEM MALAG This category is limited to media voting.

International figure skating

Tessa Buruchu, Scott More, finally celebrated the receipt of the Canadian medal today. It was awarded in 2020, but the medal ceremony was postponed by COVID-9 pandemic.

The following is an interview with a Canadian network after the award ceremony.


No more honor “: Tessa Burthae and Scott More, the Medal of Canada

CTV News Annie Bergeron-Oliver spoke to Olympians.

They are truly Canada’s great ambassadors and role models for young people. skaters Greta Farley

congratulations!Two people.
Andy Southcott
Congratulations to both of you who are the best ice dancers.
Scott Simkowski
I think it’s ironic that a sport that Scott was honored with was destroyed in the “Wake Agenda” by Skate Canada and Scott is supporting it!Wake Agenda = Declining fan base = Decreasing funding = Declining awareness = Complete failure as a sport.
international figure skating
An Australian TV station has produced a documentary, Katya and Harley, which chronicles the life and career of the late Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya and Harley Windsor. To watch https://iview. abc. net. au/show/Harley-and-katya you need her VPN outside Australia.

This detailed article provides a lot of important, previously unpublished information.

It’s ABC. NETs, AUs
Katya was like a prop.” The tragic story of a couple who never got to play Australia’s Olympics.
Harley Windsor and Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya

These two are Australia’s most improbable sporting stories, and their most tragic. skating skaters coming up ❤

International figure skating

figure skating

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