An Extrovert’s Guide to Dating an Introvert (and Vice Versa) – YourDOST Blog - dating new york city

An Extrovert’s Guide to Dating an Introvert (and Vice Versa) – YourDOST Blog

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An Extrovert’s Guide to Dating an Introvert (and Vice Versa)

Love is a universal emotion, experienced by people on both ends of the personality continuum. I would like to introduce this point of view. how introverts and extroverts Generally, they fall in love according to their own personality traits and preferences.

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1. Take it slow: Introverts don’t like to rush things. He likes to develop things slowly, and thinks carefully about everything in every aspect of love.

2. Couple time. Your intimate partner wants to spend a lot of time with you. 1 on 1 time!The one-on-one connection feels deeper and more genuine, and I cherish the time. in very high value.

3. Comfort lies in small social circles: Introverts prefer to be in small groups of people they feel comfortable with. if you an extrovert , your introvert Your partner will be happy to party with you for your happiness, but don’t expect to be able to talk to everyone and be happy. They may be having fun in their own way.

Note: After a large social event such as a party. introverts You may need some private time to process the overwhelming experience of such a wide range of social experiences. The scientific basis is that too much dopamine in the brain is distracting and causes anxiety. an introvert .

4. Philosophical discussions are also welcome. Conversations shouldn’t just be about dates, events of the day, or physical intimacy. Introverts will welcome abstract talk and conversations about the larger aspects of life. Dreams, goals, life-changing moments and more. You want to share and hear your partner’s perspective. A higher perspective helps build better relationships.

5. Totally Fun*: If you make someone feel good, that’s fun. Even in terms of intimacy. Introverts are very romantic and very extrovert – In terms of intimacy, he has a great sense of humor. All of these perks are only possible if they feel comfortable and at ease in your company. That’s right, the conditions apply in full.

6. Method of expression. An introvert might not propose to you in the middle of a big mall with thousands of people watching you two!But they will present a beautiful, special and grand gesture (with more specific individual values) of love that can be expressed in the more personal space between the two of you as a couple.

7. During stressful times An introvert I want to find a space where I can relax and be alone.

4. Lively and lighthearted conversation. Conversation will fall short on deep issues that require introspection, time and inner thought. Conversations can talk about everyday life, parties, intimacy, and more. Now here for a more specific topic.

1. Pacing it up: An extrovert 5. Endless Fun: Expect plenty of fun-filled trips and gatherings.

is a partner ofThey are usually the center of attention and can easily charm people with their charisma. extroverts 6. Method of expression. Extroverts are more open and honest in expressing their thoughts and feelings. Expect big announcements, grand proposals, and all manner of feelings in the limelight extrovert 7. During stressful times

You can reach out to more people, ask for help, ask for advice, and talk to more people. Some people may have a habit of running away from problems by partying and socializing a lot. extroverts .

It’s a common perception that introverts and extroverts complement each other, but this may not be absolutely true. Love experiences are highly subjective and determined by how partners work through their similarities and differences and embrace them. In this way, both partners’ success, failureYou can find examples.

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 extroverts love fun outings

Garge is your team’s expert friend. She is a clinical psychologist and has worked in various hospitals in Bangalore and Bhopal. Her interests include positive psychology, psychotherapy, assessment, sensitivity, special education, rehabilitation counseling, psychoanalysis, yoga psychology, and psycho-oncology. She is a very caring person who finds joy in helping others. an extrovert partner.

7. During stressful times An extrovert Philosophical discussions are always welcome

Extroverts prefer social environments between people

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