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Anderson Cooper & Andy Cohen Relationship: Are They Dating? |

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Anderson Cooper & Andy Cohen Relationship: Are They Dating?

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This is because Koen reported that he mentioned the famous mother of Cooper when he talked on the phone before the matchmaking that did not happen. However, according to US magazines, they quickly became friends.

CNN is Cohen and Cooper will return to a joint moderator on December 31, 2022 with the Bureau’s “Special New Year’s Eve”. The countdown to “2023” [email protected] and around the world and Participated in live broadcast from Andy Cohen from Times Square. Et #cnnnye and CNN tweeted.

There is something I want you to know here.

Cohen & Anderson Almost Went on a Blind Date Once, But It Didn’t Happen When Cohen Broke Cooper’s ‘Cardinal Rule’

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper

CNN/YouTube Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper exclaimed on a CNN New Year’s program.

According to the USA magazine, Cooper met Cohen in the early 1990s, “substantially settled on a blind date.”

According to the US magazine, Cohen mentioned the cooper’s famous mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, and broke the “basic rules” when Cooper dated, so the two “dynamic was romantic.”

“Andy and I had a matchmaking for the first time, but it didn’t happen because I had a phone call. and Two minutes later, Cooper said in December 2016 in “Watch What Happens Live”, saying, “I won’t go out with this person.””He broke my basic rules … I talked about my mother in the first four sentences of the date.”

On the contrary, the US magazine reports that he has become good friends.

Cohen Told Howard Stern of Cooper, ‘We’re Not Attracted to Each Other That Way’

Cohen picked up a question dating back to Radio’s Howard Stern in January 2022.

“What do you like about Anderson Cooper?” Stern asked.

I don’t think it’s “that”. our relationship Based on, are we just friends? It’s not part. At this point, I think we understand each other well. In that sense, we are not attracted to each other, “Koen replied.

Koen said, “No, he’s a goo d-looking guy. We are not in that place.”

Cohen Says He Won’t Drink With Cooper During Their New Year’s Eve Special

Getty Reporter Anderson Cooper (L) and host Andy Cohen

The moderator of “Watch Whut Hapns Live” appears in Page Six he and Cooper will not drink alcohol on CNN New Year’s program.

“I don’t drink alcohol, but I’m going to sleep,” Cohen told Page Six.

Earlier, Cohen told Rolling Stone that he did not expect the ban on CNN correspondents to be applied to New Year’s Eve. him and “CNN said that correspondents would not drink,” Koen told Rolling Stone. and I’m going to be a party with CNN (although) to be a party with responsibility.””

Cohen & Cooper Tour Together & Have Co-Hosted the New Year’s Eve Party for CNN Since 2017

Anderson Cooper & AMP? Andy Cohen

Getty Anderson Cooper & Amp? Andy Cohen poses together in 2018.

According to the US magazine, Cohen and Cooper has traveled together since 2016 and has announced “AC2: ANTIMATE EVening with Anderson Cooper”. and Andy Cohen.”

The US magazine reports that CNN has been hosting CNN’s “New Year’s Eve”.

Cooper welcomed a boy with his boyfriend Benjamin My Sani, but said People’s catastrophe.

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