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Are Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell Still Together?

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Are Bachelor Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell Still Together? Why They Split, Reunited and Is She Pregnant?

Are The Bachelor Matt James and Rachel Kirkconnell Still Dating? Breakup Reasons, Reunion, and Current Location

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Bachelor contestant Rachel Kirkconnell and top man Matt James exited as a couple in the season 25 finale, but never got engaged. Many fans wonder if Matt and Rachel are still together? together Following the social media controversy, or are they both currently single?

Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell Broke Up Before After the Final Rose

The final top men are Rachel (24) and Michelle Young (27). In the end, Matt, 29, chose Rachel, but things got complicated. The real-life couple ended the season as a couple, even though the real estate analyst never flipped the question.

Very handsome. Matt James

In the wake of Rachel’s racism scandal that began after the season 25 premiere in January 2021, the situation in their relationship has since changed, stating, “Matt and Rachel Kirkconnell are no longer together. together A source told his Life and Style EXCLUSIVELY on March 8, a day after Matt released a statement condemning Rachel’s past social media behavior.

“Matt broke up with Rachel mainly because of backlash. Ultimately, he was more about defending himself by supporting his friend (former Bachelorette) Rachel Lindsay and speaking out about the franchise.”I was concerned aboutRachel can’t wait to finally have her say when the finale airs,” the insider added.

In a roundtable discussion with Rachel after The Last Rose, moderated by Emmanuel Acho, the protagonist elaborated on her decision to move away from their two romances.”As someone who grew up in the South, it takes you to places you don’t really want to think about,” she says. Rachel says he may not understand what it means to be black in America. I’m deaf. There are a lot of me who don’t get it if they don’t understand that it’s a problem in 2018. That’s easy.

Rachel first came under fire when one of her Tiktok users accused a contestant of abusing her during her high school years. together This user claimed that Rachel was “bullying” her because she “likes black people.”Shortly after, another of her Tiktok videos claimed the reality star had previously “liked” a racist social media post that included a Confederate flag.

Insensitive photos of Rachel’s girlfriend began to circulate, including one of Rachel attending an old Southern Antebellum-themed fraternity party, and one of her in a Native American costume.

The Georgia native has since apologized for her insensitive behavior.” On one occasion, I refused to admit how offensive and discriminatory my behavior was, but I cannot excuse it. No matter what my age or when it happened, there is no excuse.”No. Not acceptable or okay in any way. I was ignorant and my ignorance was racism,” read in part from her Instagram post on Feb. 11, 2021. I was.

On February 22, Matt posted his thoughts on “disturbing information that has come to light” since the shooting ended, stating, “This moment sparked important conversations and reports, raised important questions, It led to an inspiring statement of solidarity from the Nation,” he wrote via Instagram.

“It’s also about me, not just me, but all the contestants of color, especially the black contestants this season and past seasons, and for you, the in-house viewer, my time on The Bachelor.”I urged him to re-evaluate what the experience represented and process it.” His statement continued, “I will process this experience, so expect to hear more from me at the end.”My greatest prayer is that this will be a turning point that will lead to real organizational change for the better.”

Shortly after the scandal broke, a source told Life & Style that Matt “supports” Rachel in the middle of the drama.”He has to be careful with what she says on social media and in the media, but he definitely wants to protect her and will be there for her,” the source said. describes Matt’s initial reaction.

 matt - james - rachael - kirkconnell -seemingly-meeting-up-in-atlanta-ig

Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell Got Back Together After The Bachelor

The two were spotted together and rumors of a reunion spread. together However, Rachel learned at the time that Matt was “talking to another woman,” Us Weekly reports.”He dumped her girlfriend in New York. Over the past few months, the two have personally repaired their relationship and taken the next step. together “She’s very emotional right now because she really wanted things to work out. She’s still trying to process it,” a source told the magazine.

A few weeks later, Rachel posted photos and videos of her April 15, 2021 trip to Piedmont Park in Atlanta with her friends on her own Instagram Story, just hours earlier. released a video of Matt’s silly moments during the flight.”This is going to be a great flight for Atlanta,” he wrote in the caption of the funny video. It was thought that his former lover might have arranged to meet while the Bachelors alumnus was traveling.

Matt James, Rachael Kirkconnell Relationship timeline & lt; pan& gt? On April 23rd, Reality Steve reported that Matt and Rachel were spotted at the Bear Flag Fish Co in Newport Beach, California.

Steve reported that Matt and Rachel were spotted at the Bear Flag Fish Co in Newport Beach, CA on April 23rd. together while having lunch. He released a candid snapshot of the two on his Twitter, adding:”Rachel said Matt and he were in California the whole time”

Matt vaguely revealed his relationship status with Rachel in his interview with People on the 28th.”She has met with Rachel on several occasions,” he said. “She is not pursuing any other relationship at this time.”When she said to focus on her relationship, she meant there to focus.”

A few days later, the two were spotted in New York. together – And, according to TMZ, Matt even had his arms around Rachel as they walked into the Lower East Side building on May 4th.

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