Are Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir Dating? Olympics Fans Are Shipping It - dating new york city

Are Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir Dating? Olympics Fans Are Shipping It

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People are convinced figure skaters Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are dating — here’s the truth behind their relationship

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  • Canadian ice dance team Tessa Virtue and Scott More compete at the Winter Olympics
  • Although they have been partners for 20 years, the professional couple say their relationship is purely platonic.
  • Still, the hardcore of the fans doesn’t stop shipping them.
  • People make fancy videos and post GIFs of Virtue and Moa holding hands.

You were watching the program. I’m sure she’s gone 47 minutes down the YouTube rabbit hole noticing a Tessa Virtue and Scott More fanfantasy video.

But the truth is, my Canadian skating partners are just friends.

Virtue and Moa put on a sexy act during the team skating competition on Sunday night. Not only did he help Canada win the gold medal, but it also made Olympic viewers once again ask themselves, “Am I an object made of ice?”

Unfortunately, this is the Olympic ship This remains in port. But behind all the speculation is the remarks about Virtue and More’s partnership.

Mulan Rogue’s routine has sparked a lot of speculation on Twitter.

On Sunday, Virtue and Moa gave a great performance to two of her Moulin Rouge!

It was full of choreography with beautiful timing, such as passionate lifts and hand-holding stretches. Virtue and others accentuated the sexually charged choreography to make it more of a familial passion.

A dash of disparate chemistry from skaters is key to skating partnerships, and Virtue and More consistently display a more lively passion than their rivals.

People made a fuss about whether her chemistry between the two represented true love.

—Allison Keene (@keenetv) February 13, 2018

-Morgan (@miss_meaux) February 13, 2018

— Bellarke Life (@Bellarkable) Feb 12, 2018

Rumors spread that the two were just friends, but there were still some who couldn’t help it.

— Shinigami (@_annetastic_) February 12, 2018

– (((Jody)) (@nobleknope) February 10, 2018

– Namita (@nnstats) February 12, 2018

One woman released a GIF of her skating in the arena after Virtue and Moa reached out to another skater.

— Maddie (@mqharper) February 12, 2018

And #VirtureMoir fan accounts (many of which have been around for years) have taken off on Twitter’s mainstream.

–Tear-ah (@ladyfriday87) February 11, 2018

Some people scanned old Virtue and Moore interviews and found romantic words they thought were suspicious.

-Kamien Ray (@Cammienray) February 11, 2018

-Melissa Rosenberg (@melroseee) Feb 12, 2018

#VirtueMoir shipping has been on her YouTube for years

A rabbit hut where a thread stands on Twitter about the good compatibility of the vertu and moir, and eventually reach YouTube. There are people who edit romantic fantasy images of figure skating partners in line with songs such as Christina Perr “A Thousand Years”, known for appearing in the masterpiece movie “Twilight”. I was there.

The channel that created the above video is simply called Tessavirtueandmoir. This account was created in 2013, uploading dozens of romantic songs and More’s montage.

And there is a short clip uploaded by others, including the 2014 Sochi Olympics. This video was shot on a war m-up broadcast, and it shows the vertu and More kissing (are you going to do it?).

Announcer says while the camera focuses on the vertu and the more.”They are sometimes paying attention to the details, even though they are crazy about dancing and each other […]

Vertu and More “found each other” when they were young.

Vertu and More said in an interview with extraordinary work relationships that they had been dating for several months, that is, as a child.

“In 2010, Gloves and Mail Paper, a reporter, Sarah Humpson, stated that their book was 8 years old and eight months when he was 10 years old,” he said., “When his friends tied him, he called her and said that it was over.

Vertu and More have been working together for 20 years. Last fall, Vertu released a video that summarizes the evolution as a partner on Instagram and added a hashtag #virturemoir #20years.#XX:

#Vertumoir #20years #XX

A Post Sharede by Tessa Virtue (@tessavirtue17) on Sep 2, 2017 at 4:02 P. M. PDT SEP 2, 2017 at 4:02 P. M. PDT

The story of the figure skating is that Vertu is 20 years old and More is 22 years old, won the youngest gold medal at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

The relationship between them was always platonic and professional.

After that, every time they act together and return to the world stage, they seem to have more professional chemical reactions.

In the Kiss 92 radio interview. 5 In 2014, More said that he was dating someone, but acknowledged that it was “tough” and said that it was an “outfield” for dating. At the corner, the vertu states that her concentration is specialized in the Olympics, so she will practice with More and will be a “terrible” lover.

Going to Pyeongchang 2018, Verchu and More (28 and 30 years old) said they still had a dating question.

It was held in Toronto on February 13, two days after Moulin Rouge’s explosive hit.


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