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Are Tom Holland and Zendaya Still Together? Dating Update

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Tom Holland and Zendaya Are the Perfect Spidey Couple! Go Inside Their Sweet Romance

Are Tom Holland and Zendaya still dating? Stay up to date

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The romance on the screen is an of f-screen romance! Tom Holland and Zendaya are one of the most attracting couples in Hollywood, but they don’t touch the public. I like it. Since the two do not usually declare dating, it may be difficult to make sure that the two fans are still dating. And they asked their fans to guess that they had been dating at the end of 2021. However, their silence also made their fans have the following questions: together in 2022?

Zendaya confirmed that after won the Emmy Award in September 2022, the two romance had still been continued.”Well, my mother was already there, so I didn’t have to send a text to my mother, she’s here tonight, it’s very special.” Zendaya is e! I talked to. This is the news after winning the drama series and the Best Drama Series Best Actor Award in the HBO “Euphonium”.”And I wrote a boyfriend.”

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Are Tom Holland and Zendaya Still Together?

Tom has already shared some posts that yearn for a graduate of Disney Channel, but Zendaya has finally added him to his Instagram feed before the premiere of the movie Spide r-Man: No Way Home.

“My Spide r-Man, I’m proud of you,” said a photo of Tom in a set of two movies, with a caption on a loving Instagram post and wearing Spide r-Man costumes. Is posted.”Some things do not change, good things.”

Just a month later, Euphoria’s actress responded to Instagram posting photos taken by Prada’s brand campaign in January 2022.

“Born in Prada,” Cherry Star put a caption on the Instagram Calusel post, and then commented on some Heart Eye emoticons.

By March 2022, Tom commented on some posts on the Instagram of Zendaya, some of which were photographed on March 3. He posted “ONE OF MY FAVORITE SHOOTS OF ALL TIME” with a caption, while his boyfriend type three hear t-eye emoji in comments. On the same day, he posted a photo of a professiona l-like face again, and Bo commented that he congratulated in three emoticons.

Lovebird has not posted a photo for the next three months together Online, however, Zendaya celebrates his lover’s Happy Birthday on June 1 through Instagram.

“The happiest birthday to the person who makes me happiest

Are Tom Holland and Zendaya still dating?

Just weeks later, Tom couldn’t help but run away from Vogue Italia’s July 2022 issue. The Dune actress has released a series of stunning images taken for her publication, wearing her gorgeous low-cut silver dress and applying make-up like her euphoric character prefers. caught her

Spider-Man himself was one of Zendaya’s many celebrity friends, including Hailey Bieber and Chloe Bailey, who praised the creative imagery.

Sending cheers with a heart emoji, Zendaya’s friends couldn’t help but leave comments on the amazing image.

But some of their adorable posts came to a halt when Tom revealed in his August 2022 Instagram video that he “has to take a break” because his social media usage is “overwhelming.”It seems that

“When I read about myself on the internet, I went into a spiral of depression and ended up in a really bad mental state,” Tom says in the clip, “so I decided to take the plunge and delete the app.”.

And the buzzing star of this room took an Instagram break to talk about, not anything else, the mental health charity he sponsors, STEM4.

But that didn’t mean his romantic gestures towards Zendaya came to an end. In fact, a fan filmed the Uncharted star knitting with a commercial on a plane to Budapest to shoot the Dune sequel.

Tom Holland Has Spoken About Their Relationship

Tom also touched on the topic after the skinny actor posted about his girlfriend on his Instagram and in July 2021, when a photo of the two of him kissing circulated online. there is

In an interview with GQ in November 2021, the Marvel Cinematic Universe star said images of Zendaya and the two of them sharing a moment went viral after it went viral., said he felt “his privacy was taken away”.

“The downside of being famous is that privacy is out of control and moments that you thought were between the two of them in love are now being shared with the whole world.

Tom later explained that the situation “doesn’t mean I’m not ready”, adding in an interview, “It’s just that I don’t want to talk about it.”.

He also said, “You can’t have a conversation without her girlfriend,” adding, “You know, I have too much respect for her…”It’s our story, not mine. I’ll tell you what it is when I can it together .”

Tom Holland and Zendaya Have Visited Each Other on Set

In a December 2021 IMDb interview, the superhero claimed to have visited the set of HBO’s show “at least 30 times.”

In the same interview, Zendaya pointed out that the show “should have put in an Easter egg (Tom),” to which her boyfriend replied, “I want to be on Euphoria!”

Are Tom Holland and Zendaya still dating?

In January 2022, a photo posted to Instagram by Euphoria actor Siyon Foster, which included a photo of Tom in a mask holding up a “peace” sign behind Zendaya, said the two fansIt’s so rebellious.

In July 2022, Zendaya was photographed arriving at the set of Tom’s Apple TV+ series ‘The Crowded Room’ in NYC.

Tom Holland and Zendaya Have Been Spotted Out on Dates

In February 2022, a photo obtained by the Daily Mail shows the two of them walking away from a date at Mamo, a restaurant in Soho, New York, holding hands. Zendaya wore a strapless blazer-inspired dress to the meal, while Tom wore a blue and gold button-down.

The two then enjoyed a romantic dinner in Rome, Italy, on February 23, and Francesco Panella, owner of the restaurant Antica Pesa, said that Tom had “returned” to the restaurant for a “surprise night” with Zendaya. While appreciating that, he posted a photo on Instagram alongside the two of them.

From March to April of this year, Tom and Zadaya were photographed walking through cities ranging from Boston to New York. They were later spotted holding hands at the Louvre Museum in Paris in October.

Tom Holland and Zendaya make the perfect Spidey couple! Generally, it is a word used in the sense of frustration.

Did Tom Holland and Zendaya Get Engaged?

Speculation is still rife among Spider-Man fans, but Tom and Zendaya have not made it public whether they are engaged. Her rumors are said to have originated when she showed off her glittery gold ring in her mirror selfie, which she released via her Instagram Stories in December 2021.

“It’s time for a change,” the former Disney Channel star wrote in the caption of a photo from the time, revealing her new hairstyle and style.

While her hand jewelry has made headlines, Zendaya wears the ring on her right finger instead of her left, and her loyal fans have noted the Bvlgari jewelry she wears many times as a gift to herself. It was also pointed out that it resembles the ring of

However, an engagement isn’t what it takes to be happy. A source of her told her Us Weekly in November 2022 that Tom and Zendaya were “both relaxed and totally real.”I am planning for the future of together “, adding that it looks like “something serious and permanent.”

Zendaya’s mother, Claire Stormer, seems to have set her record straight on her actress’ dating after rumors broke that the two were engaged in December 2022.

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