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Asian Dating Sites – The Best Of The Best Dating Sites

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Asian Dating Sites

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Asian dating sites are gaining popularity. There are also Asian women seeking American men, and foreigners seeking Asian girlfriends and wives.

We will deliver 10 Asian dating sites. Among them, there is also a free dating site. Both have gained to p-class positions in Asian dating sites on the Internet. And there is also a place that is perfect for men and women’s romance.

Asia has more than 4. 3 billion population and accounts for 55. 1 % of the world’s population. Of these, about 49 % are connected to the Internet and account for about half of those who access the Internet every day.

According to statistics, about 43 % of the world’s population is intention, but at the moment he is single and unmarried.

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Asia, in addition to its size, provides various opportunities on other continents in the world. First, the more population, the higher the diversity. For example, women in Thailand and Vietnam are messed up with Westerners for various reasons.

Regardless of your race, you are interested in Asian culture and continental women as long as you are looking for a single in China, Vietnam, and other areas in your spic e-up life. I’m something here, you’ll appeal to you just to have it. I hope you find the perfect dish for you.

It also shows international dating sites on the Internet (not only in Asia). Or, if you like only the best Latin dating site.

Finally, if you really want to be seriously associated with an Asian girl, we need information about the Asian bride we define. Don’t be deceived by your name. This site is not only for dating an Asian hot girl, but also for getting married.

However, a long delay is the 10 best Asian dating site where you can find where you can find it.


Asian dates are important sites in the online dating world. That’s because, unlike other sites specializing in dating, it’s like an Asian version of Eharmony. Rather than a casual relationship, it is a content specializing in those who want to get married.

First of all, this site is running on a credit system. To read, send, call, or read emails, you need to buy coins. It is good to remember from this point that such a credit system site is much more expensive than normal sites, because coins are applied to everything, that is, they read money. is.

Most women here are based in China and can’t speak English, so you’ll really need a translation function.

The translation function is not very good, but this site scans all the sent texts and discards identifiers such as email and phone number. But any system is not perfect, and wise people should be able to break through.

The only real advantage of the credit system is that it can filter a har d-t o-appear woman.

So I don’t like the credit system, but I like all of this site. Ideal as an encounter with Asian women.

Evaluation: 9/10

2. Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossom is an overwhelmingly old and bes t-known site among the free Asian dating sites on the Internet. It has existed since you are careful, and it will be the first site that everyone will search and meet.


As a dating site for Asian personals, the Sakura dating site has some love. The first thing that many people immediately fall in love with is the search function.

Unlike other sites that just search for the name you’re looking for, CherryBlossoms highlights everything that’s publicly available.

The end result is a highly searchable database based on various variables. Think of it as a search engine for potential partners.

The site does not lack functionality either.

An interesting thing that no other site has is that you can rate different people based on your preferences and bookmark them for later visits. And you can receive various matching according to your evaluation and tagged people.

I think the chat feature built into the app is pretty intuitive and clever. Used well, it can be very attractive. You can send emails, video messages, or start live chats.

Is it free?

It is here that we realize that Cherry Blossoms is not actually a free dating site. Basic features such as viewing profiles and registration are of course free, but advanced features such as video chat are available at competitive rates to avoid being abused.

Above all, what makes this site better than others is that the number of women is almost the same as the other sites combined. This gives you a wide variety of options to choose from and is well balanced with the price. Cherry Blossom Dating is a unique online experience.

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Rating: 7. 5/10

3. Pinalove

Pinalove. com is a fun website where people from all over the world can meet people from the Philippines for casual encounters, friendships or long term relationships.

While other sites try to make ends meet with tons of users, the site prides itself on offering professional features almost for free.

There are free and premium versions, but standard members can use many of the features already available to keep in touch with other members. For example, you can start messaging immediately, or send an email at any time. But if, for example, you need to make a video call through the site, you will have to pull the professional version.

However, the downside of this site is that it doesn’t feel professional compared to many sites out there.

For this reason, AsiandaTing. com shares many characteristics and characteristics with other sites owned by the parent company. One is a database.

If you combine all sites, you may think that the number of members exceeds 25 million, and some people may think “sly”, but in fact, it is so diversity in Asian dating sites. There is no other site.

Another thing that makes this site stand out is the price model. Unlike ASIANDATE. com, which uses a great microtransaction system, this is a subscriptio n-based basis.

If you have used sites like OKCupid or Tinder, you should be able to relax on this site. Certainly the design is not sophisticated, but it is certainly easy to use.

4. AsianDating

Evaluation: 7. 4/10

As the name suggests, Filipino Cupid is part of a huge Cupid Media network. We share many functions with similar sites. And it is characterized by many people who are interested in dating with Filipinos.

A little unusual, Filipino Cupid allows you to send and receive emails without becoming a professional member. Considering how to acquire such sites, there is a different fun than usual.

However, some functions are locked behind the key of professionalism. Improving video calls and text functions is the perfect function when you want to build a more personal relationship with your partner.

For this reason, the fee is set high while having almost the same function as the sister site asiANDATING. COM. The site always has about 5, 000 active users, and there are many people who can consult with cautious people.

If you have used sites like OKCupid or Tinder, you should be able to relax on this site. Certainly the design is not sophisticated, but it is certainly easy to use.

5. Filipino Cupid.

I am grateful that the credit system has been abolished, unlike other sites under Anastasia.

However, as a Philippine dating site, it has not yet established the same position as a mature site.

Points: 7 points 2 points

Thaifriendly, as the name suggests, is an impressive site to invite Thailand to date. In terms of configuration, it is a very wel l-made site, and navigation is easy.

If you create a profile and look for a matching partner, you can use it immediately. But the biggest drawback is that it lacks a fairly important feature compared to other sites.

It comes with a relatively useful free member, but if you come from Western sites such as Tinder, the contract content is extremely limited, so you may feel that you will be stretched out.

However, the site has more than 500. 000 active members. Every time you log in, many people are ready to talk to you.

But sorting out of countless profiles is really troublesome. There is no advanced filtering mechanism that can be seen in cherry blossoms, but at least it looks pretty wonderful.

6. Thaifriendly

And most of all, most of the members are uploading photos of professiona l-faced, despite the bland landscape.

Thai friendly seems to have given up on a number of lack of functions, such as video calls and translations, and is even more friendly.

The premium version provides some of these important features and the creators have worked hard, so I really want to use them, but I still feel like they are ahead.

Evaluation: 7/10

In terms of dating, dating in Asia is definitely to p-class. According to Alexa’s research, it is one of the most commercial sites in dating categories. The reason is that this site has nothing to do with string sofrey.

Instead, every time you click a mouse, the ad is displayed. Unfortunately, this only opens fake profiles, fake people, and platforms for many fraud. Please be careful because there are quite a few.

The second is that you need to enter your phone number when registering and confirmation. This is a pretty embarrassing act on the Internet, even for famous service providers such as Facebook.

However, “Date in ASIA” is a fairly decent international marriage agency if you dig and use it properly. Most men can spend a great time on this site because the database is very substantial and the ratio of women is very high.

Professional advice: The condition for using Dateinasia. com is to have a burner phone and an ad blocker.


Evaluation: 7/10

Vietnam is one of the most popular countries on the continent for Western men seeking good women. As a result, it has become quite acceptable for Asian women to associate with American and European people.

But Vietnamcupid is not a typical Vietnam site. We are proud of being a custo m-made bride site with the same format and appearance as modern dating sites. In short, everything is as expected. Only men seek beautiful women who may visit the country and get married.

This site does a good job to help men meet women. This is especially true, especially considering the exclusion of fake, repeat profiles, and scammers. However, the trip to Vietnam has not been planned, so it is a shame, but it can be managed.

However, don’t be too excited quickly.

Professional advice: The condition for using Dateinasia. com is to have a burner phone and an ad blocker.

8. VietnamCupid

It is not the expensive credit system spread by Anastasia, but the same price as the services that many people are already used to.

In addition, if you become a professional member, you can use new features such as the use of the email system, live video calls, and machine translation.

Again, don’t expect the same translation service to be the same.

As expected in this type of price model, the more you pay, the more likely you will be to pay attention to other profiles. That is, considering that there are many other things that can be used freely besides the free members.

The most convenient functions (translation, video call, etc.) are provided only to platinum members. This includes free contact information without flagging from the system.

The big dissatisfaction we have in “KOREANCUPID” is that its design is not accurate. First of all, the name and advertisement are misleading because it is not only for Korean encounters.

In addition, almost all of the convenient functions are charged, making it a really big black hole. Once you use it, it’s very fun. However, it is quite frustrating if you sacrifice the money, but you still can’t get an appointment.

Except for those who can afford the money, have a relatively flexible budget before jumping.

Evaluation 6, 8/10

Professional advice: The condition for using Dateinasia. com is to have a burner phone and an ad blocker.

9. Korean Cupid

The flesh means that you need to upgrade your subscription to gold or platinum to get something that can be used remotely on this site. You can filter a variety of profiles according to your interests. But at the free level of this site, there is nothing else you can do.

It’s not a bad site overall, but Cupid Media should be able to do a better job by opening the platform and making it a beginne r-friendly site.

Evaluation: 6, 8/10

Chnlove. com is now redirected to Asiame. com, but is supposed to be a “Chinese dating site in a Chinese dating site.”Apparently, the most Chinese women are registered among no n-Chinese sites on the Internet.

However, Chnlove. com can only be called a mobile game that only uses microtransactions as a source of revenue. And in the process, they will spend as much money as you like.

This site, part of Cupid Network, does not pretend to provide a unique Chinese profile. Names and images are freely shared on all sites.

The only difference is that they are more happy to talk and laugh even in a terrible joke. Well, my joke is pretty bad. Maybe you are better.

The more he speaks, the more he feels, “I’m not very interested.”But they want to maintain that credit

East meets East is very famous in America, attracting over 10, 000 couples from all over the world. Marketed as a matching service for people of Asian descent to find like-minded people for serious dating. Many of the users of this platform are from the United States, but we are connecting people from Asian countries such as Vietnam and China.

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10. Japan cupid

Significant lack of creativity (or other research) in choosing site names. Non-Asian races are considered biracial.

After all, this site is for black people who want to have relationships with Asian women. The premise is interesting, but doing the same thing is pretty bland. Again, the most useful features are only available to paying members.

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Cherry Blossoms.

Asiandating. com

philippine cupid dot com

Thaifriendly. com

mail order brides

date insia.

vietnam cupid com


Honorable mentions:

japanese cupid com

Asiame. com

Love me.

East meat yeast.

Interracialcupid. com

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