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Bavarian Evening Dos, Don’ts and Delightful Surprises. Lindau Nobel

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Bavarian Evening Dos, Don’ts and Delightful Surprises…

Bavarian Evening is coming! Bavarian Evening is coming!

At #Lino18 this Thursday, be prepared to immerse yourself in the rich and cheerful buffet of Bayern culture, food, and music. This Cornukopia, sponsored by the elite network in Bavaria, is the last party to go out and get excited with wonderful new friends who have stayed in Lindau. At Bayern Knight, you can expect a lot of delicious food, fun music, and a lot of collective and wonderful atmosphere. Preparation for enjoying, preparation for enjoying, preparation for enjoying.

In the past week, you can work hard, create a network, learn from geniuses, and meet young scientists who can build lon g-term partnerships. When I went to this German gathering, I wanted to know some facts. Did you know that Bavarian has a record that goes back to the 6th century, is the largest state on the earth and the second largest state in Germany? Do you realize that Bavarian is the largest economy in Germany, the headquarters of many major international technology companies, one of the world’s leading universities and research institutes?

This celebration has another cool aspects not only to celebrate Bavarian and German culture, but also to celebrate all the representative culture of young scientists and Nobel prize winners. It is encouraged to introduce your country’s habits and cultures and to bless you. We praise each other and learn on the contrary-that is the purpose of this party. I’m always looking forward to it. everyone National costume. You can realize Lindau, a love letter to science as an international ecosystem. In addition, the registered person is usually wearing the Bavarian costumes such as radar hosen and raising the mood.

So here are a few Dos and Don’ts to get you ready and psyched for Bavarian Evening:

Wear clothes that symbolize your country and culture. The great thing about Lindau is that it is basically the United Nations (more than 80 countries, countless cultures and languages). Take this opportunity to proudly appeal to your habits, culture, and history through beautiful clothing exhibitions.

Take a lot of selfie, post, Instagram, and tweet. Let’s celebrate where we came from using hashtag #Lino18.

Use a photo booth. Have fun and take a nice snap.

Introducing yourself to those who do not introduce yourself

I think you will know the reason immediately. After all, it’s a great week, so I’m tired by Thursday, but don’t go. Go, say hello, meet, and make a network.

Do try some foods, even You can’t just sit with new friends and other young scientists traveling together. Find an open place where you can have a new encounter and have a lifetime of your life. even If you are already talking to someone, don’t interrupt them into the extract. However, as it mixes

Don’t hesitate to ask the Nobel Prize winner, “Can I take a picture together?”They usually talk to young scientists and be together (so they come to Lindau every year). They recognize that Bavarian nights are fun and happy nights. Of course, please understand respect and courtesy.

If you don’t usually drink, don’t drink. There is no need to feel the pressure of Imetre. I don’t drink alcohol, so I don’t feel uncomfortable even if others drink around. You can say the same for you. Of course, there are many no n-alcoholic and fruit soda.

Lindau’s management has made a strategic decision to use his assets deeply.

This is the method. It makes you access the Twitter account of “Bavarian evening”. event Um, Lindau’s leader, do you really put Arina in your account?

Of course you can. But we have to borrow the help of new scientists …

it is. At Bayern Knight on Thursday, you hold the steering wheel and [email protected] I will eat your best Vulst in interviews, quotes, images and videos, and eat your best Vulst and tweet the festival live.

Prepare for Lindau Otaku!I’m in charge of Twitter on Thursday!#Awesome #lino18 #Lindauforlife #nerdheaven #Levinetakesoverindau

Alina G. Levin

And now for the magical surprise :

ALAINA G. Levine is a network author of Nerds (Wiley, 2015), who was selected as the top five in 2015 at the entrepreneur, STEM career advisor, scientific journalist, professional speakers, corporate comedians, and Physics Today.。She gave more than 700 lectures for the EU, the United States, Canada and Mexican clients, and wrote more than 350 articles on publications such as Science, Nature, and Natgeo News Watch. He is an advisor to the Lindau Nobel Prize winner and is currently writing two online courses on career development and entrepreneur spirit at the Oxford University Publishing Bureau/ Epijun. and delightful Alina G. Levin

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