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Behind the scenes of the dating site just for Star Trek fans – The Daily Dot

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Behind the scenes of the dating site just for ‘Star Trek’ fans

Trek Dating is a fun idea. It’s basically a dating site for Star Trek fans. So you can finally discover all the hot Babylon 5 lives of your dreams.

That’s pretty cool, but I also find the implications interesting. Online dating has always been a pretty broad platform. On Tinder, nearly every male match appears as a female within a 50 mile radius. For example, if someone designed an app for people who like record collecting, professional wrestling, and media culture, that would be great.)

The Trek Dating resident interviewed Daniel Woolmer about the site’s success and whether he thinks the online dating world will find more special alcoves in the near future.

How long have you been a Star Trek fan?

I was a latecomer, and it was in my early twenties that I realized that I had a side of myself as a full-fledged engineer. Until then, I had no interest in science fiction, but the first TV show I saw was “Star Trek,” which sparked my passion for science fiction.

Did you find romance within the Star Trek community before joining Trek Dating?

Not personally. That’s why I think joining a dating or niche dating site is such a great thing. For the first time, I was able to connect with people who share common interests.

Tell us about the history of Trekdate. Who started it and what was the reason?

It was started in 2013 by his CEO, Jonathan Byrd, on his birthday. He wanted to learn how to code, and he thought dating sites were an interesting idea. Luckily, a year later he met his wife Dawn here.

How many users are on the dating journey?

Since its inception, the site has attracted over 500. 000 members and continues to grow.

Should I just look for Klingon speakers, or just next-gen fans, are there any extremely specific filters for dealing with Trek?

There is no such filter, but all relevant information about what each person is looking for is written in the profile section, and I have seen profiles written in Klingon before. It’s a great community of Trekkies from all walks of life and hobbies.

Have movies contributed to the scene?

When something travel related happens.

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