Berlin s troubled Brandenburg Airport Still in crisis one year after opening | CNN Travel - dating new york city

Berlin s troubled Brandenburg Airport Still in crisis one year after opening | CNN Travel

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Berlin’s troubled Brandenburg Airport Still in crisis one year after opening

(CNN) -The Berlin was long-awaited after nearly 10 years of delay and overturns of billions of euros. airport Berlin Brandenburg, finally opened Was announced on October 31, 2020.

However, Ber continued to be confused since the first year of opening of the port, and complaints from passengers, such as chec k-in and lon g-term rows of security tests, difficult layouts and signs, narrow and dirty toilets. There are various things, such as bacteria contained in drinking water.

Recently, a fire warning that seems to be caused by passengers who smoked in the toilet on November 5 occurred, and many passengers have been evacuated and have already been screened, but the federal police have ordered a security check again. A situation occurred. Many departure flights were postponed to respond to delays, but the travelers still missed the plane.

Prior to this, the situation continues to be severe during school vacations in Germany in early October, and it is popular. travel Time for locals. Chec k-in and security tests took a long time, and some people complained about social media with videos and photos because they missed the plane and gave passengers intimidating. the airport There were also reports that they had been waiting for a long time to receive their luggage.

The airport “Berlin”, which is invested by the Federal Government, Berlin and Brandenburg, is also facing financial difficulties. crisis The number of passengers is a few minutes before the fantasy, and the airline will lose about $ 1. 6 billion in 2020, which is expected to be even higher in the next few years. Aretta von Massenbach CEO recently said, “We need money to fund the German newspaper,”

Not surprisingly, in November, a parody Twitter account, which claims to be Berlin Airport, apologizes to travelers.

Born from Berlin Brandenburg Villy Airport for about 10 years of failure, complaints, and inefficiency opened its doors.

Staff shortage and pandemic issues

In an interview with Ber. airport Public Relations, Jan-Peter Haack, emphasized the problem and emphasized that management and staff are eager to work to improve passengers.

Hack points out that there are several factors in the background. travel industry, many airport “It turned out to be a process and people [shortage] issue, not an infrastructure issue,” Haack says.

for all partners, together. And we have to improve with him. Of course we are working on it. and the problem is happening the airport Swissport, one of the companies providing ground services at BER, has also adjusted some operations since the weekend. The company dispatched a management team

SCHOENEFELD, GERMANY - JULY 01: Passengers wait to check in at Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) on July 01, 2021 in Schoenefeld, Germany. Germany is removing pandemic-related travel warnings for lower risk countries. The new policy does not apply to people arriving from countries labeled as high risk, especially those where a coronavirus variant has spread widely, including Portugal, Russia and the United Kingdom. (Photo by Maja Hitij/Getty Images)

The airport We have regular dialogue and are in close contact with our customers and partners at Berlin Airport,” he told CNN in an email. The goal is to jointly improve services for airlines and passengers.”
But some passengers are already running out of patience with the BER. Kunal Saigal, a professor at a private university in Berlin, said:

In early September, his wife and her one-year-old son arrived three hours before his Lufthansa flight to New Delhi to visit family and was described as “absolute chaos.” the airport Long check-ins and navigating through security lines can take hours, and airline and security staff are hostile and unhelpful, Saigal said. In the end, the family missed their flight, and Lufthansa staff reviewed their flight for the next day free of charge. Still, Saigal estimates it lost about $340 due to the necessary Covid and taxi tests. at airports around the world and airports all over Germany.”

In return he received nothing. the airport That experience made him reluctant to fly out of his BER again, and to miss his predecessor, a relic from the Cold War era and an outdated but beloved predecessor.

“I could pull up at the stand, walk to the gate in two minutes, and be at the boarding gate in ten minutes,” says Saigar. This was really efficient.”This is the exact opposite. the airport Ian Clarke, a Berlin-based bank accountant who has been living in Europe since 2018, so far has not missed his three departures from BER. But his experiences with long lines and frustration made him rethink his future options.

Unless he advises his family to visit him in the future. the airport I will do everything I can in the future to avoid “Berlin”.

‘Cause I can’t handle the stress,” said Clarke. It’s stressful in every sense of the word because of how scary it can be to miss a flight or miss a flight.”

“Empathy” is definitely there.

“For those people, first of all, we definitely have empathy,” he told CNN. travel In an effort to do so, his task force called BER His Team, which ran during the fall holiday season, covered security, check-in, and baggage handling. Haack said he would support the passengers by doing so. We will reopen from mid-December and strive to make it possible for travelers to use the service smoothly during the year-end and New Year holidays.

In addition, Ber is also focusing on improving security inspection processes, which have many complaints from passengers. Until now, the space for passengers to enter the scan device after dropping laptops and liquids was very limited, leading to congestion and lines delay. According to the hack, the tables are now added to some security lines to secure space and speed up the process. airport Regardless of whether these measures worked, on the recent Friday afternoon, there were few rows at the security inspection area and chec k-in counter, even for lon g-lined rows. The security was passed in less than 10 minutes after putting down. From the information desk agents to the security agents and restaurants, they were friendly and kind.

However, some bathrooms were dirty, as the counter bag hooks were broken and water was accumulated at the sink counter. Some moving sidewalks were broken. Also, Ber infrastructure mostly shows that it goes back to another era is that many modern models have a portable charging station instead of a power outlet.

Haack said airport I talked in some boarding waiting room.

According to hacks, the lack of a store is one of the dissatisfaction of passengers. It is explained like this.

The officials recognized this problem during the construction, but decided to proceed regardless of to avoid further delays.

Ber. However, priority is that it is more imminent, such as preparing for travelers who spend vacation.

“It’s not a nightmare for everyone” airports In fact, Ber is facing the next big challenge.

The season is reaching. As of December 1st. airport Is running two parallel runway (before that, alternately operated. in opening HAACK said, “I want to stabilize air traffic,” increasing the flexibility in the winter season, such as the need for renovation of the runway, with the need for renovation of the runway.

In addition, HAACK has added that the number of seats in the waiting room has been increased, the cleaning schedule has been improved, and the navigation has improved based on the feedback from passengers.

By the end of March 2022, before the busy season of Easter vacation. travel Before that, we have one or two softlones a day so that it can be used smoothly when we really need it, “said Haack. the airport Ber predicts that 10 million travelers will visit in 2021, which is less than on e-third of travelers combining Tegel and Shanefelt, the predecessor of 2019. But not all passengers are dissatisfied. Empowerment coach and writer Jen M. Choi, a writer living in Berlin, traveled twice from BER with her husband and son, but have been dissatisfied with social media, so I have two experiences. It was very smooth and “shocked.” its opening Choi said that even if he had a stroller as bulky luggage, there was no problem with chec k-in and security procedures. plus

The employee asked to show a security line for families and passengers with disabilities.”Thanks to that, I was able to have a pretty VIP experience,” said Choi.

Choi was impressed by the spacious bathroom exclusively for families. And while understanding the dissatisfaction of many other travelers, ” the airport aims to open But it’s not a nightmare for everyone.””

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