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Best Dating Minecraft Servers — Minecraft Server List

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Lustcraft is a date/ rol l-playing game. server We have a lively community where people who want to play and talk with you gather. We are various server Play mode such as role play in the city, survival in the wilderness, and plots actually made by creative users. There is a quarrel for voice chat!? Would you like to participate in the last craft from today?


Forever Play

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  • Issued date 2022 February 24,

Forever Play is a Minecraft community where you can enjoy characters, make friends, chat, design your apartments.

The world of Forever Play is designed to create, explore, imagine, and play with players. In this area, it is important to meet unique and wonderful people.

We are the ONLY server With an original rol e-playing experience server I have it. We provide roles and creative plots (details will be released soon!).

Do you want a place to make RPS for YouTube and other series? We have tags and ad d-ons that meet your needs, and even warp around the map so that you can go to places faster.

How about beach RP? What about the school series RP and city RP? We have all the time you need and more.

What do you do with the tent props? Yes, including the hat.

Isn’t the community or staff poisoned? No, we are very kind and friendly

Is there a donor class? Yes, at our shop

But this server is fake! No, I bought the full power of “Forever Play” from our company.

Desport (owner of Minteria), this is really Forever Play

I refuse counterfeiting. our server So don’t hesitate to report

From version 1. 12. 2 to final version minecraft release!

Rules 3) Spam messages are prohibited on any channel. the server 4) Listen to voice chat and do not give a loud volume. 5) The message is appropriate. 6) If you respect everyone, you will be respected. 7) Never teach personal information. 8) Report the problems encountered in MOD 9) Do not advertise or talk about other things server We are competitive.


Minewind: Memes Done Right

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  • Publication date October 20, 2021


Nex t-generation survival server .


Realm of Towny – Revived

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  • Issued date October 16, 2021

What is downloading tau Nice Fear from “Vision Statement-“?”-Copyright © 2018

Joint company ICEYPCS server Introduced in the abbreviation of the “rotten edge” Towns ball. Taunye ball is a toy server Participates in a game called “Minecraft”, and is based on the fact that players create and compete with each other. TOWNY game

There is a virtual economy from the i n-game item “Auction”, and players can earn money by clearing certain issues.

Game Play This section aims to explain the area of TOWNY’s game experience. This is a very simple explanation and should not be used to define the actual game experience. server The battle play in TOWNY REALM in TOWNY REALM is the same as other minecraft’s TOWNY. servers ; Users can create “cities” and “countries”. Town is owned by the creator, and the invited users and the users who participate as open towns build a house, sell plots to other town members, and create walls to protect their own town. can do. In addition, the owner of the town can create a class that can change the town that the town owner has determined to members of the town. However, unlike other TOWNY,

Each city has a “defense point” that limits the city’s power. Defense points are earned by a particular “ideology”, which can be positive or negative. Primary ideologies can add defense points if certain conditions are met. These conditions depend on the ideology chosen and consist of more members in this city, more gold in this city, land owned by this city, etc. Users can also connect with each other and form alliances between nations. Alliances secure trade routes with allied cities and provide income in exchange for valuables, food, weapons, building materials, and more. However, if a country declares war on another country, that country can attack that country’s cities. If a city’s defense points fall below 0, the city becomes part of the country that dropped the city’s defense points below 0, and the city can repair the damage by rebuilding its territory and buildings., This is done at a price determined according to the amount of damage inflicted on the city. Also, players can start a rebellion in their own country. Like nations attacking cities, players battle nations, and the player who kills the nation’s leader in the end becomes the nation’s leader.

Note that these nations do not claim land, but are (instead) collections of cities, and these cities can leave the nation if they wish. server IN-GAME CURRENCY In-game currency is required to access important features within Tawny Kingdom. In order to take advantage of certain features, the user must pay a fee determined by the vendor or apartment of the particular item.

The cost of the feature, such as getting an in-game pet. Players do not pay real money to use the game’s core functionality, but must use “in-game currency” as a medium of exchange. This currency can be obtained by performing certain tasks, such as selling items, or by establishing trade routes within an alliance. Players start with $2500 in-game currency by default, which they can spend however they like. Players lose this money either by dying frequently or by purchasing in-game items and features. server We love Minecraft players! Anyone who wants to participate is welcome to do so. Please use the following as a reference.

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