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Best Dating Sites For Tall People – Tall AF

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Best Dating Sites For Tall People

Recommended dating sites for tall people

Are there really dating sites and apps dedicated to tall people? Of course there is. But are they good? Simply put, no. But if you have the time, read on.

If you’re going to spend a decent amount of money each month, you should first check what you expect from a professional dating agency.

I will briefly review the top sites that appear when you search for “stretch date”.

Tall Single

Tall Single is, by all appearances, an established online dating service. The design of the site looks like it was seen 15 years ago when it was probably last updated. And no apps. So the number of users is going to zero.

The site claims to have over 10, 000 single people.

Let’s stop there. Even so, if you want to find someone close to you, you probably don’t have enough members. And how many of those users are actually active?

Tall Single claims to be able to meet a woman over 5’9 and her man over 6″2′, but the same can be said for any dating service. You can apply even if you do not have a certain number.

With that in mind, maybe some of the 10, 000 users are not tall people looking for love.

You can sign up for free, but you have to pay for “premium” features such as the ability to send messages.

Interface: Look and Feel by Age

Apps available No

Premium subscription fee.

Monthly fee: $39, 95

3-month contract: 74, 95 yen (24, 95 yen/month)

6 months: 119, 95 (19, 95/month)

Premium subscription features.

Send messages to other members

See photos of other members

Comments on photos

See who read your message

Tall Friends

Tall Friends, a self-proclaimed Silicon Valley company, bills itself as “the world’s best, largest and most effective tall people dating site” and claims to have “millions of members worldwide.”I’m here.

It’s hard to believe that the site has millions of members, but it could be the biggest competitor in the niche market of tall dating sites. But judging by their very old site, I’d be surprised if that’s also the case.

You don’t know what you’re paying upfront because you can’t search for singles in your area until you pay. Also, you can’t set a height filter to see if the results are to your liking until you pay.

So this (and in all fairness many other dating sites) free account is pretty wasteful.

User Interface: Very old (looks like a site from the early 2000s)

Apps available No

Premium subscription fee.

Monthly billing: $9. 99

3 months contract: 19, 99 (6, 67/month)

6 months – 29, 99: (4, 99/month)

1 year – 47, 88: (3, 99/month)

Premium subscription features.

Profile promotion (can get more views compared to free version)

Ability to search for singles in your area

search by height

But are there any other good tall dating sites?

There are other options than the one introduced in this article, but the offerings, features, and limitations are not much different from Tall Friend or Tall Single.

So what do I have to lose by trying out a tall dating site?

The number of users is small and the functions are old, but you may think that giving such specialists an opportunity to match is a good idea. And so on, there are some reasons why I advise you to stop.

fake profile

On romantic sites, beautiful women’s fake profiles often occupy many user accounts. These profiles are designed to attract men participating in the network. Once you register, do your best to connect with these stock photos.

Fake message

If you’ve tried a very bad dating app, you’ll know a bot fake message trying to register with a premium account that enables this bot. Even if you notice that you are chatting with the AI program, it’s too late. Your credit card is already in the system.

Unrecordable claim

When a stretched dating site claims 1 million users, no one has a way to verify whether it is true.

The verdict on tall dating sites

The biggest reason that many people do not use these tall dating sites, as well as these potential pitfalls, are that there are no Android or iPhone apps.

Unless you’re left behind in the times (or those who are at the forefront to return to the basic mobile phone), you probably don’t want to sit down in front of your computer and browse your dating profile. Yes.

Looking fairly, these sites have been made long before the apps. But today, they are dinosaurs, and if you decide to pay for one of these potential sleeping services, you are one of the few active singles on the site. Don’t be surprised.

I recommend using one of the larger and reliable dating apps that legally have millions of users. You can easily narrow down your height (there are many other functions), so you can search for a tall opponent.


Bumble was launched by Whitney Wolfe Herd, an early employee of the famous dating app “Tinder”. The relationship between Whitney and the former employer did not reach the enthusiastic ending, but she still did not stop the Bumble into the new dating app queen. BUMBLE’s goal was to empower women by taking the first step to women from the beginning. If you are confident and have a few killer profile photos, this setting can be a miracle for you. Tallness does not impair the chance in this dating app.

The price setting of BUMBLE is complicated and based on several factors, but the free layer has most of the basic functions, such as sending messages and connecting to other users. Paid users are displayed as more matching candidates and can get better results.


In the sense of dating apps, Tinder was the first major success. If you like scanning your profile photo, it may be a perfect app. Keep in mind that everyone registered in Tinder is not looking for the same thing as you. Tinder is an effective option for casual dates and hoo k-ups. And many people find SOs on Tinder, but they are not known as the perfect option for serious encounters.

The price setting of Tinder is complicated and based on several factors, but the free layer has the most potential. Unless you pay, your profile will not be “priority”.


Hinge uses questions and beginning phrases to help users design more attractive profiles, and have a new wind into dating apps. Trying to sell yourself to a potential partner without an overt sel f-appeal may be a distant balance. Hinge has lowered its shoulder load by adding dozens of fun phrases that you can complete. For example, “My Simple Pleasure is …” or “Together We Can …”. Hinge is designed for users to love, clarifying it with the catchphrase “Designed for Delection”.

Free Tier has the most potential, but the price setting of hinge tends to be a little easier to understand.

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