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Best Lesbian Dating App – Find Your People | HER

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LGBTQIA2S+ Dating &; Community App, the most loved in the world. We are a safe space to continue to grow to find your real and find your friends. It was built by Quia for Quia.

Participate in more than 10 million Quia Folix

Find your friendly friends

4. Get 5 stars in the App Store

Apple Editors Choice 2020, 2019

Support community

Participate in more than 30 teams

Tired chat

You can make new friends and chat easily

Encounter, date, making friends

Built for You, Wherever You Are

Encounter new people, have new experiences, connect to each other, that’s what you should have on a date!But often, Quia people need a quia spac e-the only way to make a connection is that they feel that they are so safe that they can be themselves. Quia Space provides safety and support for being completely yourself without fear.

In the community of that culture, you may meet people with the same aspirations, share stories, and may be acquainted. It is a house for you, regardless of life experience or current environment. Welcome all lesbian BI, Quia, Non Bineries, Trans, Gender No n-Conforming Volks will participate and you can find your family. Please access the App Store or Play Store.

We Met On HER!

“The moment I saw her, I understood. I’m very grateful that her app connected us.”

“Everything started with greetings” and now I’m married to the most beautiful woman in the world

The moment I saw the photo of “Sara”, I was interested. Fortunately, they seemed the same.””

Queer Topics

Top, bottom, switch Who is you looking for?

Top, bottom, and switches are the most commonly used words among all LGBTQIA2S+people. It may refer to the person’s sexual taste, the degree of dominance, the role in human relationships, or all of the above.

Lesbian or BI; what I want people who have doubts should know

Finding sexuality is not always a simple process for many quia. Sexuality is complicated and often confused (and even just overwhelmed!). I tried to disassemble what I need to be aware of when I was wondering.

All of the trance date

Learn the most common questions about transgender dating and how to make it easier and respect for everyone.

Characteristics of dating apps for lesbians ?

Find out more about lesbian The safest way to connect with a date and a queer woman.

Download HER

Is the HER app safe? How does HER support LGBTQIA2S+ dating?

Among them, your profile and search for people are completely left to your hands. The method of identification is free

In addition, premium members have various functions to make friends and partners easier to find. When you become a paid member, you can use a variety of functions, including advertising, rea l-time online participants, filtering with sexuality, using applications in the intercorne mode (not disclosed personal information), and confirming your favorite people. I can do it.

Is the HER app free? How does the HER premium subscription work?

For the same reason, I found that people were involved. For this reason, the profile has a “adding friends” option so that people can create people’s communities. Dating apps are clearly perfect for encounters, but they can be as essential to find someone who draws you and build a community around you.

If you move to a new city or visit a new city, the date app is a great way to find out what is happening nearby, touch the queer scene, and meet new people. It will be. Even if you are at home, you always have a new encounter and a new experience is nearby. Our apps also have a community part for making friends, talking about various topics, and searching for their own niches.

I just came out, but am not dating yet. Can I use HER to make friends?

For many queer people, there is only one label that feels good. Identity is complicated and diverse, and your profile should be reflected. If there is nothing that applies to it, it is possible to write or not to write a label. You should be able to specify it freely in a way that you think is right. In addition, there are too many people who say “Transformers refuse” in the profile, and there are some frustration that is evaluated.

Everyone here is a member of the Quia Community, and is actively dealing with the acts that bring hate / discrimination with a very resolute attitude. I would like to make a place with an increase in friends and focusing on connections and conversations that lead to new BAEs.

What makes the HER experience better for LGBTQIA2S+ folks?

Going is a beautiful experience, but it’s difficult. It is difficult to take a step from the norms that society is forced, and in some cases it is dangerous. Many users are participating to discover themselves, and we are ensuring safety in the environment. Finally, the fact that you can safely chat with other queous people, make friends, and may be able to race are often healing and fruitful for users.

And you can do everything without coming out. There is an option of an inside that can show yourself only to those who like it, and you can use the application function.

Is this app safe for closeted individuals?

How many people use HER?

HER serves 10M+ lesbian

What countries is HER available in?

How can I download HER and create an account?

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