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Best Relationship Advice for New Couples, According to Experts

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The Advice Everyone in a New Relationship Absolutely Needs to Hear

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MINAA B. Headshot < Span> Gives up some of your usual activities and cancel your friends to meet your partner.

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Have you ever felt your heart flutter at the beginning of a new romance? relationship Is it because you love the person and don’t want to lose them? You are not alone.” A new relationship is full of possibilities, potentials and discoveries, not only from your partner but also from yourself and your needs, desires and aspirations. and relationship expert Andrea Sirtas and Celebrity Editor Carmelia Rey agree that this ‘honeymoon stage’ is an important time in your life.“It is a special time to create unforgettable memories together and many couples It’s like falling in love,” he explains. But that new relationship There is no doubt that stress and fluttering will take away the carefree excitement and give you extra stress.

Introduction of experts

  • Andrea Syrtash is a relationship expert And it’s just that his writer isn’t your type (that’s a good thing). He is also the founder and editor-in-chief of Gustantish. com.
  • Carmelia Rae on Celebrity Reflections, Dating expert Media commentator and main relationship partner adviser of WooYou App.

To avoid careless sabotage relationship , we asked both experts to reveal the largest pieces. new relationship advice They give their clients so they can enjoy this period of time to really get to know each other (and reduce stressful time). As Sirtash puts it, “in the long run.” relationships It’s work, but dating isn’t like that.”

With that in mind, here are nine things he wants you to be aware of when starting out with your new significant other.

Keep the Past in the Past

“One of the biggest mistakes people make when dating new people is bringing up all their fears, worries, and past negatives. relationship experience so far relationship Ray, who has been talking to single people for over 26 years, has told them they don’t want to know their past, she says. relationships Avoid being defensive on your first or her second date, focus your thoughts and conversations on the other person, and get to know them better.

Avoid asking questions about the other person’s past experiences. Aim for an engaging conversational dialogue that flows naturally, rather than a schematic line of intentional questions.

Don’t Make Comparisons

You can start making your own comparisons right away. relationship Or give your loved one to someone else relationships Ray says that it’s okay to be a partner, but that’s useless, and that it will offend the current partner. Instead, he asks himself. you the relationship To compete with someone? Are you in this? relationship To impress others? Or you the relationship Because you like the other person?

Look at Actions More Than Words

“Even if there is a person who wants to go on a trip next year, it is meaningless if it can not be used now,” says Siltash. In this case, I want to read the actions instead of believing in all the words of the other person. On the other hand, if a partner introduces you to your family or friend, you may be watching you in a long carryover life.

Be Vulnerable, Even If You’re Afraid

“Being the vulnerable is scary for most people,” Ray says. Even if you take the risk of becoming a trauma, how to show your true self. When you associate with a new person, you can deepen your connection and build trust by showing such a side.”Vulnerability will be a gift for those who want to know you more,” he explains.

By talking personal, you can show your weakness without being completely overwhelmed. It may sound too simple, but this is a great first step in building emotional connections.

Don’t Embellish the Truth or Brag

“The boast story is a big change for both men and women,” Ray says.”If you already like the other person, you don’t have to always be impressed by the other person.”You can be proud of yourself without listing all the results of your life.

Stay in the Moment

Don’t forget that it is. new relationship To relieve the pressure, don’t forget to open your mind, “says syrtash. And that is to be faithful to yourself and believe in your intuition. Even if you’re a perfect person on paper, it doesn’t make sense if you don’t suit you.

Refrain From Being Needy

“A little jealousy can be considered cute and healthy.” Ray says.”But it’s a red flag to ask your partner for your time and restrict what you are doing before dating.”Mr. Nakai says, what is common for couples The people who have been dating recently have spent a lot of free time with each other and gave up their usual time with friends and family. However, always avoid making a request to meet letters, telephones, or S. O., as it can be stressed by the other person and forcibly returned.

Don’t Give Up Time With Family or Friends

Ray says that in a new relationship it’s common for couples Give up some of your usual activities and cancel your friends to meet your partner.”Don’t forget that the appeal is to meet your partner and be created by creating some distance,” Ray says.”If you drop everything to be with your new partner, you can create the expectation that your previous commitment is secondary for those who are dating.”Let’s adjust the schedule moderately while respecting.

Listen and Stay Curious

“Listening is a skill that most people are not good at and a communication tool,” Ray says. By paying attention to your partner, your partner can hear your story and feel thankful. If you show curiosity what kind of person you are and what you are doing, you will not only show that you are interested in that person’s life, but also feel a unique and special presence.

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