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Best Romance Visual Novel Games

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15 Best Romance Visual Novels

Here are the best 10, from dating dads to murder mystery on the island. romance visual novels .

Let’s face it: some games do romance better than others, but visual novels It belongs to the perfect genre to create a work that resonates with your heart. romantic Introducing the story. Here are some of the most famous ones. visual novels In it romance I will introduce trial and error such as love, dating, age, etc. while falling in love.

Many visual novels It is a popular work that can be animated, but it is still limited to seeing the original. game . Really a lot of wonderful visual novels Please refer to the. romance visual novels .

Updated March 22, 2022 by Cameron Roy Hall: I’m not going to be depressed, but my life is hard. The reality is that we rarely use the desired flow, so it is necessary to incorporate special serotonin kicks as much as possible. and visual novel games (especially the romantic (These) is a health room to walk. We understand. We are not here to judge. If anything, we have revived this list to increase the fun of our customers, just 50 %. Because we value it very much.

15/15 The House In Fata Morgana

Screen for asking questions to Miyazawa

The only category that is perfectly fused romance Fata Morgana’s house is proud to have both. Developed by November in 2012 visual novel Players will manipulate unknown amnesia, which is obvious, but want to regain their memories. As a result, the bleeding spirit spreads to the rich history of Fata Morgana’s house (rol l-credit).

Novectecle designed the game Clarify the aesthetics of the normal first person story in visual novels Everyone who has decided to give can further unclear the player’s personality. the game It is an opportunity to be able to interact more deeply with the character. The Fatamola Ghana Museum has been resold many times, including being transplanted on a switch in 2021, so it must have been effective!

14/15 Rewrite

The gentle embrace of a girl and a boy If my heart had wings

Some games I have everything. Rewrite, for example a visual novel Starting with an occult study group in which Japanese high school students with psychic powers in a fictional town run away with excessive prejudice, have a branched line that leads to a different dimensional war, the end of all life, and a sweet love. increase.

Therefore, I understand the feeling of “I want to take a break”. However, the consensus of the public seems to be appropriate for investment, as this rewrite has more ports than the East Coast, with five different manga, music album libraries, and anime. As mentioned above, some games They really have everything.

13/15 Fate/Stay Night

Miyasako says he never thought about the girl he was with

Introducing new and fun words, “eroge”. This is a Japanese port noon used as the title of a popular Japanese movie. of romantic games Yeah, no matter who does it, they are literally performing manga, but the quality of the sentence is attractive, so they will just get into it. Motorway Blossoms has warned NSFW (tasteful) because the characters are adults. Studio Elan’s 2016 kinetic the game Because it does not have a media empire, it is immediately treated as a game console.

Lover’s friend visual novels Lover’s friend

12/15 Highway Blossoms

Five girls in a classroom at dusk

Smee Developer of 2013 romances Lover’s friend visual novel You always think

Was discussed. High school life full of possibilities with the hero without face novel Your love partner can be easily found in several clicks.

11/15 Fureraba ~However, it is not bad, but on the contrary, Freraba is shining because the clear humor is obviously widespread throughout the story. Like a number~

dialogue choices in Fureraba ~However, it is not bad, but on the contrary, Freraba is shining because the clear humor is obviously widespread throughout the story. Like a number~

Released from Minato Soft in 2009. The original title is “Maji de Watashi Ni Koi SHINASAI !!!”, a story of friends set in Kawakam i-cho, a samurai. The protagonist, Yamato, goes to Kawakami Gakuen with six friends.~However, it is not bad, but on the contrary, Freraba is shining because the clear humor is obviously widespread throughout the story. Like a number~ is exactly the kind of game Is the evaluation and content of. romantic visual novels Our life. Starting and Always is a story where the entire life of the hero is set, and it is a story that changes the event significantly depending on the choice of players. The story begins with an eigh t-yea r-old Jamie Last, a stranger, calling out to get along with his son’s cob. This relationship can be a lifelong love or friendship, depending on the player’s choice. romantic With a masterpiece volume of 320. 000 characters.

There are plenty of content that can be discovered, and you can customize characters including pronouns. There is also a dedicated Fundam Wiki, indicating how fans are loved. the games This 2017 date suim was quite popular in the mainstream at the time of release, and is still wonderful.

10/15 Majikoi! Love Me Seriously!

This adult visual novel You can experience. Majority vote

Though the visual novel “Dream Daddy” was a fresh impression because it focused on pursuing the opposite sex with women while playing with the male hero. the game Meet various handsome daddy, maybe

9/15 Our Life: Beginnings And Always

I think it is a very attractive work, especially for those who feel unsatisfactory in the expression of LGBTQIA+characters. It seems that fans are discussing various relationships.

The opposite is true, there are truly frank moments and lines, and you can enjoy it through any work. the game If you are a murderous mystery fans, “Umineko WHEN THEY CRY” is the best. A murder incident occurred in two days while 18 people stayed on a remote island. Instead of reading, players can actively find out what they had killed, their motivation and methods. But don’t worry. Something is quite exciting

8/15 Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator

For the third and fourth cats gaming In the series when to cry, the first two are “Higurashi When They Cry”. The whole series (consists of. of visual novels I think it is worth playing, but among them, “Umineko” is the most recommended. Manga and animation have been made, and battles also appear.

The title is “Umineko Golden Fantasy”. Let’s talk about multimedia franchise romance It is a heartwarming story about the main character, Yu Kogasaka (a name that fits the character you control) and his sister, Chinami, who, after the death of their mother, return to their childhood home to live with their aunt. Already, the plot is loaded with heavy emotions, but it is all exacerbated by a childhood love that was abandoned in the city many years ago. Because of that love, he promises to get married when he returns, and the player can realize it after returning home. the game The six girls she meets along the way. the game worth checking out.

7/15 Umineko When They Cry

detailed art featuring almost every character in the game

There are 7 different endings for him. romance along the way.

You will meet her six other girls in the game. You can also meet the mysterious Shinigami, and there is a lot to look forward to in Hoshizora no Memoria. games Blessed with animation!”Love, Election and Chocolate” is a highly recommended work. 8 games A genre released in Japan in 2010 and ported to his PSP in 2012. The player controls Yuki Ojima, one of the eight members of the Food Research Club who attends the private Takafuji Academy. game If the front-runner for the upcoming student council election declares that worthless club activities will be abolished, it will also include the rarely-noted Food Research Club and its main activity, snacking. In order to prevent the club from closing, Yuki decides to run for election as an opposition party.

6/15 Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star-

There are elements of him, each of his five limbs is focused on a romantic girl

Alternatively, you can romance He is one of the best. the game 2010’s Clannad also tells the story of a protagonist who has just lost her mother and is haunted by her alcoholic father’s abuse. Tomoya’s delinquency is understandable given the difficulties he faces. the romance The story begins when Okazaki meets his classmate delinquent, Nagisa, and ends when he becomes friends with him and tries to revive the school drama club. From here, Tomoya meets some students. Many of them tell stories that strike a chord with most people. If you’re looking for a heartfelt story that sticks with you for years, don’t skip Clannad. Masterpieces for a reason!

5/15 Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate

Look, another visual novel It was also released on Nintendo Switch in 2019, but it was originally released in Japan in 2012. The story is that a young boy, Aoi, returns to his hometown (a common plot in many popular TV shows). visual novel in the romance ) to try to find your purpose in life.

One day, Aoi meets Kotori, a girl in a wheelchair, and together she sees a glider flying over the city. This mysterious sight is the driving force behind the children’s dreams of “flying in the sky”. With the help of her childhood friends and school friends, Aoi tries to make her dream come true. The game itself has strong romance It’s what’s out there, if not the best. This work became so popular that it was made into a movie by 8bit as his two-season anime. The story is about a transfer student, Yuji Kazami, who attends Mihama Academy, where there are only five students, all of whom are women. the game .

4/15 Clannad

This mysterious school resembles a prison, and each girl has their own story as to why they ended up in Mihama. Wanting to live a normal school life, Yuji has the chance to immerse himself in the lives of his five other students and change them all depending on the player’s choices. visual novels Fata Morgana Silver-Haired House

Lucia from Rewrite

3/15 If My Heart Had Wings

This adult visual novel A side of Fate/Stay Night. romance visual novels Highway Blossom Amber and Marina

From Fureraba’s friend to lover’ dialog option.

2/15 Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two

This visual novel All the girls at the academy pose in uniform

The original visual novel Five characters appear on the screen while the text Cove is looking at you appears.

1/15 The Fruit of Grisaia

old man gal romance visual novels Her 6 girls will appear in this promotional piece.

Promotional art of romantic girl quintet

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