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Blind-Date in Sachsen-Anhalt / Speeddate in Sachsen-Anhalt – alle Veranstalter auf einen Blick

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Auf einen Blick: Speeddating- & Blinddate Veranstalter in Sachsen Anhalt

The blind date and speed dating scene in Saxony-Anhalt should be looked for with a magnifying glass – the selection of events and organizers is very convenient.

Among the few speed dating offers, there are also slow dating providers. Most speed dating offers are currently available in Magdeburg.

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Logo mark SpeedDating. de

F2F – Face to Face Dating

3 days, 1 night, 3 meetings, 12 love covers

party city of magdeburg
event 3 In one night he has 6 hours of meetings in 3 bars.
court costs Cost to date face 15, 90 euros per person (drinks pay for yourself).

F2F Face-to-Face Dating Laughter Homepage Girls and Boys einem You can’t help but sign up for this cool matchmaking event right away.

Right noticed, because Dating In Person isn’t explicitly a speed dating event the makers really want to know: here they bring plenty of time to get to know each other.

State of the event einen Over the course of the evening and night, he held three hour-and-a-half meetings where six singles met. in einer Nice round bar, 12 people in total.


SpeedDating. de.

Wer einsam There’s nothing wrong with blaming yourself!

party city of magdeburg
event speed and speed dating online
court costs Usually from 18, 50 euros, 16, 00 euros with a date card, from 20, 00 euros coupons

Motto: 7 women, 7 men, 7 minutes. Germany’s largest speedway organizer, active in more than 30 cities.

You can also register online and receive singles contact information there.

Events from this provider are consistently ranked and highly recommended.

logo alle


All hugging parties centered in Germany

party municipalities
event Helsinki, Brussels, Hamburg
court costs Cuddle Party was born in this modern age to satisfy these basic human needs. People who might be suppressed elsewhere are getting the chance to connect with their bodies.

The atmosphere is relaxed, but there are certain and clear rules. in einer Also, there may be someone who wants to strengthen contact in such a place. BEST RULE: No sex!Accepting “yes” and “no” unconditionally.

This side links to the parts for each location. Take a look.

Fluenshu Xtrefde.

Logo 7Minutes2Love. de.

All good things have something exciting.


party event
event court costs
court costs The price of Melsmager depends on your breakfast.

Der Frühstückstreff ist ein We have a breakfast together once a month, usually on Sundays between 11am and 1pm. einmal Major cities are featured here.

Eigentlich alle It’s not about being single and getting to know each other, of course!We think it’s a really cool idea.

7minutes2love. de.

speed dating in your city


party city of magdeburg
event magdeburg city
court costs According to the motto “Happiness, 7 Minutes” 7 Minutes offers his 2 love speed dating in about 40 cities. 7minutes2love. de.

Speed Dating bei

An experienced speed dating service, it’s very simple and easy to meet non-binding interesting singles in a relaxed atmosphere. ist eine Date speed is held in hig h-quality scene pubs, hip bars, and trendy places, such as BESITOS in Achen and Berlin’s cocktail bar X BAR. Depending on the city, the age group of 7 Minutes2Love. de is different, 23-35 years old, 34-48, and 50-68.

Wasn’t it found? ist alles dabei.

Best single event organizer

Let’s look at anyone who is really good in the whole country.

Looking nationwide, let’s take a look at who is really good.

Looking nationwide, let’s take a look at who is really good.

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Is the partner of the percent really & amp? The elite is as promised, and what kind of alternative?

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Individual trips and personal swaps such as gay, swinger, Oriental women, Christians, etc. are possible.

Speed date and blind date on Saxony-Anhalt are mainly organized by providers nationwide in Germany.

Wer veranstaltet Single Events in Sachsen Anhalt?

Magdeburg, Halle, and Melseburg are said to be a city where individual events for matchmaking and speed dating enthusiasts are held.

If you can move, you can also look around Zaxen (especially Leipzig).

Many Sakse n-Anhardt single people find a partner using online dates because the range of speed date events is quite clear.

Online Dating als Alternative zu Speed Dating

The best dating sites, of course, are comparing wonderful single exchange, such as tests and experience reports.

Who investigated this directory about Saxe n-Anhard’s Single?

Henning Wifeers has been pursuing the world of a single exchange since 2003 and has been regarded as a leading media.

F2F Log o-Fac e-t o-face date

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